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HELP..!! AMT .45 ACP Backup DOA Firing Pin

Discussion in 'Gunsmithing and Repairs' started by Gunfanatic, Dec 11, 2007.

  1. Gunfanatic

    Gunfanatic New Member

    I have a AMT .45 ACP Backup DOA that has a stuck firing pin. I took it to the range and after a couple of mags the pin got stuck. I've tried several methods to take the pin out but to no results. I've read my manual several times and it's not helping me any.

    Would one of you guru's be able to tell me how to get the stuck firing pin out. It would be greatly appreciated.

  2. Sir Aardvark

    Sir Aardvark Well-Known Member

    Here's a schematic, courtesy of brownell's:


    You would drift out with a punch the "firing pin retaining pin",#12, and that should free up the firing pin so that it can be removed.
    I would do this with the slide off the frame, and you can then use a brass punch to knock the pin out from the breechface, if necessary.
    Something could be binding it up in there, such as: Old gunky gun oil; factory burrs causing a hang up; broken part...

    The cheap and easy method would be to spray a degreaser in there, such as GunScrubber or Brake Cleaner, to clean out any gunk that might be causing the bind - but regardless, you should disassemble the entire firearm and do a detail clean.

    I have the DAO .380 and I had to take some Wet/Dry 600 grit sandpaper and de-burr/polish/smooth quite a bit of my pistol because it had some minor issues.

    I rolled up a section of the sandpaper into a tube, got it wet, and polished out the firing pin channel on mine - there were a lot of machine marks on my .380 and it REALLY needed cleaning up!

    Also, the .45 DAO came with 2 sizes of firing pin tips, one a .060 and the other a .088 old model; if someone put an .088 tip in your .060 gun, it would get stuck.
  3. Gunfanatic

    Gunfanatic New Member

    Thank you Sir Aardvark.

    I am greatly indebted to you. I was at the point of throwing my gun away. I'm going to try your tips when I get home and see if I'm able to get the pin out. Once again, thank you.

  4. camsden

    camsden New Member



    I have been looing everywhere for a manual for my AMT 45 Backup,
    may I ask where you found yours.


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