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gunsmith / engraver in north fort worth

Discussion in 'NFA Firearms and Accessories' started by mrnkc130, Jun 3, 2010.

  1. mrnkc130

    mrnkc130 Well-Known Member

    I'm looking for a reccomendation for someone to engrave my sbr lower, that is not yet registered, in north ft. worth or denton.

    I stopped by Advanced Gunworks today in Roanoke (never been there before but they said on the phone they did engraving) BEWARE RANT ALERT:cuss:

    I tell the guy at the counter " I need to get this lower engraved with my trust name, city and state" he says "oh is it for an SBR?" I said yes.

    He then asks if its on a form 4, and if it is he needs a copy of my form 4 for me to be able to drop it off with them, this should have been my 1st clue that this guy has no idea what he is talking about.

    I told him no its for a form 1 build, hence the trust and need for engraving. I ofcourse dont have this with me because I havent even sent off the paperwork yet. He then says he cant take the lower and they cant engrave it without my form 1.

    I told him that didnt make any sense, its not and SBR yet. Its just a regular title 1 lower. He again refuses and says he has to have the form 1 in order to know what to engrave on it. I said "I could just write it down for you, I do know what I need it to say" He goes in the back and talked to I assume his manager and comes back and says no they cant do it without a form 1 because its a SBR and it has to be engraved correctly. At this point I'm getting a little frustrated because I just drove 25 min with my 2 yr old over here and these guys are giving me a hard time for no reason.

    I tried to explain to him it is not thier responsibility to make sure it is engraved correctly because its not an SBR yet!!!! He told me i needed to come back with the form 1 in order for them to do it. I told him I'm not driving home to get that and then driving all the way back here just because of your ignorant store policy or misinformed guidelines. He didnt seem to care much, so I will not be using them for anything again. I suggest if anyone plans on using them in the future they either avoid them or be prepared to deal with thier stupidity. Sorry for the rant but these guys pissed me off wasting over an hour of my day because they dont know what they are doing.

    It would probably be easier to just give them a copy of my form 1 and have them do it but I'm not going to do that simply on principle, they wasted my time for no good reason at all.

    Will someone please reccomend a place in Denton, north Ft Worth or Decatur where I can get a lower engraved by a competent gunsmith? Class III not necessary this lower is not tax paid yet.

  2. mrnkc130

    mrnkc130 Well-Known Member

    how about in the entire DFW area?
  3. hoohaa310

    hoohaa310 Active Member

    If you called anyways why wouldn't you ask what you need to bring to make things go smoothly? :confused:
  4. mrnkc130

    mrnkc130 Well-Known Member

    Why would I have needed anything? It was , as I explained to them when I got there, just a title I lower, nothing special. Doesnt matter if it was going to be an SBR or not. If they have some stupid store policy or misguided idea about engraving lowers they should have told me on the phone they needed my form 1. (which technically doesnt really even exist because although it is filled out it has not been sent in so its just a peice of paper)

    There are enough stupid hoops you have to jump through for title II weapons, I refuse to support a business that adds another one at thier whim.
  5. mrnkc130

    mrnkc130 Well-Known Member

    nobody? entire dallas ft worth area?
  6. GoingQuiet

    GoingQuiet Well-Known Member

    This might not be of much help but I checked the Subguns Reccomended Dealers list. I believe these two are in the Metroplex.

    Nick Tilotta - Western Firearms Company
    Specialties: Class 3
    P.O. Box 451
    Grapevine, TX 76099
    Phone: (817) 481-6616
    E-mail: firearmREMOVETHISSPAMGARD@verizon.net

    Steave Wayman
    Specialties: Class 3
    1607 W. Mockingbird Lane Suite 110
    Dallas, TX 75235
    Phone: (214) 265-0010
    FAX: (214) 265-0280
    E-mail: steaveREMOVETHISSPAMGARD@flash.net
    Homepage: N/A

    Hope this helps!

    TXHORNS Well-Known Member

    For some odd reason DFW doesnt have many gunsmiths anymore. Call the smith's by the Winchester Gallery off 820, I cannot speak for their work but I know they are at least friendly. Plus the gallery always has fun stuff to look at plus a range.
  8. mrnkc130

    mrnkc130 Well-Known Member

    I doubt the western firearms guy does engraving, I emailed him about transfering in a suppressor for me a while ago and he wanted like $300 to do the transfer, so he is also on my list of people I dont really want to do business with.

    I'll check out the winchester gallery, I've never been there but now that you mention it I have heard a few guys at work mention it. Thanks for the info guys.
  9. GoingQuiet

    GoingQuiet Well-Known Member

    $300 for an NFA transfer? Is that on a signature or a trust?

    Note: I just posted my NFA transfer prices on a different forum. My rate is $200 with a signature, $100 with a trust. A few folks thought that was high until I explained the amount of work involved with a signature.
  10. mrnkc130

    mrnkc130 Well-Known Member

    that was for a transfer of a new silencer from manufacturer, he didnt stock what i wanted and his prices were too high.

    don't quote me exactly on that price this was a few months ago and i dont remeber exactly but it was in that range, he also is not very helpful in my oppinion. thankfully i've found a dealer close to me that is easy to work and will actually give you the time of day.

    now all i need to do is find a smith i like for my engraving and i'm golden.

    i dont know maybe im just a pian in the neck customer, but fair prices and good service go a long way with me. Not always the easiest thing to find when it comes to guns...
  11. mrnkc130

    mrnkc130 Well-Known Member

    if any one was curious winchester gallery does not do engraving, they reccomended a guy about 150 miles south east of dallas...

    this appears to be disturbingly true...

    DRYHUMOR Well-Known Member

  13. GoingQuiet

    GoingQuiet Well-Known Member

    I COMPLETELY FORGOT! One of my good friends owns a CNC Mill in Las Colinas.

    OP you have a PM!
  14. Crease-guard

    Crease-guard New Member

    Rockwall engraver

    I just had my NFA trust done a couple days ago and the lawyer I did mine with recommended these guys:


    They even state on the website they do BATFE engraving. They are in Rockwall.

    Last edited: Jun 20, 2010
  15. c5_nc

    c5_nc Well-Known Member

    Most people take their SBRs to local jewelry stores and pay them $10-20 to engrave. In addition to the link above (they had a good rep), there is also Quentin Defense for a firearms specific engraving service. You are right, you want to have it engraved before paperwork comes back. Most jewelry, watch repair, etc shops have no idea what the lower is and don't question it.
  16. shooterfromtexas

    shooterfromtexas Well-Known Member

    what a bunch of dumb shop employees. the manager/owner too. i mean, what are they liable for if they engrave it? i guess they dont want your money.
  17. mrnkc130

    mrnkc130 Well-Known Member

    The really sad part is I went with them anyways!!!!

    In my defense I was about to go out of town for a couple weeks because of a death in the family and I wanted it done while I was gone. I dropped it off before I got all these replies because it didnt look like I as going to find another place. Then once I was out of town I looked back here and had several replies and PM's. Bright side is at least now I can give a review of thier work.

    They 1st told me it would take about a week, I thought great it will be waiting for me when I get home. Well it wasnt. Thats ok though, no big deal they said a few more days and it would be done.
    The next day I recieved a call from them wanting me to clarify some spelling (even though they had my form 1) because they were about to do my lower, they checked all the spelling with me and it was all good. I assumed then it would be done the next day so I just drove over there about 430 because I was in the area. Still wasnt done they said it would be a few more days because now they have to run it to some other shop they have to do it. They said it would be done in 2 days and they would call me as soon as it was in. I called in 2 days and it still wasnt done. I called the next day late in the afternoon and they said they had it back in (great, but why didn't they call me like they said they would?)

    I went and picked it up, the engraving was very well done but not worth the headache in my oppinion. 1 week strectched to over 3 weeks, not calling me when it was in, and the extra hassle trying to give them the lower in the 1st place lost them my business in the future.

    Thank you everyone for the reccomendations I will use one of them for my next build.

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