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Has anyone who bought an upper from RRA recently received theirs yet?

Discussion in 'General Gun Discussions' started by hobgob, Jun 26, 2009.

  1. hobgob

    hobgob Well-Known Member

    I bought an upper about 4 months ago from RRA and was just wondering if anyone has bought uppers around that time and if you have received yours yet. RRA doesn't give ETA's anymore I guess.
  2. Dain Bramage

    Dain Bramage Well-Known Member

    Four months would have been nice.

    I ordered a 9mm RRA upper on November 10th. Still waiting.
  3. edSky

    edSky Well-Known Member

    I ordered a complete upper first week of November and I have given up waiting. I am hoping my order is lost and I never get it, since I have moved on to a nice Springfield M1A. Just my luck, I'll get it next week :(
  4. hobgob

    hobgob Well-Known Member

    any news?
  5. AStone

    AStone Well-Known Member

    Good grief. That's insane.

    I'm in the market for an AR,
    but if they're taking that long,
    they won't be on my list.
    (Really weren't anyway.)
  6. hobgob

    hobgob Well-Known Member

    Most AR's aren't taking this long. I have found that prices have gone down and quantity has gone up at all my local gunshops. I would just check your local shops and your bound to find some good deals. I just ordered out of fear in those fearful times and also out of addiction to the platform, as many of us did. Therefore major companies like RRA have been back up for nearly a year with orders for uppers, lowers and rifles. BUY AN AR!
  7. AStone

    AStone Well-Known Member

    I think the lesson here is,
    contact the distributor before you buy
    to get written confirmation that it will be shipped
    in a reasonable amount of time. (Makes note of that. :scrutiny: )
  8. caltek1911

    caltek1911 Well-Known Member

    I ordered mine back in December and just received it 2 days ago.

    I called RRA back in May, and was told they were on backorder for barrel blanks (or some such) with no ETA. RRA did call me last month on the 25th asking me if I still wanted it, which I did, and that it would be built and shipped within a couple of weeks.

    I'm stationed on an aircraft carrier, so we're out to sea a lot, so I wasn't too concerned about the wait. I'm building an AR from a stripped lower, so one good thing about the long wait is that I was able to slowly acquire all the parts. Most of the parts I just bought within the last couple of months as a lot of stuff was out of stock for obvious reasons, so it all worked out in the end. One of the local shops here always had a good selection of ARs, but I wanted to build it myself.
  9. Zach S

    Zach S Well-Known Member

    Dont order anything from RRA. If you want a RRA product, keep your eyes on a webstore, and order it when its in stock.
  10. malix

    malix Well-Known Member

    Yep i agree. I ordered an RRA upper from PK firearms last month and it arrived in less than a week.
  11. hobgob

    hobgob Well-Known Member

    Upper just shipped today and is set to arrive thursday. WOOHOO!

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