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H&R 22 misfire question

Discussion in 'Handguns: Revolvers' started by Rimmer, Aug 16, 2006.

  1. Rimmer

    Rimmer Well-Known Member

    I found an old H&R model 929 22LR that I had stashed away in a cigar box for about 30 years. I cleaned and lightly lubed it and went to the range to see if the lil sucker still functioned, as I really couldn't remember.

    Well the function was ok except for misfires. Two or three out of the 9 in the cylinder misfired every time but not in the same place. The ammo is new and it does not have very much barrel slop. I'm thinking the hammer isn't pinching the cartridge correctly and that's why the misfires.

    Anyone have a suggestion on how I might revive this relic? The bluing is perfect and I really would like to tinker a bit to eliminate the only flaw this thing has other than it being a 22. Maybe a replacement hammer?
  2. Confederate

    Confederate Well-Known Member

    That gun had pretty heavy springs in it, but as you said, the firing pin might not be hitting in the right place. Sometimes if people dry fire a revolver a lot, it takes a bite or two out of the pin. Also, excessive headspace can cause misfires. If you can fit a guage between the base of the cartridge and the back of the gun, it should be about .009 at the most. Also examine the pin and see if it's still well formed. Finally, examine the spring and see if someone has cut a coil or two off it.

    Putting a new spring in wouldn't hurt. Many gunsmiths have a supply of springs lying around. A heftier one might fix the problem.

    Please let us know what you find.

  3. joab

    joab Well-Known Member

    What ammo
    Remington bulk box?
  4. Rimmer

    Rimmer Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the reply Confederate. I'll dig out the feeler gauges an have a look.

    I just reread my post and I meant to say "Cylinder slop" not barrel.....

    Anyway the firing pin on the hammer "looks" fine but without anything to compare it to my guess means nothing. Unfortunately I left the range without the misfires so I can't take a closer look at the hammer indent on the case. If the .009 is good then I'll replace the spring.

    The ammo I used was Winchester T22 target. Pretty good ammo that I use for squirrels in several rifles. Can't ever remember a rifle misfire with this ammo.
  5. weregunner

    weregunner Well-Known Member

    How about trying different hy velocity ammo or standard ammo.Just a cylinder or two.Had light hits in mine.Cleaned the firing pin hole with a toothpick,cotton swab, and solvent.Lots of crud came out and my 649 is going great guns.Pun intended:D
  6. BBA

    BBA Well-Known Member

    H&R 929

    I have a couple of these H&R's and mine have frame mounted firing pins. Sometimes fouling builds up in the channel and must be cleaned. Iver Johnson's had this also. Be careful if you take the trigger assembly out, they are a bear to reassemble
  7. ribbonstone

    ribbonstone Well-Known Member

    Ok...there is one more thing to check besides the spring itself. Take the grips off and look crefully at the hammer strut. Some had a metal "head" (pivot) that fit against the hammer and others had a plastic one. The plastic ones age and fracture (there is a 3rd type, that had a ball shaped end to the strut that fit in a concave recess on the hammer).

    Will still work (kind of) with a fractured plastic part but it fouls up the hammer on occasion and missifres (either it drag on the rotation or it shifts the strut so the spring can't fully deliver it's power).

    Usually will see little bits of plastic carught between the grip pannels when you open it up...even if you can't see the fracture, those little bits are a sure sign it's there.
    The other thing that breaks with some regularity is the little spring that powers the hand. Small leaf spring staked to the hand, royal pain to replace, usually get a hand/spring replacement (but it is possible to replace just the little spring). Rotation will be "iffy" held level...NO rotation at all if held muzzle up...rotates fine when held muzzle down.
  8. BennieB

    BennieB New Member

    Hi i just bought a h&r model 929 haven't fired the gun yet but was wonderingm when u try to let the cylinder out it hangs on the firing pin u can slightly pull the hammer back and it fall out clearly, what would be the cause of the hammer not retracting back inside the breech to let the cylinder come out freely
  9. thunder173

    thunder173 Well-Known Member

    +1 to Ribbonstone

    You hit it on the nail head I suspect. I have the 929,...for about 40 years in fact. Have had to replace that hammer spring pawl a couple of times over the years. the metal ones are best. The plastic ones degrade, crack and disintegrate over time. Last ime I ordered from Numrich,..I ordered a few.....expect this little thing will be passed on to the next batch of kids for plinking. Been a great gun all in all. It won't leave the family.

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