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Have you ever walked into a gunshop and...

Discussion in 'General Gun Discussions' started by effengee, Aug 31, 2004.

  1. effengee

    effengee Well-Known Member

    ...seen a firearm that was just so cool it made you drool?

    I went into the local shop earlier today and saw a Norinco special edition AK-47 in a sealed presentation case with all the bells and whistles...
    Gold inlay, select hardwood, superb finish...

    Has anybody seen one of these???
    Is this something truly collectible???
    I'm thinking of asking him if I can take a picture to post here...

  2. RRTX

    RRTX Well-Known Member

    I have to wipe the drool every time I go into a gunshop no matter what is there lol
  3. effengee

    effengee Well-Known Member

    Excalibur, my unicorn, the one gun I'd have to win the lottery for...

    The .50 BMG L.A.R. Grizzly with 10 rds of linked for $2500 at the store in Wardsboro, Vt. Sometimes I make the pilgimage with a friend just so they can see one up close...

    It's a real eye opener to see a thirty-something pound rifle with a muzzle-brake bigger than most handguns...

    I love to go different places and find the gunshops...
    Drooling seems to be a common thing in all of them...
  4. Standing Wolf

    Standing Wolf Member in memoriam

    Gun shops in my neighborhood provide free handkerchiefs on the way in.
  5. Chupacabra

    Chupacabra Well-Known Member

    I walked into a shop a couple weeks ago and saw an MG34.


    I'm not sure if it was operable. Still pretty cool though. :cool:
  6. Sylvilagus Aquaticus

    Sylvilagus Aquaticus Well-Known Member

    Yeah, my favorite gunshop, The Shootist, in Tyler Texas makes me drool and weep every time I go in. Mack, the proprieter, always has something ancient, rare, and in mint condition that he teases me with every time I drop by. Last time I was there he has a mint Colt Police Positive from the 30's, in the box with paperwork, in the case. He somehow finds all manner of WW II bringbacks with paperwork intact, old original uniforms, militaria from all eras, old unique Winchesters...you name it, he has it.

    The last thing I drooled on was a new DS Arms GrayWolf that he had special ordered for a customer who for some reason changed his mind after the rifle arrived. SWMBO was with me that day I was there, and if I hadn't been there picking up my new FAL I'd have gotten the GrayWolf too.

    I promised her a new pistol (of her choosing) before I got more rifles. She makes me keep my word, dagnabbit.

  7. fistful

    fistful member

    Gunstore in the Saint Louis area that deals in a lot of automatic weapons and chopped down shotguns has a big stinkin' machine gun (12.7mm or 14.5mm, I don't know) on ski's - yes, ski's, with a wooden barrel shroud. Doesn't make me drool, it's just really, really, really, really cool.
  8. Third_Rail

    Third_Rail Well-Known Member

    Are you sure it's a MG? Sounds like a Lathi on the snowskis. 20mm anti-material rifle.
  9. effengee

    effengee Well-Known Member

    Weapons on ski's...

    Having ran chairlifts for three winters at Haystack and one at Mt.Snow the prospect of a firearm mounted on ski's certainly qualifies as a must have piece of winter equipment...

    It sure would make the term "clearing trails" take on a whole new meaning.

  10. Harry Tuttle

    Harry Tuttle Well-Known Member

  11. effengee

    effengee Well-Known Member

    :what: BOING... My eyes just popped out!

    Honey? Can I get one of those?

    What the hell for?

    Because those darn gophers are ruining my perfectly good shooting range with a bunch of holes...


  12. UnknownSailor

    UnknownSailor Well-Known Member

    Well, back before Shooter's World, in Phoenix, stopped stocking mass quantaties of firearms, they once upon a time had a semi-auto M-60. $7500 and change, in 1993.

    I used to go into the rare & collectible room (it's now the "member lounge"?), and oogle all the really rare lever guns and wheelguns.
  13. BHPshooter

    BHPshooter Well-Known Member

    Those are awesome. My friend's dad has one, he lets us fondle it. It's a HEAVY son of a gun. Maybe he'll let us shoot it one day.

    Yeah, I see all kinds of stuff I want when I go into a gun store. So much stuff I want, in fact, that it's completely not fair. :D

  14. P95Carry

    P95Carry Moderator Emeritus

    ANY trip into gun shop is fraught with temptation!!:p The secret is ... to go in for a small jug of powder ... and walk out with ......... just that jug of powder!:D

    Nope - actually - it ain't that easy! :neener:
  15. Black Majik

    Black Majik Well-Known Member

    When I was in Arizona a few weeks ago I saw an AR-15, and a HK-91, and a steyr AUG, oooh oh and a AK-47, oh and a MP5.

    Never seen any of them before until' that time. :D
  16. The_Antibubba

    The_Antibubba Well-Known Member

    Before I even see anything, the smell of a gunshop gets me salivating-the aroma of cosmoline, lubricants, and History.

    Ahhhhhhh. :D
  17. PMDW

    PMDW Well-Known Member

    Yes, although it was just a stock new production Springfield Armory Garand. I had to watch as someone else purchased it, as well.
  18. BamBam-31

    BamBam-31 Well-Known Member

    There's something very Freudian about Harry Tuttle's pic....

    One good thing about Mom & Pop type shops as compared to Turner's type chains is that they have cool old stuff for you to oogle at. At Turner's, it's pretty much all new (except for the occasional SKS, MN, or Mak). Nothing wrong w/ new, but shops that carry SVT40's, Swedish Mausers, old Colt's, etc. tend to score a lot higher on the coolness scale. Must be that musty webbing smell.
  19. mhdishere

    mhdishere Well-Known Member

    When I went to Kittery Trading post in Maine last fall I just about hyperventilated. Racks and racks of rifles and shotguns, no locks, just sitting there begging to be fondled. This especially from someone who grew up in NYC where all guns are under lock and key in the shop, you can't handle it without asking.
  20. SuicideKing

    SuicideKing Member

    I know what you mean..............I was in there about a year or so ago and he had a Trapdoor Springfield in there. Drooled when I saw it... wept when I left without it.

    He does have a little something for everyone.

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