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Has anyone here actually fired an AR-17?

Discussion in 'Shotguns' started by ABTOMAT, Mar 8, 2006.


    ABTOMAT Well-Known Member

    Just wondering about this. I've had a 1965 Gun Digest since I was a little kid. Along with other neat articles (like ones about the pre-production 10/22 and if the AR-15 could be a good rifle) they have a review of the AR-17 "Golden Gun" aluminum shotgun. That's fascinated me for years.

    Has anyone here actually fired one? Or even own one? Seemed like such an interesting assortment of ideas, put on a rather impractical 2-shot semi weapon.
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    research Member

  3. research

    research Member

    I found an AR-17 on GunsAmerica in 90% condition with an asking price of $725. Seems it has been fired and is still in working condition. It's quite an interesting concept.

    My brother was shown a very light duck gun, I think in the 3.5-4.5 pound range. He was quite surprised at the weight, which seemed to be from the use of a polymer (or carbon fiber?) sleeved barrel (with steel liner), titanium alloy receiver, and other plastics. (Anyone with more information, or more correct information, feel free to jump in.) The owner was getting on in years and loved hunting but due to a shoulder injury didn't like carrying around and swinging the weight of the average duck gun. Not to shift the topic, but I was quite interested to find a manufacturer recently that specializes in light hunting rifles, using a combination of the above features. http://www.christensenarms.ch

    Does anyone have experience with such light guns and the inevitable recoil question we all have? (The owner of the AR-17 mentioned above never fired it.)


    ABTOMAT Well-Known Member

    I had read that thread, it's quite interesting. I think the 1965 review mentioned something about the trigger pull, but the article's tone is more "gee-whiz" about the technology.

    Actually, another review in that same book (or maybe in my companion 1965 Shooter's Bible) is for the Bretton O/U shotgun. All aluminum "pull-apart" action gun, incredibly light.

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