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Guns you wanna see in media

Discussion in 'General Gun Discussions' started by cleardiddion, May 10, 2011.

  1. cleardiddion

    cleardiddion Well-Known Member

    I was just gorging myself on Battlestar Galactica and I couldn't help but think that I would love to see more Berreta CX4's and Vektor CP1's in all sorts of media of the like.

    So, I guess my question to you all is whether you have any favorites that seem to be sorely.
  2. 12131

    12131 Well-Known Member

  3. Dan Bear

    Dan Bear Well-Known Member

    +1 for none. Given the biased nature of the media these days.... the less coverage the better.
  4. cleardiddion

    cleardiddion Well-Known Member

    By media I was thinking about movies/shows/games etc. If that changes your mind any
  5. lima_w

    lima_w Well-Known Member

    I could go for another harrowing tale of Gov. Rick Perry (R-TX) CC'ing and saving a dog's life by killing the coyote that attacked it!

    I would sincerely hope that would make it in the Armed Citizen :)
  6. 12131

    12131 Well-Known Member

    I know what you meant.
  7. RX-178

    RX-178 Well-Known Member

    Spidey senses are detecting a little hostility here...

    Anyways, as long as Ira Kay's alive, there will be no shortage of C-More products in big budget action movies. He makes sure of it personally. In fact, at the C-More booth at the SHOT show he always has this wall completely covered in movie guns with C-More products on them.

    I heard lately that the guys who made The Hurt Locker are going to make a movie called 'Kill Bin Laden'. So I'm hoping to see some very specific P226s.
  8. mr_goodbomb

    mr_goodbomb member

    Those guys can burn in hell. They didn't make enough from the film so they sued people for exorbitant amounts for watching it online, and now they want to make a movie about arguably the biggest hot topic available. Classy.
  9. mr_goodbomb

    mr_goodbomb member

    I'd like to see more Taurus Judges. I think revolvers should come back, they're just so much more aesthetically interesting and more engaging. Glocks in films often look like toys, because many times they are. Single actions are always nice, more Blackhawks, as are 70s-ish wood furniture shotguns. Basically, I miss the weapons from 70s exploitation and horror films.

    That's one thing I liked about Hobo With A Shotgun that wasn't mentioned elsewhere. They went for a 70s or early 80s aesthetic, and all the firearms were revolvers or pump shotguns, for the most part (the final scene, with dozens of mostlikely airsoft guns withstanding). To someone who notices that stuff, it was a nice touch. The choice to use an older model of 870 as the main weapon was smart, too.

    Oh, and the Henry Survival Rifle in a well-done zombie film.
  10. RX-178

    RX-178 Well-Known Member

    You know, I'm going to completely agree with you about revolvers, and I'll tell you why.

    Even a 6 year old can understand a revolver, just watching it on screen. You can make a lot of technically-based drama (the '5 shots or 6' logic) without your audience having to be gun nuts.

    Now, until movies start making reloading an integral part of gunfight scenes, the revolver is going to have a storytelling advantage over an auto.

    That's another thing I want to see more of, is reloading. Like, the hero's arm is injured, and he's struggling to do a one-hand reload while the bad guys are closing in... things like that.
  11. M-Cameron

    M-Cameron member

    im inclined to disagree.....

    people are afraid of what they dont know......by sterilizing the media of all guns, you are adding a sense of Mystery, leaving their imagination and hearsay to fill in the blanks.
  12. USAF_Vet

    USAF_Vet Well-Known Member

    Last week would have been a nice opportunity for coverage of the weapons of SEAL Team Six, but that's old news to the Average American already.

    I honestly believe most people are indifferent to guns, and if they had any media coverage unassociated with an event, tragic or positive, it would be largely ignored.

    Most people realize guns are tools. Few would watch special coverage of the latest in Ball Peen Hammer breakthroughs, it would be no different to guns.

    In entertainment, I don't watch for the guns, although I do find myself criticizing a show/ movie when the guns do something they shouldn't.
  13. gatorjames85

    gatorjames85 Well-Known Member

    I think most people on this board realize guns are tools. The average non gun owner seems to attribute mystical properties to guns (e.g. guns kill people, etc.).
  14. USAF_Vet

    USAF_Vet Well-Known Member

    I disagree. We tend to blow misinformation by the anti's way out of proportion, but most non-gun owners I've encountered are not anti-gun. They simply accept that the police are there for their protection and they have no need for a gun. While this is misinformed, sometimes fatally so, it is accepted by social norms.

    Average people don't care about guns any more than they care about the navigation system on the space shuttle. It has no direct influence on their lives, therefore they tend to ignore it.

    The average non-gun owner, and remember this is just my experience, are not the fumbling paranoid Brady bunch wack jobs. The very small minority of non-gun owners may fall into that category, but I see very few who give mythical properties to a hunk of inanimate metal. My brother is one of the most liberal people I know. He is a non-gun owner. He is borderline anti-gun. He is not stupid enough to think a gun, an inanimate hunk of steel, polymer, zinc alloy, wood, whatever, can do anything without someone's intent. Being an anti, I would consider his line of thought the majority.

    I think gun owners tend to assume non-gun owners are ignorant fearful sheep who really buy into the crap the Brady Bunch shovel out on a daily basis. Some do, but I would say most don't.
  15. RimfireChris

    RimfireChris Well-Known Member

    +1 for the Judge, and any revolver in general. Revolvers have always been my favorite, although I'm a sucker for a nice 1911 or BHP too.
  16. gatorjames85

    gatorjames85 Well-Known Member

    Is he anti- any other "tool"? I think the fact that there is such a heated debate about the issue reflects the fact that most on the other side don't view guns as one of many tools.
  17. USAF_Vet

    USAF_Vet Well-Known Member

    Hammers are a tool with a specific use, yet they can also be used to kill. Screwdrivers are a tool with a specific use, yet they can be used to kill. Boxcutters, steak knives, pipe wrenches, chainsaws, baseball bats, scissors, shovels... are all tools with a specific use, and all have been used to kill.

    Guns, on the other hand, have only one use. Guns are a tool with one specific purpose, which is shooting a small piece of metal in a very high velocity with intent to strike another object. How you use it, based on intent, does not alter how it is used. A gun used properly has no effect on desire or intent. A gang banger who wants your car can use a gun properly and get what he desires. I can use a gun properly to prevent him from doing so. Either way, someone could end up bleeding from a hole in their body.

    People will react differently and have different opinions when viewing someone with a gun in a holster versus someone with a tool belt full of hand tools. Either person could use their tools with the intent to harm or defend. But only one of those guys can build a fence or repair an air conditioner with their chosen set of tools. The public is not ignorant of how tools can be used. No one wants to ban hammers, screwdrivers, etc. because they can, in theory, be used in an inappropriate way that may cause harm. People want to ban guns because they can, in theory, be used in an inappropriate way that may cause harm, as well as cause harm when used in the manner in which they were designed.

    Anti's don't consider that in the absense of guns, a person with criminal intent can and will re-appropriate any other object into a weapon.

    Guns are single purpose tools. The result of the tool, used properly, is what many people disagree with/ fear.

    Other than target shooting, which is simply practice for the real thing, how is this untrue in any way?
  18. avs11054

    avs11054 Well-Known Member

    I don't watch a whole lot of movies, but I do play a lot of Call of Duty. Most of the guns in that are pretty cool, so nothing that I can think of off the top of my head right now.
  19. Dimis

    Dimis Well-Known Member

    well if they did a remake of robocop i kept thinking that new FNP-45T with an ospray silencer leupold delta point an extended magazine and (fake for the movie) full auto was way cooler than his old Beretta 93 with all the hardware

    id also like to see movies get away from the old standby guns they always use like the Desert Eagle 50 there are tons of cool guns to use as props

    i can understand if they make a movie in a specific setting and try to be realistic (and even that usualy laughable) but when its a flat out action movie gimme something different like maybe an Automag III or a Ruger MP9
  20. bearcreek

    bearcreek Well-Known Member

    I don't particularly care to see any specific gun in a movie or video game. What I would dearly love to see is more accurate information and portrayal when it comes to firearms. It's the norm in movies and TV shows for the characters to do things with guns that are completely ridiculous, impossible, unrealistic and/or stupid. How often do we see someone in a movie holding a person at gunpoint and halfway through the conversation rack the slide on the semi-auto or pump the shotgun. :what: I hear the hammer being cocked on a Glock all the time in TV shows:confused:. Even worse than the mishandling of guns is the information that is put forth as fact. Granted, it may be fiction, but people do take much of the information to be fact. As an example, one show features a forensic anthropologist who works with an FBI agent, who used to be an Army sniper, to solve murders. Besides the normal horrendous gun handling issues, they are constantly talking about "looking someone up on the national gun registry or database" and saying things like "it's illegal for pawn shops to sell guns". It pisses me off. :banghead:

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