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Help determine ammo's value?

Discussion in 'Handloading and Reloading' started by jschneider93, Apr 2, 2013.

  1. jschneider93

    jschneider93 Active Member

    A while ago, I picked up a bunch of 30-06 at an auction for a good price. I'm just getting around to selling it, and need to know what I should be able to get out of it. I'd also like to know if the match ammo is worth more for collector's value, or if it's worth the same as other 30-06 match. Also, would I be best trying to sell this in person, or on gunbroker? The last thing is that I'm just curious about whether or not this ammo's price has been affected by the gun panic? My guess is that it hasn't, just because I've seen 30-06 in stores throughout the whole time.

    What I have (may have to make a second post because of picture limit):

    35 total rounds of Remington Core-Lokt 30-06 150 grain pointed soft point

    2 sealed boxes of .30 cal match M72 made at the Lake City Army Plant
    173 grain, 2640 FPS

    40 total rounds of what my gunsmith told me is the same Lake City match 30-06. (I know there's only 35 in the pictures, but I have 5 more). The bullets are magnetic, as they should be. If there is a way to tell if they are match or not for sure, let me know.

    Finally, I have 20 rounds of 30-06 handloaded into brass cases from the Lake City Army plant from 1942. Cases could might be match like the other ones, but don't have any way to know.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Last edited: Apr 2, 2013
  2. jschneider93

    jschneider93 Active Member

    Here is a of the headstamp from the 40 loose '69 match, then a pic of the loose handloads with '42 headstamps.

    (Sorry for the upside-downedness. They showed up right side up in the folder I had them in.)

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  3. Jesse Heywood

    Jesse Heywood Well-Known Member

    Right now 30-06 is desirable. The green boxes are newer and damaged, not that collectable. I don't know about the Lake City match. One way to find the value is to go to an auction site, such as gunbroker.com and look at prices of what has sold recently. To do that, you need to get an account, which is easy.
  4. Havok7416

    Havok7416 Well-Known Member

    The '62 LC Match is fairly common (I have a bunch of it sitting next to me that was just torn down). The other LC brass is not as valuable if they are hand-loaded after leaving the factory. I don't think anything there would draw a huge premium, so they are worth about $1.50 each or so IMO.

    It will undoubtedly be cheaper to sell them face-to-face but there may not be any demand in your area since you've already noticed .30-06 on the shelves there. Shipping ammo involves either FedEx or UPS and it's not usually cheap in my experience.

    .30-06 has not been directly affected by the panic, but components can be hard to find since .308 HAS been affected and uses many of the same components (except case).
  5. jschneider93

    jschneider93 Active Member

    That's great. Thanks. So I should expect to be able to get near $200 for it all?

    What would you estimate shipping would run for the whole batch if someone wanted the lot?
  6. evan price

    evan price Well-Known Member

    $1 a piece except the reloads, component value only. Call it $125.
  7. USSR

    USSR Well-Known Member


    The 2 sealed boxes of .30 cal match M72 are worth $15 - $20 each. The other loose Lake City ammo is M2 ball, not match ammo. Match ammo will have either "Match" or "NM" on the headstamp.

  8. jschneider93

    jschneider93 Active Member

    Alright thanks. I thought $1.50 might be high, as I think I've seen new Remington in stores for $1 a piece.
  9. jschneider93

    jschneider93 Active Member

    Ah, okay. Thanks for the info. I'll know to look at that from now on.
  10. Havok7416

    Havok7416 Well-Known Member

    I only said $1.50 because I thought the match-grade in the boxes might draw a slight premium.
  11. jschneider93

    jschneider93 Active Member

    You're good Havok. They do seem to be going for that much on gunbroker. I saw my local gun shop has them for $25 a box, but his prices are usually kinda low.

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