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HELLP! best 30-06 ammo for my abolt gold medallion

Discussion in 'Rifle Country' started by vato, Nov 15, 2012.

  1. vato

    vato Member

    having a hard time finding ammo that shoots decent out of my abolt!:banghead:
    tried 150,165, and 180 grain remington core loct psp and all of them suck!! average 6-8 inch groups!:eek: thought it was the scope which was a vari x 3 3.5-10x40, so i swapped it out for a 3200 elite 4-12x40 and went though the 3 grains again with not much change in the group pattern.:mad:
    the gun is clean regularly and given proper cool down time between shots. guess im stumped and not sure what to do and since i dont reload.
    Thanks in advance to anyone that can recommend some tips i can try to make this thing somewhat of a tackdriver or even just 1inch groups would be nice!!
  2. Abel

    Abel Well-Known Member

    Move on to Federal Fusion, Winchester PowerPoint, or Federal Power Shok.
  3. juk

    juk Well-Known Member

    Hornady makes good ammo too.
  4. browningguy

    browningguy Well-Known Member

    Those groups would indicate to me that something is wrong with the rifle, nothing to do with ammo. Did you check the scope bases and locktite them? Did you locktite the rings? Did you check the action screws to make sure everything was tight?
  5. jmr40

    jmr40 Well-Known Member

    With groups that bad you either have a rifle or shooter probem. I'd be contacting Browning about a defective rifle after I let someone else shoot it and if it does the same with them.
  6. shaggy430

    shaggy430 Well-Known Member

    Doesn't sound like a problem with the ammo.
  7. Art Eatman

    Art Eatman Administrator Staff Member

    Assuming that all bolts and screws are properly tightened: I'd free-float the barrel, and then put in a light-pressure shim at the tip of the forearm.

    Some gunshops stock an inexpensive sraper-like tool that works to take wood from the forearm trough. A round rasp will work. Sandpaper as well, but that's slower.

    I make a shim from kitchen wax paper. I cut a 3/4" strip and fold it back and forth until it's thick enough to need about a five-pound pull to separate the forearm and barrel enough to insert the shim. Trim with a razor blade. Normal shooting heats the wax enough so that it won't fall off when the gun is disassembled for cleaning. I use wax paper because it doesn't absorb moisture.

    The shim acts as a damper, like the shock absorber on a car. Makes the barrel's harmonics more uniform. That seems to be the way it works, anyway. :)
  8. jack mountain

    jack mountain New Member

    My A-bolt gold medallion shoots as good as it looks. 1/2 in. With handloads. Something is wrong with that gun. I have a matching gold medallion in. 22 lr and it shot terrible. I figured out the stock was rubbing the barrel on one side near the tip of the foreend. Sanded it free floated and shoots great now.
  9. Ar180shooter

    Ar180shooter Well-Known Member

    Check rings, bases and scope, check that the barrel isn't contacting the stock. Preferably have someone else who has lots of experience with rifles check these. If it all checks out and they can't shoot it well either, send it back to Browning.
  10. TxBobS

    TxBobS Well-Known Member

    I agree, it sounds like a rifle issue. It seems like mine shoots 1" groups no matter what I feed it.

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