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Has anybody used an ultrasonic cleaner?

Discussion in 'Blackpowder' started by Vermonter, Jan 14, 2011.

  1. Vermonter

    Vermonter New Member

    Has anybody used an ultrasonic cleaner for their BP revolver? Did it require nasty chemicals?
  2. Pete D.

    Pete D. Active Member


    I use an ultrasonic cleaner that I bought from Harbor Freight. There are a number of formula on the Internet for safe cleaning solutions.
    I buy mine. I use a concentrate, "Aqua Clean" marketed by Shooter's Choice. It is non-toxic, biodegradable, etc......and it works. Midway sells it online.
    Soap and water will work. Moose milk will work. Vinegar and water will work.

    Last edited: Jan 16, 2011
  3. gl1200a

    gl1200a New Member

    Use vinegar at your own risk. Do not ask me how I know.
    Also be aware any painted surfaces the ultra sonic cleaner will
    remove paint.
    I have the HF cleaner and it works ok, not overly impressed but it does work.
    Vinegar is used to remove bluing.
  4. Pete D.

    Pete D. Active Member


    I did not know that about the vinegar and water solution. It was one of the recipes that I have seen posted as useful in ultrasonic cleaners. Good thing that you posted about the effect on bluing. So...small, unblued parts would probably be ok - as long as they were flushed well when done??
  5. ExtremeGunCare

    ExtremeGunCare New Member


    My name is Jason Lumetta with ExtremeGunCare. We clean guns and use Ultrasonic Cleaners. We put everything but wood into the Ultrasonic Cleaners. For painted plastics with embedded metal, we use a water and mild detergent (dawn). Dry it immediately after pulling out of the Ultrasonic Cleaner. But when we are cleaning all metal, then we will use like Hopp'e #9 or some of the other choices mentioned above.

    An Ultrasonic Cleaner is a great step in cleaning guns. But remember it is just a tool and you will still need to hand clean in various spots. You can pick up various Ultrasonic Cleaners at different price points. I will tell you that going cheaper is not always the best route when dealing with the Ultrasonic Cleaners.

    When I clean anything with black powder, I am a bit partial to Hoppe's #9 and Bench Rest Copper Solvent. The BRCS does amazing on cutting the black powder residues. Then you could always Dyna-Bore Coat your black powder, but that is a different topic.

    I say if you have the means, go for an Ultrasonic Cleaner.

    Good Shooting,

    Jaosn Lumetta
  6. gl1200a

    gl1200a New Member

    Pete, my experience with the vinegar was NOT in a US cleaner, Just a tub of hot water
    About 8oz of vinegar and a 30 minute soak. I had a raw steel ROA. My vinegar is now limited to cole slaw only.
    So not to hijack this thread I'll post about it sometime when I get a chance.

    As for painted surface with the US cleaner. The rear sight base of a ROA is painted. A drop of Dawn and water in a US cleaner will remove this paint. If you paint your front sight, it will need to be repainted after using the US cleaner.
  7. dmjung

    dmjung New Member

    My wife gave me an L&R ultrasonic cleaner a few years ago and I really like it. They have their own cleaning and lubricating solutions which are nice. I've used it on just about everything that will fit--modern rifle/pistol parts and blackpowder revolvers. As previously mentioned, its just another tool, but I like having it around.

  8. Wildkow

    Wildkow New Member

    Vinegar does remove bluing! :banghead: :cuss:
  9. TW Copeland

    TW Copeland New Member

    Ed's Red solution in ultrasonic cleaner

    I bought an ultrasonic cleaner at HF yesterday and mixed up a batch of Ed's Red (equal parts Automatic Transmission Fluid, Mineral Spirits, kerosene and acetone (optional)) and cleaned my Ruger P89 in it. I regret putting acetone in it because the acetone disolved away the center of the plastic mat that came with the ultrasonic cleaner. It also started to eat away at the lid and took the paint off one of the buttons on the front of the machine.


    I am very impressed with the results on my pistol and was going to use it to clean some other gun parts but I need to find a new plastic mat or basket for the ultrasonic cleaner first.

    I mixed the Ed's Red solution and am storing it in an old metal Coleman fuel can. I think I will leave it outside with the lid off for awhile to let the acetone evaporate.

    Here are the flash points for the ingredients:
    Acetone: -4 F
    Mineral spirits: 104 F
    Kerosene: 110 F
    Synthetic ATF: 356-453 F (varies by brand)

    Without the acetone, it will be much less flammable but will take longer to get the parts clean. Even with the acetone, it produces a low flame when touched with a lit match, but a partially lit match (these cheap wood matches that don't produce a flame but just burn like a slow fuse) goes out when touched to the solution. So, I felt safe enough to use the heater in the ultrasonic cleaner.
  10. junkman_01

    junkman_01 member

    NONE of your photo links work. They are incomplete. :cuss:
  11. FrankOmega

    FrankOmega New Member

    Ultrasonic cleaning for firearms...

    Here is what I recommend:

    1. Need to use OmegaBlue at >130F and this will clean the oils without removing the bluing.
    2.Rinse soap with water then air wash.
    3. Dip the gun in ultrasonic with Omega Rust Protectant
    4. Air wash
    5. Oil mechanism
    6. Reassemble

    More information, if needed, can be found at http://www.omegasonics.com/industries/gun_cleaning.shtml

    Hope that can help several of you.


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