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HELP! Hornady Pro-jector small primer tube gone mia.

Discussion in 'Handloading and Reloading' started by Hkdude, Sep 20, 2008.

  1. Hkdude

    Hkdude New Member

    Hello every one.

    Can any body help me locate a small primer tube for a Hornady Pro-jector progressive press please? I contacted Hornady and got the big fat sorry. Perhaps a substitute of another brand maybe? I dunno.

    I just started to reload... loaded my first 200 home made 9mm bullets yesterday. Needless to say i had to insert small primers into the primer punch by hand, it was really cramping my style, what a bummer. But man it sure felt good doin my own. I love it. M hooked. Guna keep doin it. yeah... yeah, thats it. What more can i say...Im hip man.::cool:

    Any way... I would certainly appreciate any help that may be offered in locating, or perhaps fabricating my own.

    Thank you for your time and knowledge, Randy
  2. C. H. Luke

    C. H. Luke Well-Known Member


    Have spent some time with their Cust. Svc., re primer tube unavailability.

    They claim they cannot find/get anyone to make the brass primer tubes since the increase in $$ of brass? Also claim there is NO alternate makers tubes, etc. that can be modified to work? {Have only the large tube myself} Does not seem to difficult to fabricate one if you know a machinist and can locate proper dia. tubing?
    Only other suggestion is to use a hand-priming tool but then you'd have to size all the cases before! Yet another time-killer...

    Good Luck...
  3. bobotech

    bobotech Well-Known Member

    I thought that the Projector used the old style Lock and Load AP style primer assembly and that you could convert it over to the new style Lock and Load AP style priming setup.

    Will cost you a few bux but from what everyone has said, the old style priming setup is nowhere near as good as the new style.
  4. C. H. Luke

    C. H. Luke Well-Known Member

    "...you could convert it over to the new style Lock and Load AP style priming setup."

    Believe you are quite correct but while have not looked into actual cost, someone posted elsewhere it would run about $150.00
    all told....?

    But the part "LOCK-N-LOAD PRIMER FEED SYSTEM" isn't on Hornady's site {that I can find?} but is listed at Midsouth for $35.00..

    Don't know why their CS Rep d/n mention it when called them, either? :scrutiny:
  5. jamestlester

    jamestlester Member

    I too have a pro 7 missing a small primer tube/ small primer arm. :(

    If anyone decides to make 10 or 20, I will send them $10 via paypal.

    shoot me a message.

    Also, if anyone has had success with the LnL setup, please tell how you did it. This horrible customer support has definately dissuaded me from buying hornady again.
  6. longdayjake

    longdayjake Well-Known Member

    Yeah hornady kind of screwed themselves when offering the free bullets. They are spread so thin that everything suffers at their company right now.

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