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Hell-fire triggers

Discussion in 'General Gun Discussions' started by Gifted, Aug 1, 2004.

  1. Gifted

    Gifted Well-Known Member

    Was browsing around on Wikipedia, and one of the articles mentioned hell-fire triggers. I was wondering how exactly they work, and just how legal they are.
  2. Third_Rail

    Third_Rail Well-Known Member

    They're perfectly legal says the ATF, but I personally think that they're a glorified bump-firing mechanism.

    Not worth the money, in other words.

    Spring powered in terms of making it more difficult to pull the trigger the first time, then helping you pull it again and again.
  3. swingset

    swingset Well-Known Member

    They ought to be illegal - only from the standpoint that none of them work worth a crap. :D

    MICHAEL T Well-Known Member

    I agree with Swingset their crap!!!!!!:barf: :barf:
  5. angrywalkindude

    angrywalkindude Well-Known Member

    Legal CRAP!
  6. chevrofreak

    chevrofreak Well-Known Member

    you'd be better off installing a trigger overtravel stop in your trigger guard, then somehow limiting the triggers foreward movement once it has reset. that will make bumpfiring extremely easy. since i put an overtravel stop in my AK i can easily bumpfire through an entire mag.
  7. standingbear

    standingbear Well-Known Member

    most of the designs for the various guns are ..2-5 dollars in materials and labor to make the thing and 30 dollars worth of "sucker sticker".

    ...All are a big waste of money.
  8. GEM

    GEM Well-Known Member

    Don't work. A friend had one and it jammed up his AR so tight we had to take it to a blacksmith, heat it in the forge and hit it with a hammer on an anvil to unfreeze it.

    Seriously, we did have to use some sophisticated smithing to get it apart.
  9. Hawk

    Hawk Well-Known Member

    The hellfire trigger is living proof that P.T. Barnum did firearm accessory development work.
  10. azrael

    azrael Well-Known Member

    wanna neat fast firing invention?? Try the mod done by ahhhh ohhh CRA I cant remember his name...I think it was badger...anyways, ya need a mini-14 and a staple...putting the staple in the trigger mech. causes it to fire when trigger is pulled and when it is released...tried it myself...FUN STUFFF...if someone can find what I am talking about, I wouldnt mind...The glue is slowly killing me:(
  11. chevrofreak

    chevrofreak Well-Known Member


    If I slowly release the trigger until it resets, the trigger travel distance needed to drop the hammer is about 1/16 of an inch
  12. Treylis

    Treylis Well-Known Member

    What article on Wiki was this?
  13. Turkish

    Turkish Well-Known Member

    Want a cheap Hellfire trigger system? I bet you already have a bunch of them in your closet. Step one, take your thumb, stick it through the trigger guard,and hook it into your belt loop while applying forward pressure on both your thumb and the firearm. Step two, reload.
  14. Muzzleflash

    Muzzleflash member

    How does bump firing work?
  15. Red_SC

    Red_SC Well-Known Member

    Pretty much like Turkish just described. You hold the rifle at the waist, and hold your finger straight when you put it in the trigger guard. The right hand shouldn't be holding the gun, just the trigger finger holding it up. Fire by pulling the gun forward with the other hand so that the trigger is pressed up against your trigger finger. When the gun recoils, the trigger will reset, and since your other hand is still pulling forward, it will go off again. And recoil and reset the trigger and be pulled forward and go off again. It's really easy to do, but worthless except for scare tactics, or just having fun. Make sure you're really, really close to the backstop, because you will spray bullets all over the place. Your trigger hand can't be holding the gun, to give the trigger enough slack to reset, so you can't aim at all. It is fun, though.:evil:

    Hellfire system? Since I don't see a reason why full auto should be illegal, I don't see a problem with the hellfire system. Too bad I haven't heard many accounts of it working well.
  16. Gifted

    Gifted Well-Known Member

    I was going through articles on gun legislation, and going through an article on the Branch Dividian raid, they mentioned hell-fire triggers. The link to the hell-fire trigger article brought up the edit menu, as there is no article on hell-fire triggers right now(unless someone's made one in the last couple of days).

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