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H&K USP .40 Fullsize Advice

Discussion in 'Handguns: Autoloaders' started by MolanLabe, Dec 21, 2008.

  1. MolanLabe

    MolanLabe Member

    Good day all.

    This is my first post her as I normally search through the archives and find what I need due to the extent of the site but this time I am coming up dry.

    So here it is:

    Recently I was out with my dad and shooting his USP .40 compact and bagging on him on account of I am a Glock guy. My primary complaints with this weapon system were the trigger pull and magazine capacity. With the Glock I added a mod trigger reducing its pull and have the +5 extensions from Dawson precision, making magazine changes unnecessary in about half of the stages in IPSC matches, and cutting them down to one in most others.

    I did however LOVE the mag release and, at least the potential of being able to add the safety and slide release to the right side of the weapon as I am a lefty. Not to mention the 5" group I shot with it at twenty meters (and it's the COMPACT!)! I could not help but be sold on the thing!

    My question for you ladies and gents is:

    Can any one point me in the direction of any trigger mods, I do all of my own work so sending it in would be a last resort but something to consider, and/or magazine floor plate extensions?

    I thank you all for any advice in advance.


    "Son, if they ever come for your guns you go ahead and let them take them... But make sure they get the bullets first." My Dad
  2. benderx4

    benderx4 Well-Known Member

    As much as I LOVE this forum, there are a bunch of HK fanatics over at HKPro, they might be able to answer your questions as well, especially if you get into specifics. One guy they will definitely refer you to is Bill Springer - he is known near and far in HK circles regarding his outstanding trigger work.

    Good luck!

    P.S. Our carry gun at work is the LEM version of the HK USP40 compact. It's the gun that first started my now blossoming HK collection. Once you're hooked, you're hooked!
  3. Jason_G

    Jason_G Well-Known Member

    The mag release is fast once you train your thumb to quit reaching and get your trigger or social finger on the release. As per the slide release, you won't be able to swap this on the USP (at least not that I know of). The control lever can be made ambidextrous on the fullsize models for sure, but I am not sure about the compacts.

    As for the trigger, Bruce Gray does trigger jobs on the full size USP. The full size also has the match trigger kit available for it. Not so for the compact; however I think the LEM trigger is available, and many folks have reported that it is a great trigger.

    Hope that helps a little.


  4. Hk Dan

    Hk Dan Well-Known Member

    Dittos on Bruce Gray. Make sure you ask him which safeties he disables.

    Of note--he bills the trigger job as a "World beater", but shoots an STI himself. Word to the wise!

  5. MolanLabe

    MolanLabe Member

    Thank you much guys and to you Dan I will say that I have had my hat handed to me at just about every match by someone or another with an STI but I shoot what I carry.
  6. CPshooter

    CPshooter Well-Known Member

    They are both great guns. If you are using it mostly for competition and accuracy, I'd have to recommend the USP full-size over the Glock. With a trigger job, the USP is a scary accurate shooter. Not that the Glock isn't accurate, but you can't touch a good SA trigger. Then again, the Glock trigger can be made very nice too.. The beefier/heavier slide of the USP keeps the gun steady, and I also like the lever style ambi mag release. Here is a pic of my g19 and USPc.40 just for fun:

  7. Hk Dan

    Hk Dan Well-Known Member

    <g> Shucks Molon--keep shooting. I've taken home an acceptable number of wins against those vaunted S_I guys using a plain ole G35 in Limited. It's the Indian not the arrow. <wink>

    I'm with you on shooting what you carry--I moved from HK to GLOCK about 5 years ago. I still LOVE the HKs, but I shoot the GLOCKs. The performance difference was shocking--I started on USPs (.40F). When that had to go back into the factory I bought a G22, thinking my beloved USP would be gone for 3 or 4 months. I hated GLOCK and knew that I would sell it the second that ole Bessie was back in my hand.

    Now, I was a "B" class shooter back then--experienced enough to know what I wanted the gun to do and know when it could do it. The GLOCK's shot recovery was VASTLY better than the HK (owing to the low bore axis, but I think the grip angle also helps). The mag release was a concern initially, but splits and transitions were quicker and more than made up for it. I kept that GLOCK, and added 6 more (and 4 more HKs).

    My reasoning was simple--if the GLOCK out performs the USP in a match, it should outperform it for carry. For better or worse, right or wrong, that's what I thought and what I did!

    HK Dan
  8. MolanLabe

    MolanLabe Member

    Well gentlemen, thank you again for the responses. I certainly appreciate all of the advice. I think I will stick with my Glock for now and focus on stocking up on ammo and high cap mags and if Obama doesn't pull anything too radical I may be able to get a USP latter in the New Year.

    Happy New Year all!
  9. xx7grant7x

    xx7grant7x Well-Known Member


    as far as mags go i'm un-aware of any mag extensions but elite mags do work in a regular fullsize USP they hold 16 rounds of .40 or 18 rounds in 9mm form or you could just get a usp elite it's got a jet-funnel kit (mag funnel thingy) and probably a nicer trigger too and comes with the higher capacity magazines. I've got a normal one and bought a few of the elite mags, you can add the jet-funnel kit to a regular usp but the normal size mags won't fit. Also, I love my USP and highly reccomend the brand, even though we suck and HK hates us.
  10. Hk Dan

    Hk Dan Well-Known Member


    You can also take a regular USP mag and install an Arrendondo +5 basepad. If you remove a little bit at the back of the jet funnel, it works perfectly and it's $40 less.
  11. Stewy

    Stewy New Member


    Took a look over at Arrendondo for HK base plates but didn't see anything. Is modification of a plate designed for other manufacturer required in addition to modifying the Jet Funnel? Love to do something with the lower capacity mags that I have.


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