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Guns You'd Like To See Produced.

Discussion in 'General Gun Discussions' started by nero45acp, Aug 5, 2007.

  1. nero45acp

    nero45acp Well-Known Member

    I know that this kind of thread has been done before, but I find it interesting and enjoyable to see what kind of guns others would like to see produced, and sharing with others what I'd like to see produced. (And yes, I know we'd all like to be able to buy a phased plasma rifle in the 40 watt range, or a Star Trek phaser, but how about sticking with guns that are currently technologically possible....);)

    Here's my list:

    SIG P225 ST (all stainless, no alloy frame, and for God's sake don't put a rail on it....) available in 9mm, .40S&W, .357SIG

    Browning Hi-Power stainless

    Browning Hi-Power Standard (polished blue & wood grips) with a ring hammer

    Colt Detective Special blued & stainless available in .38/.357, .32 H&R Magnum, .22LR

    Ruger Single-Six with a Remington type grip (like the Bearcat)

    A high quality, accurate reproduction of the Walther P38 (steel frame)

    Current production S&W revolvers with no MIM parts, no lock, no two-piece barrels, real case-hardened triggers/hammers, and no ugly current style cylinder release latches (give me the type that came right after the flat latch). Yes dammit, I know I'd pay more for them! *I have to give S&W credit for at least approaching this with their new "classic" line, their new M40 Centennial sure looks interesting....

    S&W 36 & 40 (made as above) in .32H&R Magnum

    Colt 1903/1908 Hammerless, perhaps as a reproduction from USFA

    Garand & M1 Carbine reproductions/look alikes chambered in .22LR

    A reproduction Webley MK VI available in .38 Special & .22LR

    High Quality reproductions of the Luger P08 and Broomhandle C96 (dig deep into those pockets for these, 'cause they sure wouldn't be cheap....)

    Marlin 1896C with a 16" barrel and a factory installed ghost ring rear sight (mounted on the receiver)

    Ruger Mini-14 with a slightly heavier barrel

    A Ruger Standard Model .22LR that had an action more like the Lahti L-35, rather than it's current Rube Goldberg-like configuration

    The newer, remodeled Walther/S&W PPK & PPK/S available blued or stainless, chambered in .22LR

    CZ 75 BD Stainless

    CZ P01 Stainless

    As strange as it may be, that's my list. What's yours?

  2. thisguy1157

    thisguy1157 Member

    hmm how 'bout
    SA 80

    some alts to the AR
  3. Sand Pirate

    Sand Pirate New Member

    A Glock carbine in 9, 40, and 45.

    A SIG 556 that's identical to the SIG 552, just made in the US.

    An HK 51.

    A reproduction of the 1941 Johnson rifle.
  4. GunTech

    GunTech Well-Known Member

    Adams reproduction (there was one being mader in Switzerland, but only a few copies ever created).

    Bergmann Bayard - to add to the list of C96, P-08 and other classic.

    Bring back the Colt Python and Dick Special

    M1A in 243, 260 Remington and 7mm-08

    Bring back the 1885 Low wall, and Sharps Bochart

    US made Walther TP22 (The German made one is non-importable)

    Bring back the S&W 547 and a 40 S&W version

    That's a start.
  5. nero45acp

    nero45acp Well-Known Member

    Forgot to mention:

    A Beretta 85FS with a steel frame available blued, stainless, and nickeled and chambered in 9mm (9x19)

    Also, ignore my dumb attack in this thread title, "Gun's" should be "Guns"....:eek:

  6. Regolith

    Regolith Well-Known Member

    A civilian version of the HK M416......for under $1000.
  7. M1 Shooter

    M1 Shooter Well-Known Member

    I too would like to see many of the guns mentioned so far.
    I have a few requests for Ruger.

    1. Offer the Bisley in stainless as standard with 4-5/8", 5-1/2", and 7-1/2" barrels, in all standard calibers to include the .22s

    2. A GP100 .44 SPL, it would probably have to be a five shooter, which is fine by me. I'd like to see it in both a 4" adjustable sight version and a 3" short lug fixed sight version. A variation on the theme would be the same gun with .45 ACP chambers for use with moon clips. I think the 3" fixed sight versions would make great carry guns, and the 4" adj sight versions would make great camp/trail guns.

    3. Offer the Frontier rifle with detachable 5 and 10 round mags(I don't care if they are proprietary mags or whatever, just offer them!!), back up iron sights, and a couple extra inches of barrel wouldn't hurt.
    While they're at it, they can add a tough synthetic/fiberglass stock with a bit longer length of pull. Those mods would make the Frontier rifle what it should have been from the beginning!
    Last edited: Aug 5, 2007
  8. coxhw

    coxhw Active Member

    SMITH & WESON Mod. 29 44 mag with the old 10 5/8" silhouette barrel. Had mine stolen and they only have the 8" now:(
  9. rockinrussky

    rockinrussky Well-Known Member

    The Taurus 1911 in stainless steel would be nice. Yes I know they've been talking about releasing one but at this point I'm not gonna hold my breath.

    Now I'm not exactly sure if we're only supposed to list things that we wished existed or if we can list firearms that exist but aren't available to buy... but as far as thats concerned I would love for the FN SCAR to become available to the civilian market. I've been hearing that it might in '08 so thats a good sign.
    Last edited: Aug 5, 2007
  10. ArfinGreebly

    ArfinGreebly Moderator Emeritus

    .30 Carbine

    Dear Santa,

    I wanna Marlin 62 in .30 carbine. (Pleeze bring dem back!)

    I wanna Ruger 77/30 (in .30 carbine).

    I wanna Beretta CX30 . . . in .30 carbine.

    I wanna Kel-tec Sub 3000 . . . in .30 carbine.

    I wanna Taurus M1 Carbine reproduction. In .30 carbine.

    I wanna single shot NEF Handi Rifle. In .30 carbine.

    I wanna Armalite (or DPMS, or Bushmaster, or . . .) AR15 clone . . . in .30 carbine.

    They've already tried a number of pistols chambered in that "pistol cartridge" and it's pretty much a non-starter. Something to do with a minimum barrel length requirement. Loud bangs. Daylight-visible muzzle flash.

    The solution, obviously, is to make more carbines in that calibre.
  11. bigun15

    bigun15 Well-Known Member

    I want the original BAR's and Thompsons to come back and be as easy to get as they were when they came out.

    I'd like the STG44.
  12. sm

    sm member

    -Bone Stock Gov't Model of 1911 as originally done, including mags, all to original Specs

    -Bone Stock of above in Commander size, in both all Steel and Lt Wt.

    -Remington Nylon 66 .22 rifle, make mine butt fed please.

    -S&W J frame 32 cal revolvers, blued and stainless.

    -Winchester '97, just like JMB designed it, in both Standard and Take down.

    -Colt Woodsman

    -Colt Mustang

    -High Standard Duramatic

    That will do for starters in the Bring them Back category of what needs producing again.

    New offerings:

    -Affordable , Quality, .22 revolvers in J frame, K frame and Colt D frame sizes.

    -Beretta 28 gauge semi-auto shotguns in a 303 platform (first choice) or 390 platform

    -Beretta "working persons" SxS shotguns, in 20, 28, gauge for starters and then later a 12 and .410.
    Think Stevens 311, except with Beretta Quality.

    -A 1911 style , .22 rim-fire, scaled between the 1911 and Mustang.
    I mean welded base mags, that hold 7 rounds, the whole bit, that looks and operates like JMB's original 1911

    This would allow kids, for instance to shoot 1911 and get the correct basics down with a gun that operates the same as a big one.
    Great tool for adults and general plinker and fun gun.
  13. BlindJustice

    BlindJustice Well-Known Member

    Ok I'll Play

    S & W just re-issue
    696 .44 Spcl 5 shot cyl.
    631 .32 H & R Mag.
    and build them both with and with out the
    standard these days full underlug. with
    barrel length options in 2.5 3 4 5 and 6 inch barrels.

    617 in .22 LR build a companion to the 686 Service
    that doesn't have the full underlug for a lighter weapon
    that is handier and freindly to those who want it.

    COlt just bring back a good number per year of Pythons


    An H & K P7 design in .40 S & W

    I'll also vote for a PPK/S in .22 LR for a companion
    to a .380 JB

    A Mini-4 in a smaller than 7.62 but larger than 5.56
    round as a true all around 'ranch' rifle

    Just a new prod luger from Mauser... in the variants of barrel length

    I have a project of converting a Marlin 1894 Cowboy in .45 COlt to
    .45 Auto RIm with a SHilen 17 inch bull barrel to go with my S & W
    .45 ACP / AR revolvers. but it will be able to be converted back to the longer
    .45 Colt and stok half octagon barrel...

    or a M1 Carbine in any thing bigger bore /velocity wise
  14. rkh

    rkh member

    a .45 ACP AR upper NOT made by Olympic
  15. Sean85746

    Sean85746 Well-Known Member

    I'd like SOMEONE to get off their butt and re-introduce the Bren Ten. I hate shooting the four I have collected over the years. And...NO...the WITNESS line is NOT "almost as good as having a Bren Ten". :neener:

    Also...full size SINGLE stack Glock in .45acp and .38Super.

    Other than that....I am happy with what we have on the shelves now.

  16. Regolith

    Regolith Well-Known Member

    I second the civie FN SCAR.
  17. TheDisturbed1

    TheDisturbed1 Well-Known Member

    A DOMESTIC re-production of the full-sized, originally Russian designed SVD Dragunov.

    if those flooded the market, it would make the TIGER's more of a relic and having a reliable rifle of such magnitude would be lots cheaper and easier to get me thinks...
  18. Agouti

    Agouti Well-Known Member

    You know, Arctic Assault, I was actually thinking about that last night, about the SVD.

    But you know what? Izhmash already makes them, for hunting purposes. They look very similar, and I'm not talking about ordinary Tigr carbines. I'm talking about full-sized SVD Tigr, minus a few air holes in the wooden handguard, and minus a bayonet lug. I believe it takes SVD mags. If only someone would import them. GCA of '68, it looks like it's for sporting purposes to me!

    Also, a pre-made wooden stock kit, to transform the Ruger 10/22 into an m1 carbine look a-like.

    I'd also like to see an SKS that can take FINNED AK mags.

    Not to mention, I wanna see an ar-15/m16 with a milled or forged STEEL, not aluminum, STEEL receiver.
  19. AF_INT1N0

    AF_INT1N0 Well-Known Member

    CZ-75 or PO-1 in 7.62 X 25TOK
    1911 in 7.62X25TOK

    I'm sure I can think of others, but those are the ones I really want now.
  20. TheDisturbed1

    TheDisturbed1 Well-Known Member

    THAT would be awesome... but I was thinking, if someone here would actualy MAKE them in the U.S., our Government shouldnt have too much to complain about! (the only fear on this idea is the price range of such rifle :p)

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