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Handgun carry OUTSIDE clothes?

Discussion in 'Handguns: General Discussion' started by Min, Oct 7, 2003.

  1. Min

    Min Well-Known Member

    I live in Texas. It is hot. I hardly ever wear a jacket. So, what to do? No pocket carry for me - don't like them little bitty guns.

    So, I wear outside the pants. It looks like a camera case, but has a waist strap (think belt). In other words, a fanny pack that looks like a camera case. I put my SW 642 .38 Spl in there. No one has said anything to me so far.

    How do you guys carry in warm climates?
  2. Old Fuff

    Old Fuff Well-Known Member

    Your post doesn't indicate if you have a CCW license or not, but so far as I'm concerned that's a moot point. However consider that under the best of circumstances any gun may "print" to some degree if it's covered with nothing but a shirt.

    The system you are using isn't a bad one. In Arizona, where it gets as hot as it does in Texas, many use an IWB holster covered by a shirt that isn't tucked in. A few use a lightweight shoulder holster under a shirt. Another option is an elastic belly-band under a shirt.

    If you do any of this consider a trick I learned from a pro. Carry a stainless or satin-chromed gun with light colored grips. Dark guns and holsters may show through light clothing.
  3. Soap

    Soap Well-Known Member

    I just ignore the heat. In summer climate I wear generally one of two types of outfits:

    1- Shorts/khakis/jeans with undershirt tucked in, button-up type shirt from Express or Banana Republic (think in cognito ;)) untucked. My full size 1911 sits strong side IWB in a Sparks holster on a Rosen belt.

    2- Suit- Now this is just too easy. Depending on where I'm going I can either carry my 1911 IWB or OWB. Make sure that your tailor fits your suit with and without your holster.
  4. Hemicuda

    Hemicuda member

    Aah... Summertime... it means a fanny pack W/ my trusty Beretta Mini-Cougar in it...

    Who cares if someone "guesses" that it is a gun case and not just a "fag bag"... they can't PROVE there's a gun in there, unless I SHOW it to them... and it is still none of their business...
  5. Wedge

    Wedge Well-Known Member

    During the summer I like to guess who is carrying. When it is 90 degrees out (that is REALLY hot for western NY) and you see a dude with a zipped up photographer vest and no camera in the grocery store...hmmm. Or just about anyone that is carrying a black fanny pack but they still have pockets and never bother going into the fanny pack for anything (in the grocery store).

    However, unless you pack you wouldn't notice things like that. Most people see a fanny pack and figure that someone is about 15 years behind the times as far as cool goes.

    I have a 5.5" Ruger Blackhawk and haven't figured out a very good summertime packing method. I think I will just buy a smaller gun.
  6. Old Fuff

    Old Fuff Well-Known Member

    Some zip their gun into a notebook or organizer that's been modified for the purpose. Others simply wrap a gun in a plain brown paper bag. Yup, it works. Just don't lay the organizer, notebook or bag down and forget it.

    Ultimately though, I would buy a smaller, lighter "hot weather gun" and go to pocket or ankle carry. Unless of course, you want to stick to your present method.
  7. Pain

    Pain Well-Known Member

    I was In a Car accident ( someone hit my truck). I had to have the Truck Towed to the Shop. I did'nt have a Place I could easily Conceal My CW, So i Put it in a Whataburger Bag. I was sitting in the lobby of the Bodyshop waiting on my Wife to come and Get me with this Bag containing a .45, No-one had a clue if they did they would've freaked. I kept worrying the Bag would tear..... Never did >
  8. rappa

    rappa Well-Known Member

    Summertime down here is all hot and humid! I usually carry IWB in shorts and untucked T. I only tuck my shirt in for work, otherwise I'm casual. If it's really humid, I go fanny pack.
  9. WS42

    WS42 Member

  10. C.R.Sam

    C.R.Sam Moderator Emeritus

    I pack bout like Daniel Flory...
    Winter or summer.

    And as he says, for suits, a good tailor is a big help.

  11. El Tejon

    El Tejon Well-Known Member

    On-duty, I wear suits. Off-duty, I'm clad in yuppie scum Territory Ahead or Orvis shirts and khakis. When it's hot I wear an undershirt and my Territory Ahead shirt out.

    You could skip the undershirt, but I am delicate and chafe easy (it's my sensitive inner nature boiling up to the surface).:p:D
  12. 1911 in paddle holster. Form follows function. Who cares if they see it. :evil:
  13. GSB

    GSB Well-Known Member

    I've had excellent results here in Florida with a belly band over a "wife beater" type t-shirt, and a Hawaiian print shirt overtop. Very quick to access, with a little practice, and basically invisible if your shirt is a little large and a little loud. Oddly enough, for me the gun is even better concealed with the shirt tucked in.

    Works better with my .380 than my .45 Compact, I've found. That's not because of size though. It's because the magazine filled with .45s makes it "top-heavy" and the elastic band isn't quite up to keeping the grip as flush with the chest as I'd like under all circumstances.
  14. ninjalawyer

    ninjalawyer Well-Known Member

    Recently I've started carrying my SIG P220 in an Uncle Mike's Briefcase with concealed holster while I travel for work. It hides the gun perfectly and keeps it just as accessible as a crossdraw when I'm walking and nearly as handy when I'm driving. It also simplifies checking the handgun with security when I go to court. Otherwise, I prefer strong side high-rise holsters between my T-shirts and loose short-sleeved button-downs.
  15. V-fib

    V-fib Well-Known Member

    I carry a 3†Sp101 in a smartcarry. I can wear shorts no shirt or even a swim suit. totally undetectable.


  16. Preacherman

    Preacherman Well-Known Member

    You could always try the MMM fanny pack... see this thread for details! :D

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