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Hand priming tool choice

Discussion in 'Handloading and Reloading' started by TexasShooter59, Jan 20, 2010.

  1. I would like to hear suggestions for a hand priming tool to purchase. I am just now getting stuff together to begin reloading and will need one of these. I have read where some tools cannot be used with specific brands of primers. Ideally, I would like a tool that would not be limited to certain brands. Also, another (maybe minor) concern is what shell holder does it use. I have Lee dies so far. I will be loading both rifle and pistol, if that matters.

    So, consider your experiences, ergonomics, primer brand limitiations, whatever, and let's hear your suggestions!

    Thanks a lot! :cool:
  2. EHCRain10

    EHCRain10 New Member

    I have a RCBS universal hand primer and chose it based on the fact that it does almost all cartridges without a shell holder. Good luck with it so far but have only loaded 100 rounds so far.
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  3. swiftak

    swiftak New Member

    My Lee handprimer seems to work alot better than my RCBS. Not saying its better, just that that this particular one works better. The primers seem to hang up in my RCBS.

    ECHRain10, you don't need shell holders for your handprimer?
  4. Walkalong

    Walkalong Moderator

    RCBS Hand Primer
  5. KAC1911

    KAC1911 New Member

    I have a Lee with their die set and been very pleased. I reload in stages. Once sized and de-primed I have my cases separated. When I need ammo I can sit anywhere and re-prime a bunch of cases before I go to the next stages and I'm not restricted to sitting infront of my bench. This has worked for me and JMO.
  6. rcmodel

    rcmodel Member in memoriam

    My RCBS hand primer tool has worked perfectly for me since about 1970.
    Got a box of Lee universal shell holders I keep with it, and one of them will fit anything I reload.

    I have a cigar box half full of the old worn out Lee hand primeing tools & parts.
    The new Lee's may be better.

    But if I was buying a new one today, it would be the RCBS Standard, or the Universal.

  7. EddieNFL

    EddieNFL member

    I have a K&M. Very solid. IMO second only to the Sinclair.
  8. Historian

    Historian New Member

    +1 for the RCBS Universal Priming Tool. I have primed thousands of rounds of different calibers without a problem.


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  9. Offfhand

    Offfhand Active Member

    If price is no object, and you want the best primer seating tool available-meaning the most precise primer seating-there are a couple of choices: One being the Sinclair tool, which is a long time favorite of ultra-precision bench rest shooters. The other is the recently introduced hand tool by Magnum Metal, which is becoming a new favorite with the accuracy crowd. You can see pictures of them at Sinclair Int, and Magnum Metal. Or I can attach pics of my own tools if needed. If you can find someone who will part with a Gun-Clinic priming tool, they are the best ever, but no longer made and most people who have one won't part with it. I'd never sell mine but occasionally they show up for sale. Worth looking for.
  10. Micksis

    Micksis New Member

    I have an RCBS universal hand primer and it's great.
  11. NuJudge

    NuJudge New Member

    I've used the Lee tool for many years with complete satisfaction: cheap and very effective. It takes a lot to wear one out, but over the years I've managed to wear out two.

  12. Gryffydd

    Gryffydd New Member

    The Lee tool works, but it's cheaply made and uncomfortable to use a lot in one sittng. I used one for several years before moving to the RCBS Universal APS hand loader. I like not having different shellholders, and I like not having to hold it a certain way and make sure the primers feed in OK. The only problem I've had with it so far are certain brands of older .45 Colt brass that like to slip out of the universal chuck thingy. The ergonomics and build quality are much higher than the Lee. It also cost a lot more, especially including the strip loader...
  13. Asherdan

    Asherdan New Member

    The Lee works and I'm happy with the ease of use and the feel for the primer seating. It takes it's own type of shellholder that will cost you a couple of bucks each or the whole set for ~$13.

    I did, however, wear my first one out in about 7k cases. The second one is hanging in better since I grease up it's contact points regularly.

    I'll probably wear this one out and try the RCBS model, is my experience. The price is great, though.
  14. NCMauser

    NCMauser New Member

    +1 on thr RCBS. I use the standard one and have not had any problems with it. I load .223 and .44 with it. Yes you have to jiggle the primers sometimes so they will drop in to the tool to be seated. I just usually tilt a little so that the primmer tray is such that the primmers drop in easy.
  15. dagger dog

    dagger dog Active Member

    I have RCBS and Lee, I like the Lee a little better, using my thumb to put pressure on the primer seems to give a litlle better feed back, I can feel the primer being pressed into the pocket and bottoming out. The RCBS seems less sensitive to me because there are 3 or 4 fingers that apply the pressure. The RCBS is in my opinion has greater leverage and this could be the reason it seems to have less feel.
  16. putteral

    putteral New Member

    Another vote for the Lee Primer! Haven't tried the RCBS but I'm sure it is also very good.
  17. bonza

    bonza New Member

    My absolute favorite is the OLD Lee priming tool. They had a short aluminum body with a screw-on shellholder, alot of benchresters used them. I have also used the old Bonanza bench-mounted priming tool that had the three eliptical wheels that could be turned to fit almost any case, & was fed by a gravity-fed primer tube. It was slow to load & adjust, I ended up setting it for my .38/.357 ammo & used it solely for them. I also had a Hornady priming tool, looks like a Lee Auto Prime but bigger. It was very uncomfortable to use & I didn't like it at all. Without going to the expense of a Sinclair or K&M tool I feel the Lee Auto Prime is very hard to beat, I have a couple of them & keep a few spare parts on hand in case of breakages, which I had a couple of when I got my first Lee AP, but haven't needed to use any for ages though I did buy a new tray cover a couple of months ago as the one I had was discolored & getting a bit loose.
  18. susquehannaslim

    susquehannaslim New Member

    I've been using my Lee hand primer ,about 10 years now ,and it works just as well today,as it did the very first time I used it.
  19. Bigdog57

    Bigdog57 New Member

    I have two Lees and one standard RCBS. The Lee design is far more 'user friendly' than the RCBS which must be totally disassembled to change out the shell holder - and the two-piece plastic thing that holds the shell holder is a failure waiting to happen. It sits in pieces in my 'FAIL' box. The Lee tools are marked one for "Small" and one for "Large" primers - changing the unique shell holders takes only a few seconds. That is it's only real limitation - some odd calibers have no shell holder for this tool. So then I prime on the press - not really a problem. The Lee works with ALL primer brands - the 'warning' against certain brands is due to Lee having a tiff with certain other companies, NOT due to safety or failure to work.
  20. Walkalong

    Walkalong Moderator

    I have a Sinclair, and it is definitely the best, but slower of course. I only use it for 6 PPC.

    For everyday use the RCBS or similar inexpensive tool is the way to go. Your loads will never know the difference if you aren't shootin' "ones" or "twos", and even then you may not be able to tell.

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