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Gun You HAD To Get, Got, Then Lost Interest

Discussion in 'General Gun Discussions' started by BBDartCA, Aug 8, 2012.

  1. BBDartCA

    BBDartCA Well-Known Member

    Whats a gun you really lusted over, then after buying it, quickly lost interest?
  2. Uno

    Uno New Member

    SIG Pro (SP 2340). I though it was a great idea and just had to buy one. The gun never really grew on me so I had to part with it.
  3. ColtPythonElite

    ColtPythonElite Well-Known Member

  4. jim243

    jim243 Well-Known Member

    Same here a 1911, too heavy to carry and too expensive to shoot.

  5. oneounceload

    oneounceload member

    S&W 642 - can't get it to shoot where I want worth a patootie; bought a Kahr 9mm to use instead
  6. sugarmaker

    sugarmaker Well-Known Member

    Its my normal pattern, something else catches my eye / interest and so it goes. I still like the guns I bought (I never sell them) but some new capability or collectibility / history factor always takes over.
  7. nickn10

    nickn10 Well-Known Member

    Sig 220, never lived up to it's hype. Nothing wrong, just no personality. I like my M&P45, Just as accurate and for me a better point shooter.
  8. statelineblues

    statelineblues Well-Known Member

    Browning Model 1910 .380 acp

    I really liked the design, but it was too small and not easy to shoot (small sights). I sold it two months after I bought it...
  9. Warp

    Warp Well-Known Member

    KelTec Sub2000. I ended up selling it.
  10. paintballdude902

    paintballdude902 Well-Known Member

    ruger single six...... still have it but its too slow for me. takes for ever to reload.
  11. Carter

    Carter Well-Known Member


    No real advantage, less accurate than an AR, crappy company, expensive parts, and heavier than an AR.
  12. ColtPythonElite

    ColtPythonElite Well-Known Member

    X2 on Ruger Single Six for the same reasons.
  13. Inebriated

    Inebriated Well-Known Member

    Hi Point 9mm carbine. Still a blast to shoot, but I just am not in love with the thing anymore.
  14. Arp32

    Arp32 Well-Known Member

    FR-8 Spanish Mauser. Loved it when I first got it, then somehow it wore off.

    Still for sale over on the trading post if anyone wants it.
  15. newbuckeye

    newbuckeye Well-Known Member

    Sig 1911. I fired 450 rounds thru that thing trying to force myself to love it. Didn't work, but the GI model ATI I bought I really like.
  16. 56hawk

    56hawk Well-Known Member

    475 Wildey Magnum. Cool gun, but not much fun to shoot.
  17. paintballdude902

    paintballdude902 Well-Known Member

    yup... i liked the gun for a while but after about a year i sold it t a gunshow for 300 bucks. its fun but it would have been waybetter with a 20rd mag and a scout scope
  18. Motodeficient

    Motodeficient Well-Known Member

    I usually like most guns that I buy. But my Mosin Nagant is the only one that I could let go and not really care.
  19. primalmu

    primalmu Well-Known Member

    CZ 452 Trainer. Awesome gun, really accurate, but I'm just not feeling it. I doubt I'll ever sell it, and hopefully over time it will grow on me.
  20. 7.62 Nato

    7.62 Nato Well-Known Member

    Change of plans has left me with an unfired NDM86 with matching scope and accessories. Lack of long range facilities, and long range abilities will be sending this one to the auction block. I have found a great fondness for sub guns. I have a couple likenesses in semi auto. Ranges are much more available, and accomodating for these.

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