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Help !!! CZ 527 stiff as a .....

Discussion in 'Rifle Country' started by allserene, Jun 5, 2011.

  1. allserene

    allserene New Member

    Apr 6, 2008
    I have had a CZ 22 LR for 2 years and love it - so bought a CZ 527 in 223/5.56

    the Matt barrel is tough looking but not my fav - however what has me ready to throw it in the Columbia is the stiff cartridge feed !

    I bought a spare mag and used wet and dry sandpaper inside the mag - no use

    I tried gently opening the mag top up but it's probably dangerous and might have the bolt bottom hitting the primer if over done with the case rising too high in the mag - so don't do it or you might blow up !

    I stuffed the mag with bullets and sat looking at it for 2 months waiting for the mag spring to weaken - no use

    I tried paint rubbing down paste on the action and worked the bolt until I got repetitive strain injury - no use

    I have it at the gun shop on consignment but I would get it out of there if only I could make the bullets feed

    It is as stiff as a VERY stiff thing

    HELP PLEASE !!!!! I want it to be as slick and easy as a politician explaning a love child
  2. juk

    juk Active Member

    Jun 22, 2008
    Have you explained the problem to CZ?
  3. allserene

    allserene New Member

    Apr 6, 2008
    Like alot of guys I eventually read the instructions when I get really stuck - yes I emailed them yesterday and said there are a lot of people reporting stiffness in both the bolt action and the mag feed. I will see what they say.

    I really like the rifle itself but even the appearance of the mag is off-putting. It looks cheap and stands out from the overall quality

    My Lee Enfields feed their big rounds a lot easier than this 223 CZ - of course my Enfields have had their bolts worked for 70 years and not 70 days, but there is something really cheap about the CZ mags.

    I am still working on the spare mag - I stripped the mag down then used a flat file to take off small snags on the lips - that resulted in me creating a knife edge and cutting my finger - so I got the sand paper out and rounded the sharp edge.

    I am thinking that the roundness of the lips should be exactly the curvature of the brass rather than having it cut into the brass as a sharp edge. I will work on forming that curvature while I am waiting for CZ to report back.

    However, given the number of hits when I google CZ 527 stiff magazine feed, I think CZ ought to be modifying the mag. Many people report the the bolt has to be traveling absolutely straight otherwise it jams in the action

    Imagine trying to get in a follow up shot with all this stuff happening

    The appearance and accuracy of the rifle is superb but I need to get over this problem or I will start to hate the rifle. If it was just me, then I would think it was afault with just my rifle and I would send it back, but it seems to be a characteristic of this particular model.
  4. OKcarburetor

    OKcarburetor New Member

    Feb 21, 2011
    Denver, CO
    Are you saying it's difficult to push the cartridge out of the magazine or difficult to close the bolt? If it's both here are a couple of suggestions...

    * If you removed the stock to adjust the trigger or do any other work, make sure everything is seated properly when reinstalled. The magazine release can cause the trigger guard not to sit flush in the stock and cause all kinds of problems if you tighten the action screws down like this.

    * Try different ammo. With factory Hornady ammo my bolt was stiff to close. My reloads have not had any issues with feeding of any kind.

    * Make sure the bolt handle isn't binding on the scope. Mine is very close and if I push it upwards it will graze the scope slightly. This makes the action feel awful.

    * Lightly lube the races in the action/on the bolt. When I say lightly, I mean lightly, and wipe any excess. Does wonders for my Rugers.

    Mine definitely had some teething issues at first, even in the accuracy department. However it was also $100 less than the Ruger Predator I was contemplating purchasing, so I didn't condemn it immediately. After about a hundred rounds and some good reloads, I really like the rifle.

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