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handloads for the FNP 45 USG

Discussion in 'Handguns: Autoloaders' started by dadof6, May 27, 2011.

  1. dadof6

    dadof6 Well-Known Member

    Not sure if this is the best forum for this question - handload, but for a specific autoloader.

    I picked up the FNP 45 USG last fall and had only done a little shooting thus far. I found, as many others have, that it does not toss the empties very far. sometimes right back at you. From what i gather thus far, that may be due to the very strong recoil/guiderod spring and a heavy slide. Again, reading online, it has been stated that it was intended for combat use with 'full power' loads.

    I can tell you that Remington UMC 45 acp will cycle the gun, but not smartly. just kind of dribbles out of the slide so to speak.

    I rolled some of my own using HP38 5grns with 230 grn Ranier bonded (not a jacket per se) bullets. Accuracy was so-so. Bench rested about 3" at 50'. had several FTE's. I think it is not the right load.

    So if anybody could make a suggestion for a load recipie for this particular auto I'd appreciate it.

    Mod's if this should be in the reloading forum, feel free to move it. Just didn't know if it would catch anyone's eye for the particular kind of firearm I want to reload for - not just a generic 45 acp load.

    thanks for you input.
  2. Smaug

    Smaug Well-Known Member

    Not the right forum, but no harm in it, IMO! (there's a Handloading forum that is more appropriate)

    But I can give you some feedback on your load. 5 gr. of HP38 for a 230 gr. out of an auto is not enough, . 5.8 gr. will do it. Also, if you're using a powder measure, weigh your charges once in a while to make sure your actual charge is what the book says it should be.

    I rolled some 45 last week that didn't work worth a damn. The book said this hole of the Auto Disk Pro powder measure should be 5.7 gr., but it was only 5.3 gr. in reality. Not enough for reliable cycling of a new 1911. I wound up using the hole which should give 6.2 gr. but in reality only gave 5.8 gr.

    In my experience, when loading for autos, the load that is powerful enough is much closer to max. than min.

    One thing you can do to simplify your life somewhat is to buy a 45 ACP revolver. Then, shoot the weak ones out of it instead of either throwing them out or going back and pulling them one by one.

    Nice gun by the way. I sometimes wonder if I shouldn't have bought one of those instead of a GI level 1911. 1911 might be a tad more accurate, but is loads more finnicky, with regards to bullet weight, I think.

    For example, semi wadcutters won't cycle my 1911, but it shoots them VERY accurately. It's a shame. It cycles 200 gr. flat points pretty well, but they're not as accurate of a bullet out of that gun.

    So now, I have a TON of bullets that can only be shot out of my S&W 625, hehehe.

    Have fun!
  3. dadof6

    dadof6 Well-Known Member

    Thanks. I was perusing the reloading forum. since this was a guns specific reloading question.... i tossed my magic quarter, which always gives the right answer, and put it here :)

    I have the Lee auto disk too. when i get ready to do a load, I will calibrate the various 'holes' to see what they actually give me for a particular powder. i write down the hole/cc number and the grain weight it gives for that powder. then I look at my charts to get a sense of what range of holes to try.

    I have some bullseye and the hp38. looked at the recipies on the respective manufacturer's websites and the max load data is a bit higher.

    the FNP USG 45 is a very nice gun. I did have a few issues with it at first - the loaded chamber indicator didn't indicate. took a couple of calls to FNH and got an updated model (extractor that is. works fine now). Then was having issues with the slide dropping when the mag was inserted firmly. Just touched up the back side of the slide lock notch with a little sandpaper to give it a little more grip on the lock lever. works perfect now.

    Now, if I can just get some loads strong enough to operate the slide/spring and fling the cases away from my hand or face, I will be in hog heaven!

    the loads I found on line were:

    Power Pistol powder -8.1gns + 230 grain fmj = 916 fps (don't have this yet)

    Bullseye - 5.7 grns + 230 grn fmj = 840 fps

    HP38 5.3 grns + 230 grn fmj = 832 fps

    Rainier bullets reccommends dropping max load by 10% since their bullets are more like a cast lead rather than a jacketed bullet.

    so at least i have something to go by. I'd like to get some of the power pistol and see what it will do.

    Oh and yes, I have a small electronic scale and measure about every 5th to 10th charge. I do find the Auto disk will give me a +/- .2 grain difference sometimes, which bothers me. seems like the standard is 0.1 grains.
  4. Blue68f100

    Blue68f100 Well-Known Member

    New to the HR but a long time reloader.

    I have found that on auto's you need to start in the middle and go up from there. Plated bullets load like lead bullets, but you can load up to mid range std jacket. Just need to match the profile as best you can. Rainer's use a harder thinner plating than Berrys.

    Are you using grease or oil on the slide? Grease will slow the slide down more than oil. Find a Syn oil to slick it up, these protect better than std gun oils.

    All data books that only list max suggest dropping the load by 10% and work up. With a few exceptions like WW-296.
  5. dadof6

    dadof6 Well-Known Member

    that's a good thought about the slide. i have used both synth. grease (use it on my M1a bolt) and oil. Synth. oil is a good idea too.

    I am also working the slide alot by hand, racking and letting it fly back, and storing it with slide retracted (not that that does a lot for the spring, but hey its just siting there anyhow).

    My Sig 220 St has about 1700 rounds through it and I don't notice any softening of the recoil spring power.

    I may have a lot of slide racking to do :)

    Wondering if anybody has used power pistol in 45 ACP?
  6. Seven For Sure

    Seven For Sure Well-Known Member

    Try leaving the slide locked back for 3 - 10 days.

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