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Discussion in 'Rifle Country' started by GI Joe, Feb 4, 2006.

  1. GI Joe

    GI Joe Active Member

    I had heard a little of these, but never saw one until last week when the gun shop was redoing their carpeting and moving things around so I got to go look behind the counter and back rooms. What is the typical price range of these things? Are they reliable? How difficult or easy are they to field strip since if I got one, I would be shooting surplus ammo for it? And, does anyone still make extra magazines for it?

    Thanks in advance.
  2. Spiggy

    Spiggy Well-Known Member

    careful, the guy that was showing us how those things worked nearly lost a finger from the crazy dust cover design

    Maybe surplusrifle.com has something about it
  3. TrafficMan

    TrafficMan Well-Known Member

    i agree. these fellas will help you for sure.

    but as i recall, i think in the 300-400 dollar range for a Hakim. i've only seen and handled one once....
  4. jcord

    jcord Well-Known Member

    My favorite rifle. I have owned one for years. They are accurate and reliable. They work on the same gas system as the AR15 but have a gas regulator. There is a company making rplacement magazines but it is designed to be stripper fed just like a SKS.

    I have modified mine to take WW2 german MG13 25 round magazines.
    It is not hard and still uses the regular mag as well.

    The gun weights about 13 pounds when loaded with a 25 rounder.
    The muzzle brake is very effective, repeat hits on distant targets are fast.

    I paid 300 dollars for mine. It does not shoot the turk well.
    The sites are regulated for the 196 grain bullet.

    I found that the Rumanian steel case does shoot to POA.

    I have shot high power matches with it and though I did not win
    I placed well.
  5. P95Carry

    P95Carry Moderator Emeritus

    Indeed - a fascinating gun. Heavy? - yep, most certainly! Fun to shoot tho and it is important to have gas valve set up carefully too. It is an Egyptian gun IIRC, modelled on the Swedish Lungmann - and only IIRC saw action in the Suez Crisis of 1957 - something like that.

    I wanted one and asked around and a member here had one spare. I think $400 is probably a likely price tag.

    For sure - the bolt can be as effective as M1A in inflicting thumb or finger damage - don't ask!

  6. MCgunner

    MCgunner Well-Known Member

    I got mine back in the early 90s in NRA very good condition. It's 90+ percent in finish and the stock isn't dinged up much either, one of those never fired, dropped once in the sand guns from an Isreali capture.

    The recoil is soft due to the weight and the effective muzzle break and it's a hoot to fire at the range. I went to a range with some guys at work once. One of 'em thought his Uzi was so cool, rattling off mag after mag, so I sat down at a bench with the Hakim next to one of the fellow's wife. I took aim at a gong 100 yards range and unleashed ten rounds fast as I could hitting the gong several times. All eyes were on me and the blast off that muzzle brake came back and nearly lifted the cap of that guy's wife's head. BWAAA, ha, ha! EVERYONE wanted to shoot it. :D

    I gave eighty bucks for that fine specimen. :D I shoulda gotten a Rashid, too, were going for $179 at the time. They are quite rare. The Rashid was a smaller gun based on the same action but chambered 7.62x39 and had an SKS like flip around bayonet. I did break down later and buy a bayonet and frog for the Hakim. You talk about a PIKE! That has to be the LONGEST battle rifle in history to begin with, then add a bayonet to it???? ROFLMAO!

    When I ordered this thing, I had an FFL. I got it delivered, took it out of the box, and spent over an hour trying to figure out how to chamber a round, ROFLMAO! I happened to have had an article on the gun from "American Rifleman" and that helped me out once I dug it out of the magazine rack. Once you get used to the action, it's quite simple, though. It is REALLY easy to field strip!

  7. Spiggy

    Spiggy Well-Known Member

    yeesh, the cheapest I can find one around here is roughly 500, and it's all fubared...

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