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Help a newcomer out

Discussion in 'Competition Shooting' started by justinpar, Dec 3, 2012.

  1. justinpar

    justinpar Active Member

    Looking for advise on my first competition pistol purchase. The local club I'll be joining hold 3gun, idpa, and uspsa. I would like to compete in these matches for fun and to progress my skill level. I'm looking for a little guidance on a pistol that will be a good start for all three of these events. I've narrowed it down to the following.

    CZ85- my number one choice at the current moment. High capacity, LH control (lefty shooter), should be a soft shooting 9mm.

    Glock 17- I shoot glocks accurate.. Big plus. Even though they are not truly ambi friendly I can manipulate them pretty good. Biggest fear with this platform is when my skills progress I might be limited by the lack of LH controls. I ccw a glock 26 and have always liked glocks.

    1911- likely of the sti flavor. Likely would need to add LH controls. Not sure if I should go .45 or 9mm in this platform. I reload so either is not a problem. I've shoot a couple 1911's and love the platform.

    Out of all the choices I'm leaning toward the cz since it seems like it is the best of both worlds. Is there something I'm missing or should consider? Never shoot a cz so unsure if this is a really good fit for me.
  2. Sam1911

    Sam1911 Moderator

  3. Fred_G

    Fred_G Well-Known Member

    Not on your list, but the S&W M&P 9 is a nice little gun. Compact makes a good carry gun, and you can use the full sized mags in it with the XGrip. Safety is ambi if you get one with a safety, and the mag release can be changed to LH.

    Glock makes a good gun, I just don't like the grip angle. Of course, that is personal preference. I have no experience with the CZ, they are popular. Can't go wrong with a good 1911. :)
  4. Jim Watson

    Jim Watson Well-Known Member

    I know several southpaws shooting Glocks with no apparent inefficiency.
    Since you know you can shoot one well, it would be the logical choice.
    A CZ would be a pig in a poke.
    Nothing wrong with an STI except the price, higher than Glock or CZ.

    Since you reload, you could consider a Glock 35 .40 caliber.
    Load it light for IDPA SSP and USPSA Production, soup it up for Limited.
  5. justinpar

    justinpar Active Member

    I've been looking at the 34 and concluded if I go the glock route then the 34/35 is more logical over the 17. I wanted to avoid .40 since I shoot so much 9mm but if there are more options with the 35 then it would be worth it.
  6. Jim Watson

    Jim Watson Well-Known Member

    It depends on how many punches you want on your USPSA classification card.
    A G34 is about ideal for Production where everything is scored as Minor. But it would be handicapped in L10 or Limited where the .40 Majors play. A G35 would be competitive there and could still be loaded down to reduce recoil for Production.

    The .40 does not have a natural home in IDPA except when loaded light to shoot alongside the 9mms in Stock Service Pistol.

    I don't know the divisions within 3 gun. Sometimes they parallel USPSA, sometimes not.
  7. twofifty

    twofifty Well-Known Member

    Justin, the thing about competitions is that there are strict rules about what types of guns get to play in which division of the sport.

    Some rules distinguish between gun models, calibers, sights/optics, magazines, min. trigger pull weight, whether and how much extra gunsmithing is allowed, custom work, OEM optional equipment/accessories.

    Guns that may be well suited for a particular division in one sport may not be allowed to compete at all in another sport.

    Suggest you try and make your way to a few local IDPA, USPSA and 3-gun matches to see what you can learn. Some of these sports also post their rules online.
  8. K1500

    K1500 Well-Known Member

    Glock 17 or 34 gets my vote. You shoot them well and you can go to the top with either gun. If you want or need to make major, a Glock 35 would be a good choice, but I would start (and probably never leave) the 9mm. Pick whichever feels best to you. If you plan on carrying it, especially IWB, the 17 gets the nod. I shoot a 17 and used one as my primary carry gun for years.

    Another solid choice is the M&P in 9mm. Many feel the ergos are better for them than the Glock. Lots also like the XD, but I have only fired one mag out of one and it wasn't for me.
  9. 56hawk

    56hawk Well-Known Member

    Like others mentioned it really depends on which sport and what class you want to shoot in. I shoot a 40 caliber STI in USPSA Limited class and it's arguably the best possible choice for that class. 9mm puts you at a disadvantage in a lot of classes because it is scored lower than a 40. 45 is almost always at a disadvantage due to magazine capacity, an exception being the single stack class where you are limited to eight rounds.
  10. glockgod

    glockgod Well-Known Member

    If you are a Glock fan you might want to look at the Gen 4 Glocks. They have a nice semi aggressive finish on the grip-a reversible magazine release to help out the lefties-and backstrap additions to help fit the gun to your hand. If you own a Glock you also might want to look into the GSSF competitions at gssfonline.com
  11. daybreak

    daybreak Well-Known Member

    I'll counter with CZ is the winningest pistol in IPSC worldwide. It dominates ipsc.

    Shoot both. i have a feeling you'll pick the CZ.
  12. Jim Watson

    Jim Watson Well-Known Member

    USPSA and IDPA don't play by IPSC rules.

    IPSC Production has a minimum 5 lb DA trigger pull.
    With a CZ only the first shot is DA, the rest are SA as light as you like.
    With a Glock, all trigger pulls are the same and must make the minimum 5 lbs.

    In the American games, there is no trigger pull limit and 2 lb Glocks are common.
    Not that I recommend one for a beginner.
  13. justinpar

    justinpar Active Member

    Daybreak.... I would like to hear more about the cz and why it is your pick. I've never shot/held one but the pistol looks top notch to me. From everything I read it is a highly underestimated pistol and does not get the respect it deserves. I like the fact that it is not plastic framed pistol with ability to shoot SA.
  14. daybreak

    daybreak Well-Known Member

    I own several CZs now and i've sold almost all my other pistols now with the exception of one 1911, a ruger Sr1911. I've sold my glock 17, my XD9, my rock island 9mm 1911 and replaced them all with CZs. I own 5 now.

    I've got both a 75 shadow single action and a 75 shadow (DA/SA). The single action only is my steel matches gun and I bought the other (DA/SA) 75 shadow to shoot production.

    For me, it's the most comfortable most ergonomic pistol I've ever held, 1911 included. I've got slim aluminum grips on mine, but even the factory rubber ones are excellent.

    My single action has THE NICEST single action trigger in a semi i've ever felt, period. It has zero pre travel, and I mean zero. It breaks like glass, clean and crisp. It's Better than any 1911 trigger I've felt. My DA/SA 75 shadow has an excellent excellent trigger as well. Very light and short reset in single, very smooth double. CZCustom also now offers a short reset trigger job which makes it so the reset point is like the single action only version with virtually no take up. I haven't shot one of those yet but I hear they're amazing. It's production legal too.

    They are freaking accurate. 1911 or better accurate. Anyone that tells you out the box a glock is just as accurate has never fired a CZ. I've watched so many people suck at shooting dueling trees until they pick up my CZ and start nailing plate after plate. They all say the same thing: "I'm buying one of those".

    CZs in the past have not gotten the recognition they deserved, but that's changing. Try finding one in stock anywhere. In California, they are flying off the shelves. Here in Louisiana where i work, not so much. Most people I talk to at the range have never even heard of CZ.

    It is an incredible incredible production gun. If you get the 85 definitely get the combat version without a firing pin block. Check out CZcustom for a race hammer and trigger job, or seek out uspsa grand master Matt Mink who does excellent trigger jobs as well.
  15. daybreak

    daybreak Well-Known Member

    Unless you absolutely need a right side slide stop, I would just opt for a CZ Shadow over an 85 combat if you've got the budget for one. The shadow has ambidextrous safeties and you can switch the mag release to the right side.
  16. IdahoSkies

    IdahoSkies Well-Known Member

    It really depends on what game you want to shoot. I will bet that a Glock 17 will get you into almost everyone. I shoot IDPA and I generally run a witness in 9mm (CZ clone). I love it. Just be aware that the all steel weight of the 85 may get you in trouble with some division weight capacities.
  17. glockgod

    glockgod Well-Known Member

    I'd go with a Gen 4 Glock 17.( I did!):)
  18. justinpar

    justinpar Active Member

    Well.... Went to a couple of gun stores today and got a hold a cz75sp01 and a glock 34. They are both great feeling guns but I think I'm sold on the cz85combat. Hopefully I can find one! The cz is what I'm truely looking for. That perfect in between of a 1911 with all steel construction but also a high cap 9mm.

    Anyone know of a retailer online that might have one? Buds is out of stock.
  19. Fred_G

    Fred_G Well-Known Member

  20. justinpar

    justinpar Active Member

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