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Has LPD my firearm's information?

Discussion in 'General Gun Discussions' started by efeng9622, Oct 25, 2005.

  1. efeng9622

    efeng9622 Well-Known Member

    A Virginia resident buy any firearm doesn’t need to register in Local Police Department, a lot of other states also don’t require to register. but I like to know if the dealer call LPD to check your background when you want to buy a gun, Does he also tell police what kind of firearm ( model, serial number ) ? or he just tell police your information and doesn’t mention which gun? If he tell LPD the gun’s model and serial number, I think this gun will be linked to you name and record in LPD ‘s database after you buy. I believe the LPD should have this kind of firearm database but maybe it is not very complete. I think actually it is OK for me
    but I want to know that.

  2. efeng9622

    efeng9622 Well-Known Member

    Sorry,I forgot to say why I want to ask this question, if LPD has this kind of database and someday I want to sell my gun, I have to keep the bill forever. If something happen in future, I can show bill to the LPD this gun already sold.Buy I don't understand why some people like to sell or buy the gun by " off-paper"?

  3. Spreadfire Arms

    Spreadfire Arms Well-Known Member

    for clarification:

    what does LPD mean, local police department?

    i am not certain who does the background check in Virginia.

    in Texas we call the federal government (FBI NICS). they do not ask the make, model, or serial number, just if it is a long gun, handgun, or both. if you purchase two or more handguns within 5 business days from the same FFL dealer he then would submit make/model/serial number to the federal government.

    any FFL in VA should be able to answer this question as it pertains to Virginia.
  4. raghorn

    raghorn Well-Known Member

    In my (very small) town if you get denied by NICS your yellow sheet gets forwarded to the Chief of Police - they black out the sections pertaining to the specific firearm first.
  5. efeng9622

    efeng9622 Well-Known Member

    LPD is local police Department
    In Virginia, The gun store ( FFL dealer) will check your background
    if you want to buy a gun. But if you ask the question which I posted
    on my message, they wouldn't answer.

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