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gunshops in norman, ok

Discussion in 'General Gun Discussions' started by hutch77, Dec 17, 2005.

  1. hutch77

    hutch77 Member

    I was wondering if anyone here could tell me of a good gunshop/range in Norman, OK. I'm looking for someplace that will do transfers for a reasonable price and will be friendly/helpful toward a novice shooter. It would be a big plus if the place had a range on site. Any help at all will be greatly appreciated.

  2. KB180

    KB180 Member

    H&H Gun Range in OKC is pretty nice. Has indoor range and on site gunsmith available. Tell Jane I sent ya.
  3. hutch77

    hutch77 Member



  4. glockkeeper

    glockkeeper Active Member

    hi, im also from Oklahoma,Moore actually, I always go to Gun World on 29th and Sunnylane Okc. its closer than H&H they have an awesome range, infact its only a couple of years old.I don,t know if tou've ever been there.If not I think it's worth checking out.
  5. NavyLCDR

    NavyLCDR member

    Gun Ranges - stores


    I live in OKC. Gun World charges for the range time by the hour - H & H by the day! For GS's visit Big Boys Guns and Ammo on Council Road. It's a mom and pop GS who made us a great deal on a NIB Taurus 9mm. (405) 745-7179. For a good pawn/GS, Kings Gun and Pawn on Reno (right near Sunnylane RD) is a great mom and pop shop - (405) 670-3366 - got an almost new 22 rifle there for 60% of Wally-World price. For cheap ammo (and handguns and rifles) try Academy Sports - on Walker St just off of I-240. They beat Wally-World on ammo and my wife just bought her Ruger P345 .45 auto there. Their website is www.academy.com but the site doesn't list all of their selection.

    Hope this helps,
  6. hutch77

    hutch77 Member

    thanks again

    Thanks again for all the replies. I'm actually asking for a ffriend who lives out that way. I'll pass along all the info.

  7. g56

    g56 Well-Known Member

  8. MatthewVanitas

    MatthewVanitas Well-Known Member

    Brigadoon Military Surplus in OKC!

    It's a smaller shop, but do check out Brigadoon Military Surplus (over by Tinker AFB in OKC). Last time I was there, they had great deals on a lot of milsurps, used pistols, and a great selection of affordable and unusual ammo. The only shop I've seen that stocked 9mm Largo.

    Man, I wish I'd bought that .44Spl Taurus snubbie from them for $199. Good deals on mil-surplus too; I still keep my $5 German e-tool in my trunk to dig out of snow/sand/muck.


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