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Heckler & Koch P7 Report (SOG Pistol)

Discussion in 'Handguns: Autoloaders' started by XavierBreath, Jan 6, 2004.

  1. XavierBreath

    XavierBreath Well-Known Member

    I received my P7 from SOG on December 17, one day after I ordered it. The price was $645. The pistol was advertised as a P7M8. It was a PSP, which was the German Police pistol. It did not have the cheesy PSP logo on the slide, however. The pistol was definitely in 80% or so shape. I did not pay $25 for handpicking. My P7 was dirty, had a box but no tools. It came with an original manual in German. I had ordered a spare magazine for $24, but they sent me a Star BM magazine instead. I called to correct this, and the cleaning tools and firing pin tool as well as the correct magazine are being sent. So far I am moderately pleased but not thrilled over the deal. Maybe shooting the pistol will change that..............

    Basic P7 Info Page

    December 18 Update:
    I went to the range today with my freshly cleaned and lubed P7. I took along two value packs of Winchester White Box and a box of Federal HydraShoks. I loaded a magazine with one round, and began my routine of checking out an unknown used pistol. After several low round magazines, all was well, and I loaded a full magazine. The inherent accuracy of this fixed barrel 9mm was amazing. The area at the front of the trigger guard began to heat up as the pistol continued to digest ammo. The fluted chamber left soot on the casings, but did not seem to score them as severly as the flutes on my CETME does.
    At round 119 I got a stoppage. The trigger would not release the firing mechanism. Hmmmmmmm perhaps a spring broke, although I did not see any rust on any spring while detailing the pistol the previous evening. I pulled off the grips and found that the transmission lever, part #24 had broken. So much for Heckler and Koch's unbreakable pistols.........
    I placed a call to SOG, and they agreed to ship me a replacement pistol. I had my FFL dealer make the arrangements, and we boxed up the pistol to be sent back. To be continued on receipt of the second P7.

    December 29,2003 Update: After having received no pistol and no magazine from SOG, I called their customer service number today. after giving my authorization codes, I was told that both the magazine and the pistol have been entered into the computer, and a replacement should be shipped within "a couple of days". Twelve days and counting..................
  2. XavierBreath

    XavierBreath Well-Known Member

    January 5 2004 Update: My replacement HK P7 arrived today from SOG. This pistol was an easy 90%. There is no rust and no freckling. It had very little finish wear inside the pistol. In fact, it looked like it had seen less than 50-100 rounds. Any wear was holster wear on this one. The slide bluing had begun to turn plum, which may lead me to hard chrome it in the future. I have a distaste for purple pistols.

    P7 #2 had a 2mm high CAI importer's mark on the left of the frame. It came in the original plastic box, without a manual, but it had the firing pin wrench in the box. (I guess I should have kept the manual out of the first box, but being the honest sort, I sent it back as it was sent to me.) The extra magazine is being sent to my home, and has yet to arrive. Once again I disassembled, cleaned and lubed a P7 PSP in anticipation of a good range day the next morning.

    January 6, 2004 Range Report: I took the replacement P7 to the range this morning, along with 500 rounds of Winchester White Box, hand loads, and a box of Federal HydraShoks.I also took my Ruger MKII to shoot while the P7 cooled down, and to gauge my marksmanship with, since it is a known gun. I performed my usual routine of checking out an unknown pistol with live fire on the P7. There was really no need to shoot another pistol to see if my aim was off. This P7 was a one hole shooter at 25 feet. After 15 magazines of ammo, the little shooter began to heat up to the point of being a tad uncomfortable. I laid it on the table under a vent fan, and went to my Ruger for a while.

    Once the P7 cooled down, I went at it again. After I had shot close to 600 rounds total, I can say I am pleased. I had no failures of any sort. I'm hoping the breakage on the first P7 was a fluke, as this one would make a great carry gun. I suppose anything can break, and even Heckler & Koch is not immune to Murphy's Law. After a breakage on a make of pistol though, I approach carry with a like example with a bit of trepidation. Perhaps I should put another 600 rounds through it and see.....

    Also, the extra magazine, gas tube brush and firing pin tool arrived tonight via a late UPS delivery.

    So for the P7 knowlegeable, to hard chrome a P7 slide, do you have to remove anything other than the sights, gas rod and firing pin assembly? Is there an online resource for a complete detail strip of this pistol? Is there a source for the gas tube scraper? Is there a decent substitute for the gas tube scraper?

    Last edited: Jan 8, 2004
  3. clubsoda22

    clubsoda22 member

    Note: CDNN has PSP's for $700 in ther catalouge. Overall, people have been very pleased with CDNN's quality and customer service, myself included.
  4. XavierBreath

    XavierBreath Well-Known Member

    Does CDNN have a website? How can you get a catalog?
  5. care-less

    care-less member

    XavierBreath, for any and all info on the P7's, go to: www.parkcitiestactical.com see the "Cult of the P7" section. Full detail strip is available; scraper tools are being mfg and sold on that site. Congratulations on your pistol. I have three at the moment; and while there are other pistols like the Browning HP that I love just as much; I really don't think there is a finer 9mm on the planet. I have had no parts breakage (knocking on my simulated wood computer table), and never a jam. One of mine is more than twenty years old, one is about 12, the last is less than one year old. That twenty year old has been all over including four years in the Alaskan Bush. I have lost count of the rounds fired thru it; it is just as good as new. You don't have to remove anything from your pistol to have it refinished. The better refinishers will take care of all of that. Again see the parkcities site for info on refinishing. Hard chrome seems to be everyones choice; with Virgil Tripp, and Accurate Plating and Weaponry as top favorites among a few others.
  6. Daniel T

    Daniel T Well-Known Member

  7. 10-Ring

    10-Ring Well-Known Member

    Those PSPs are sweet! CONGRATS! Are they still available through SOG? As I understand it, CDNN no longer ships to CA :(
  8. Adventurer_96

    Adventurer_96 Well-Known Member

    Great post, thanks for the info.

    I'm really leaning towards getting one of these around the first of Feb. based upon a lot of things, not least of which is the safety factor. After a lot of thought, I've decided that it's going to be my next autoloader, I just need to prioritize.

    I'd also looked at getting a P7M13, but the last one I saw was $1200, and I can't justify getting a pistol for that kind of money right now.

    If/when the ban goes away, would H&K resume importation of the M13?
  9. Kestrel

    Kestrel Well-Known Member

    Those P7 PSPs are great guns. It is a pain to have to wait on the gun to cool at the range, though. Yep, you definitely want to have other shooters there, while you wait...

  10. rauchman

    rauchman Well-Known Member

    I ordered 2 of them a few days ago (handpicked). I was kicking myself for not getting in on the refurb P7M8's a couple of years ago. So, I figured get 2. This way, when at the range, one can cool down as I shoot the other one.:D Congrats on your purchase and a great range report. I'm sure the ones I ordered are not coming with the gas piston scaper. I'd be curious as to where to order those as well.


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