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Help deciding on an upper

Discussion in 'Rifle Country' started by Sheltontt1, Feb 1, 2011.

  1. Sheltontt1

    Sheltontt1 New Member

    Hey first post for me

    I just built my first lower off a Spikes stripped lower, a Daniel Defense Lower parts kit, Miad grip, vltor emod stock and just got my box of pmags in the mail! Now I'm having trouble deciding on my upper. Here is what I intend to use it for

    -General Purpose rifle
    -Home Defense
    -range work
    -pests in the garden

    Im wanting to keep it under 900 befor sights and I want a ff rail and I have settled on 5.56 for the cal. Should I be looking for 16 or 18 inch barrel? Mid length or carbine length gas system? I was looking at a BCM and Spikes tactical and a little at Daniel Defense. Is rock river on par with these brands? Also I was looking at a Valdada cqb optic but I'm not sure if an acog would be a better choice. Im really confused on the mid vs car gas system. Any input would be great-thanks
  2. jpwilly

    jpwilly Well-Known Member

    BCM is a good upper, I'd go 18" Mid length gas.

    PS Carbine gas vs mid gas is simple the mid is smoother less pressure and runs a little cleaner.
  3. mshootnit

    mshootnit Well-Known Member

    18" is going to give a little more velocity but choices would be limited, I have seen stainless barrels in that length. Rock River makes an upper with an 18" heavy barrel and free float tube that should be very nice. If you go 16" there are a lot of choices, I like Smith and Wesson and ArmaLite. Bushmaster is also good for general use. At least the ORC I had a couple years ago was good. If you notice I am recommending barrels with a 1/9 twist which is better for 90% of the ammo you will likely be shooting. Choose 1/7 twist uppers like BCM or DD if you want be a little more authentic to the actual M4, and plan to be shooting mainly heavy for caliber 72 grain ammo and heavier.
  4. mshootnit

    mshootnit Well-Known Member

  5. madcratebuilder

    madcratebuilder Well-Known Member

    Right now BCM price point is hard to beat on a complete upper. You have built a quality lower, so put a quality upper on it.
  6. Sheltontt1

    Sheltontt1 New Member

    I think Im gonna go with BCM. Thanks guys. They don't have bcg's in their uppers though. Any sugestions there? I've read good things on BCM bcg's.
  7. Quentin

    Quentin Well-Known Member

    Yeah the BCM BCG is top notch and at a good price so you might as well add it to the order. Daniel Defense is great too but why pay extra shipping.
  8. okiewita40

    okiewita40 Well-Known Member

    I would look at AR15Performance.com H offers custom and semi-custom uppers and rifles in a variety of calibers for a fairly low price just check him. Have not heard of anyone getting a bad anything from him. Plus the customer service is second to none.
  9. AR27

    AR27 Well-Known Member

    Anything BCM or Spikes Tactical will do you just fine, RRA is not on par with either of these.
  10. jpwilly

    jpwilly Well-Known Member

    Both Spikes and BCM build to Mil Spec from what I understand. RRA, DPMS etc don't. Doesn't bother me I have two DPMS rifles 6-7years now that have given me great service still going strong. But if I were to purchase today it would be BCM.
  11. Chris Rhines

    Chris Rhines Well-Known Member

    I have a longstanding problem with RRA - they glue their barrel and castle nuts on with red Loctite, rather than properly torquing and staking them. It makes for a real mess when changing parts out.

    Honestly, unless you just can't possibly swing the price, get a Bravo Company upper and bolt carrier group.

  12. Chris Rhines

    Chris Rhines Well-Known Member

    More -

    Since this is your first build, go with a 16" mid-length upper. A 16" middy is very versatile, it will perform well as a defensive gun, practical competition rifle, plinker, even as a hunting rifle if that's where your interests lie. Once you have some trigger time on the 16" gun, you'll be in a better position to evaluate your requirements for a more specialized rifle (SBR, long-distance varmint gun, etc.)
  13. henschman

    henschman Well-Known Member

    I would go with a 20" gov't-profile upper from BCM. In fact, that plus the setup you already have is exactly what I'm going with myself (e-mod stock and all).

    The 20" will give you longer sight radius and max effective range (which is why the Marines use them instead of the M-4), and if you get a gov't-profile one, it will still be nice and light. It will handle well with the e-mod stock on it. For a free float handguard, I would go with the Midwest Industries SS 12". It is the lightest one available, and lets you put rails just where you want.

    I would definitely get the BCG from BCM... when you order the upper, there is a little drop-down box that allows you to select an option that includes the BCG and charging handle.
  14. ol' scratch

    ol' scratch Well-Known Member

    First off, there is no perfect rifle for all applications. One that is close, however in my opinion is the Rock River A2 mid length with a 16 inch barrel. I own one. That said, I WILL own their predator upper with a 20 inch barrel soon to complement it for coyote hunting and target shooting.

    The A2 upper has the sights already on the rifle and you don't have to purchase anything else. It was $500 and I am all done.
  15. Sheltontt1

    Sheltontt1 New Member

    wow this site is helpful. I'm sold on the BCM BCG. I'm going to order one in the next week or two. Ill post pics when I get it all together. Thanks
  16. TonyAngel

    TonyAngel Well-Known Member

    If for some reason you wind up getting into an 18" barrel, DO NOT go with the mid length gas system. Other than the increased weight of the barrel, it will cycle similarly to a 16" barrel with a carbine length gas system. In other words, it will be harder or the rifle and you than it needs to be. If going 18", get one with a rifle length gas system.

    Other than that, I have to give another plug for a 16" setup. It's mighty handy and fills most roles well. In fact, if you don't mind having to pin the flash hider (and it's legal where you are), I'd get the 14.5" middie. That is one sweet shooting and handy setup. You wouldn't think that 1.5" of barrel would make much of a difference in the "handy" department, but it did to me. I put a rifle length free float tube on mine and I like it a lot.

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