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Discussion in 'Air Guns' started by ZVP, Sep 18, 2013.

  1. ZVP

    ZVP Well-Known Member

    BPDave here and a longtime airgunner! Mainly a Springer fan, but I do have other types. So glad to see an airgun forum here!
    I am mainly engrossed in working with a new rifle a Diana Model 52 in .22 caliber. what an accurate super powerfull rifle! The long range capibilitys of this rifle are astounding! It shoots like a Magnum .277 and it's a .22! Drop over ranges of 50+ yards are comprable to those of a .177. A fantastic rifle!830 fps!
    I primarilly shoot HW's or Diana's though I even have a customised Daisy single stroke Pneumatic.
    If you love airguns be prepared to spend money and
    have bought several types! They're not cheap and the GOOD ones often cost hundreds but the shooting experiences with a good airgun can be very rewarding!
    Several states now approve airguns to hunt game species. Large bore airguns can take Deer!
    It's a GREAT hobby a real fun part of the shooting game!
  2. WALKERs210

    WALKERs210 Well-Known Member

    After many years away from any type of airgun when I purchased my first "NEW" type airgun it was unbelievable as to how much progress had been made since my last Daisy. Currently I have one what I call decent air rifle, a Gamo Whisper in .177 caliber. At one time I compared it to another from same company but without the suppressor. If I use one round that has a flat nose it sounds like your shooting a 22cal rifle. The one I shot against you could defiantly hear a difference while using different pellets. I have two others one being a super cheap something that if I were going to throw it in the trash I would tape a $1.00 bill to it so I could say I had actually thrown away something of some value. When I started researching the airguns of today I was surprised to see these now in 50cal and was actually being used to hunt larger game. Anyone that wants to have fun shooting but the cost is prohibitive this is the way to go.
  3. Midwest

    Midwest Well-Known Member

    I wasn't aware of big bore air guns until I saw this thread. Interesting, I need to look into this further. I like the new airgun forum, it might stir my interest in air guns again.
  4. Jaymo

    Jaymo Well-Known Member

    I've sold as many as I've kept, and I've kept quite a few.
    The Germans are my favorites.
    I love my Benjamin Marauder though, and my Sam Yang 909 .45 cal.

    The Marauder is a .22 caliber small game hunting machine.
    The 909 is just .45 caliber goodness. Quite the thumper.
    My favorite springers are Weihrauch. Second favorite are Diana.
    Great shooters.
    My Chinese B40, B30-1, and B50 have been great shooters. Hard to believe they're Chinese.
  5. Nomad

    Nomad Well-Known Member

    I just got back into airgun after 45 years away. Things have changed...just a bit. I now own a couple of PCPs one in .22 and another in .25 and I'm really impressed with the performance.
  6. cat_IT_guy

    cat_IT_guy Well-Known Member

    I shot many, many rounds of .177 pellets in my back yard while in my teens and more than a few rodents fell to it. At the time I shot a - brace yourself lol - Daisy Powerline 880. Also had a bad experience with a Gamo "repeater" that liked to jam pellets in the barrel.

    Nowadays I shoot a Benjamin 397 in my basement periodically when Im either too lazy or have a better reason not to spend a couple of hours going to the rifle range to shoot "real" guns ;-).

    Somewhere on my list of guns to get in the next few years is a Benjamin Sheridan Discovery. I like the idea of not having to find a scuba or paintball shop to refill a tank, but getting the benefit of not needing to pump 5-8 times per shot as I do with my 397.
  7. Nomad

    Nomad Well-Known Member

    benatilstate - I would suggest getting a SCBA instead for a SCUBA tank. The SCBA can be filled to 4500psi and it allows many times the number of refills of a 3000psi SCUBA tank. They cost a bit more but is the extra money ever worth it. Check out some of the tank calculators on the web and compair the number of refills.
  8. cat_IT_guy

    cat_IT_guy Well-Known Member

    Maybe Im missing your point.... but the whole reason I like the idea of the BS Discovery is that you pump it up with a bike-pump-ish deal so that you can refill at home and not need to worry about storing air. I am sure if a kid can figure out how to get a paintball tank filled, I could too, but just not interested (at the moment) in the extra steps - if Im going that far, I'll just go shoot my firearms :).
  9. Nomad

    Nomad Well-Known Member

    "the whole reason I like the idea of the BS Discovery is that you pump it up with a bike-pump-ish deal so that you can refill at home and not need to worry about storing air."

    My bad-I t=read our post too quickly and missed th word, "not".
  10. craftsman

    craftsman Well-Known Member

  11. craftsman

    craftsman Well-Known Member

    Benatilstate -

    I recently received my Benjamin Marauder .22. Mounted the Beeman scope from my Beeman RX-2 dual. Bought the Benjamin pump with the PyramydAir deal (saved some bucks) - takes about 20 psi per pump. Delivered with about 500 psi in the rifle. took 100 pumps to get it to 2500 psi - 10 shots (Gamo domes, 15.43 gr.) take about 50 psi each. Much quieter than my Beeman and Browning 800 pistol (both rated at 85 Db) - ratings say 80 Db for the Benji. Nice power, shoots well out of the box. I'm a newbie to air gunning, but I am very happy with this one.

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