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Guys I need your help please RE: Ruger Mark II

Discussion in 'Handguns: Autoloaders' started by ElizabethC, Dec 16, 2006.

  1. ElizabethC

    ElizabethC Member

    Please accept my sincere thanks in advance. Here is my quandry.

    I have my trusty little Ruger Mark II TARGET 5.5 Bull (Blue) that I absolutely love. It is in very good condition (always in it's case when not used and I haven't put very many rounds through it either)

    I have to sell it for my kids Christmas and I am really getting lowballed I believe (at least I hope so)... I have a bunch of guys telling me that it isn't even worth $125.00 . I just can't believe that.

    Can anyone tell me what a fair asking price would be for this gun?

    I truly appreciate it... thanks again..

    Last edited: Dec 16, 2006
  2. Ditchtiger

    Ditchtiger Well-Known Member

    $200 would be a good deal for someone. You may get $250 if you had the time.
  3. XavierBreath

    XavierBreath Well-Known Member

    Your pistol will sell quickly at the retail level for around $200, assuming it has a nice finish.

    You are seeing the classic problem with trading guns or any other item in the marketplace. Guns are not legal tender. The real value is shown when you must sell the item immediately to obtain cash. Most dealers/pawn shop owners will give you $100-125 for your pistol, tops. If you want more, then you must sell it privately. Of course, the problem is you need the cash now, for Christmas.
  4. MatthewVanitas

    MatthewVanitas Well-Known Member

    Try posting it in the THR forums for $199, and I bet it will sell with a quickness.

    Read the basic rules in the Sales forums (at the bottom of our main page).

    I assume you don't want to mess with shipping and all, so put "FTF" for "face-to-face" in the title of the ad.

    I recommend you meet someone in a public place to make the deal, a quieter corner of a supermarket parking lot is ideal, as you don't attract much attention, but are in front of many people.

    This is assuming that you are in a state where FTF sales are legal. If you are in CA, for example, you will have to meet with the buyer at a local gunstore, and fill out paperwork there (at buyer's expense, not yours). If you are in CA, it'll sell in in a flash for $199 on the THR boards.

    Feel free to ask questions if you're not sure if FTF is okay in your state. Use the THR boards, meet in a public place, and the pistol will sell for cash in a matter of days.

    Good luck, hope you can buy a similar pistol to replace it down the road.

  5. nitestocker

    nitestocker Well-Known Member

  6. ElizabethC

    ElizabethC Member


    I live in Missouri so I am able to sell directly to an individual. One gentleman I talked to tonight regarding it said that it wasn't even worth $125.00 tops. He wouldn't even give that for it. It is a pretty little gun and accurate as ever. I have it holstered in an Uncle Mike's Sidekick holster.

    What should I list it for and what do you think the lowest price is that I should consider. I do not want to give it away. I would rather part with something else (even my jewelry- yes even me being a lady I would rather part with that !) than my gun....


  7. MatthewVanitas

    MatthewVanitas Well-Known Member

    If you like it that much, have you considered just pawning something and then redeeming it after the holidays? Even pawning a couple things (including the gun) might be better than outright selling the gun, since it's always pricier to buy back a gun.

    Paying $10-15 worth of interest to the pawnshop in February will be easier than trying to buy the gun back.

    The holster might help sell the gun, but won't add more than $5ish to the value.

    If you like it that much, go hock some home electronics, jewelry, whatever, and then make redeeming them on time your highest priority after essential purchases.

    The Ruger MkII is an outstanding gun, is no longer made, and is quickly getting harder to find used. The MkIII variants just aren't as good.

    If you sell, sell here on THR, but I strongly recommend that you just pawn some gear instead at a reputable pawnshop (better interest rates than a payday loan), and pay a little interest in Jan or Feb.

  8. 10-Ring

    10-Ring Well-Known Member

    Be patient, you should be able to get that $200. The problem is your buyers know you need the $$ & there is a time restraint.
  9. orionengnr

    orionengnr Well-Known Member

    I paid $250 for a used one about three months ago. Then I went and spent $25 on a set of rosewood grips. Then I bought two mags for it @ about $25 per.

    I may have overpaid for it but am already looking for another. There are lots of people looking for these pistols--do not give it away.

    I have two friends who have shot mine; either of them would probably give you $200 plus shipping/FFL fees for yours.

    You can post it on this forum for free, and someone will give you a fair price.

    Note--if this is your only pistol, I would advise as Xavier did, and not let it go until you find something you like better...
  10. XavierBreath

    XavierBreath Well-Known Member

    If a private buyer is telling you your pistol is not worth $125, he is full of it. A dealer will not offer any more than that because he must sell it at a profit afterwards. For a private seller, the price should be a firm $200. I agree with the others. Advertise it here, and do a FTF deal, or maybe hock it along with some jewelry. Expect a loan of $75-100 on the pistol if you go to a pawn shop.

    Other options for kids needing a Christmas include churches, an organization called Goodfellows, the Salvation Army, and even private individuals. I know you probably don't want to accept charity, but a kid's Christmas is more important than a parent's pride.
  11. hksw

    hksw Well-Known Member

    Guy is lowballing enough to scorch worms.
  12. 5Wire

    5Wire Well-Known Member

    Here's a short track I have on a Mark II Standard:

    Ruger Mark II Standard Semi Auto in .22, Long Rifle. Bluebook of Gun Values indicates between $175 in 98% condition and $225 in 100% condition for this gun. I have 8 recorded prices using local and internet sources for this gun from $200 to $260 over a period of 96 days ending November 8, 2006. The Average price is $229.

    And a longer track on a Target model:

    Ruger Mark II Target Semi Auto in. 22, Long Rifle. Bluebook of Gun Values indicates between $261 in 98% condition and $311 in 100% condition for this gun. I have 9 recorded prices using local and internet sources for this gun from $195 to $370 over a period of 922 days ending February 24, 2006. The Average price is $286.
  13. ElizabethC

    ElizabethC Member

    Thank you , thank you....

    You have no idea how much I appreciated everyones comments and ideas regarding my situation. I am going to sit tight so rest assured I will not make a rash decision. I am a pretty resourceful mom so I will manage to figure something out (I always do!).... but I truly do appreciate each and every post.
    It always rankles me when someone tries to take advantage of someone else (in this case my lack of knowledge of the worth of my pistol)... and this guy had to know that.

    I'm not a hunter but I have a great love of guns. I grew up in a family of marksmen and this little gun is my trusty "baby". One of the guns we own is a Finnish Mosin Nagant. It is a beauty, just truly unbelievable. It isn't going anywhere *s*.

    Thanks again guys... you totally rock!

  14. mljdeckard

    mljdeckard Well-Known Member

    We're feeling the Christmas bite this year too.

    Having worked a few sales jobs, I'm going to bet you a dollar that the guy you are selling to smells desperation on you, so he is hitting you low.

    Do what you can, do what you have to, but remember, it's just a gun. I still cringe when I think of the guns I've sold, and for how little, but that doesn't mean it wasn't necessary.
  15. ElizabethC

    ElizabethC Member

    I know and I understand that. I had listed a little .410 that we didn't need any longer and he wanted that one and expressed an interest in the Ruger ...he went ahead and bought the .410 but kept lowballing me on the Ruger. I didn't even bother taking the pistol to him for him to look at when I delivered the .410. I might need the money but I'm not desperate and easy. I knew that I wouldn't sell it for that low a price but I literally had NO idea what it would be worth, hence my post on this board.

    You folks have been most kind to help me out , and for that I greatly appreciate it.


  16. 10-Ring

    10-Ring Well-Known Member

    ElizabethC - Tough way to make intro's. I just wanted to take this opportunity to say hi & welcome...."HI!" :D "Welcome!" :D
    ....an Merry Christmas to you and your kids! :cool:
  17. ElizabethC

    ElizabethC Member

    thanks ....;)

    I truly appreciate the welcome... just bear with me as I am not nearly as educated about the particulars of guns as you gentlemen are. I just know what I like and if it works for me .....


    ps. Merry Christmas to you and yours as well!!! :)
  18. another okie

    another okie Well-Known Member

    All handgun sales in Missouri require a permit from the sheriff of the buyer's county, whether made through a dealer or not. It is the buyer's job to obtain this permit. In most counties it's a five minute process, in others they run a background check.
  19. ElizabethC

    ElizabethC Member

    thanks for the info... I had done some checking and there is no background check in my county. At this point in time I doubt that I will even sell it. It isn't worth it in the long run to give it away. I will try to come up with another option to raise some cash. I appreciate the help with the info. though. I have never sold guns before. I have always been on the collecting end...:)

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