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Help choosing a concealed carry gun.

Discussion in 'Handguns: General Discussion' started by Dr. Loomis, Aug 13, 2009.

  1. Dr. Loomis

    Dr. Loomis Active Member

    This month i'm going to buy a hangdun for concealed carry. I just got out of the Army Infantry six months ago so I'm familiar with firearms but would like your opinions. I have no issue carrying a full-size gun because I will adjust my wardrobe if needed. That being said, my choices are either the HK USP .45, the Glock 30 SF, the Sig Sauer 220 ST, or the Kimber Custom ii. Please only help me with these choices as I have already held each of them and like the way they fit my hands and now need to choose between these four. The weapon will be for defensive concealed carry weapon and not a range gun. I appreciate any advise you patriots can offer me.
  2. weisse52

    weisse52 Well-Known Member

    First, thanks for your service.

    Your picks are all good ones. They do sort of vary in action and size. How many of these have you had a chance to shoot? If not, you do have some local ranges that I belive do rent most or all of these.

    What is your first pick?
  3. sohcgt2

    sohcgt2 Well-Known Member

    All four are good choices, Kimber and Glock seem to love or hate guns, in that most who have an opinion about them feel strongly one way or the other. I have Glock pistols and like them, but I also have a 1911 that I enjoy shooting. Sig and HK both offer a fine product, so what it comes down to is which one feels best to you and is easiest for you to conceal. I have no problem concealing a Glock G-21 but many think its too big and too heavy to carry all day. Good luck.
  4. BushyGuy

    BushyGuy Well-Known Member

    get a Ruger SR9 with glock like trigger , i am gonna get one i have one on layaway, they are pretty good gun for the price and for a first gun. i wouldnt get a expensive one for a first gun till u get the feel of it then go ahead and buy a better gun.
  5. remingtondude58

    remingtondude58 Well-Known Member

    Of the choices, for carry, I would choose the Glock
  6. Dr. Loomis

    Dr. Loomis Active Member

    my first pick would be the HK USP because I love it's capacity and feel. The size doesn't bother me at all. Of those four I've only fired the Sig 220 and it was great my only drawback with that weapon is that it has a smaller capacity and is equally as large as the USP. All of these weapons feel great in my hands too.
  7. dev_null

    dev_null Well-Known Member

    I've carried the Kimber Custom many months and loved it. Never felt underequipped with the single stack since I carried a second mag.

    I personally fall into the "don't like" category when it comes to Glunks.

    Never handled the HK or the SIG, but they both have fine reps, and I keep hearing how the SIG P220 is one of the most accurate OOB pistols around.

    Bottom line is going to be handling each one at a range and seeing which one speaks to you.

    PS: If you like the 1911, don't overlook Springfields.
  8. chris in va

    chris in va Well-Known Member

    Believe me though, you'll grow tired of adjusting your wardrobe just to carry some full size handgun. Maybe not at first, but a couple years in that Sig 220 will feel like a brick. Want to just wear a t-shirt and shorts on a hot day? Forget it with those listed.

    A fairly large percentage of CC folks tend to gravitate toward smaller weapons the more they carry. I started with an XD, then a CZ, ended up with a Kahr 9mm.
  9. Oro

    Oro Well-Known Member

    Yep. I've spent a few weeks in SLC in the summer, and something like a micro-sized auto or J-frame revolver will work better. You don't have to make it your year-round carry, but for light dress.

    In full size-guns, I find the difference between a, say, full-size 1911 and a Commander to be enormous. Medium size revolvers conceal and carry even more easily, and with very powerful rounds as an option.
  10. blindhari

    blindhari Well-Known Member

    If you can find a range that rents try what you think will work. If something has a better balance or feel that is what you should be considering as a priority.

    Glad you made it back, Arlington holds too many who didn't.

    Sgt, Ranger
    3 Bn, 6 Inf
  11. pogo2

    pogo2 Well-Known Member

    Prefer your polymer choices for CCW

    I have two of the guns you mentioned, the Sig P220ST and the H&K USP 45. These two guns have very similar external dimensions - they will both fit in the same holster in most cases. But the Sig is much heavier than the USP - 40 ounces empty vs. about 30 ounces for the USP. For all day carry I'd tend to go with the lighter weight USP, as they both are equal in reliability and accuracy. The USP 45 can be concealed, but you need a good holster and large enough cover garment.

    But of the 4 guns you mentioned I would probably go with the Glock 30 for a CCW gun. I have other Glocks but not this one, and have a good opinion of them functionally. The big advantage of the G30 is small size (although it is thick), making it the easiest to conceal of your candidates.

  12. bigfatdave

    bigfatdave Well-Known Member

    What you need is a pile of guns and some range time.
    Either a rental range or friends/family can help you amass a pile, and then you cans elect the features you want/need, and assess ergonomics for various platforms.
    Then make the caliber choice, if it isn't decided already.

    Then with your top 3 pistols, go out and find the best deal. Posting on the 'net isn't going to get you much beyond personal opinions of what random posters have shot and liked, not objective analysis.

    Or, if you really want random opinions on carry guns:
    Your choices are all crap, you should get a Walther PPS in 9mm, just like me ... because the compromises I made when picking a carry pistol are without a doubt the right ones for YOU to make, too.
  13. WLE

    WLE Well-Known Member

    Range time is well spent making your choise. I think you might find you will carry serveral CC at different times depending on the circumstance. I like my sig 232 for the summer slip under my tee shirt real well. I am now looking to purchase a 239 40 cal. for times I can cc under a coat. I think it is always best to totally cc with no obvious buldges, althought it can look like a cell phone buldge.
  14. el gato

    el gato Well-Known Member

    Go to a gun range or store that offers guns that you can rent for use at their facility. Shoot the guns your interested in and pick the one you like the most. Although, if you pick a full size and it becomes tiresome to carry and you stop, then what good is it?
  15. H2O MAN

    H2O MAN member

    Mine is the Glock 36 :evil:
  16. Drgong

    Drgong Well-Known Member

    Thank you for the service. All are good guns, the choice will end up being yours, but I do always recommend that at least look at a smaller gun (J-frame or small Semi-auto) when you just do not or cannot alter the wardrobe.
  17. metallic

    metallic Well-Known Member

    Just keep in mind that there are going to be times when you can't dress around the gun (church, work, etc) and something small will really come in handy. I'm currently in that situation at work and spend half my day unarmed because of it. Going to remedy that as soon as I recover from some unexpected expenses.
  18. Turbobuddha

    Turbobuddha Active Member

    Clothing choice makes a huge difference. I found that a certain style of Levi that for me sit's on the hip better and makes carrying an SR-9 more than comfy with a Supertuck and as long as I wear T's that are of a good quality material, no one ever notices. Minor printing but no one pays any attention anyway. I also have a Taurus M85 38 spl that I use for yard work, easy access car gun, back up, etc. I know many people who carry full size 1911's as EDC and with the right shirt, they conceal very well. Getting the gun you like is one thing, tayloring your dress to fit it are another. The Crossbreed IWB allows one to conceal some pretty good sized firearms. Everyone seems to be focusing on gun, but for CC, that is just part of the equation. If the shop will let you, wear some next size up or so jeans (and belt) and a loose shirt and just tuck it in the pants and see how it feels and conceals. A slight forward cant helps to hide it. If the gun feels good to you, be sure to fire some rounds through to see how it handles.

    Biggest thing for conceal carry, dependablity and familiarity. Make sure the gun goes bang when it's supposed to. Then make sure you know the gun well. Not guns in general, but THAT gun.

    Not that I really own any guns but if I did, that's what I would do. Then load everything up +P gold Dots or similar and pay attention to the world around you.
  19. JWJacobVT

    JWJacobVT Well-Known Member

    Of your choices I would go with the SIG 220. Only because SIG does not make a 10mm, I carry a S&W 1066.
  20. Dr_2_B

    Dr_2_B Well-Known Member

    Salt Lake City's pretty hot right? I know you said you'll adjust your wardrobe, but that's certainly easier with a smaller gun. My vote is for the excellent G30 SF.

    Thanks for your service.

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