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Help I.D. this ammo, please

Discussion in 'Handloading and Reloading' started by jschneider93, Mar 28, 2013.

  1. jschneider93

    jschneider93 Active Member

    Hopefully this is posted in the right section. This seemed to be where it fit best.

    I recently bought a Mosin and a case of ammo off of Armslist. All the guy said it about the ammo was that it is 440 rounds of 7.62x54r in a galvanized spam can before I went to meet him. I've been looking into it, and really can't figure out what it is. On the can, someone wrote in sharpie (7.62x54r $95.00 440rds), but I really don't think that's what it is. I can't find any pictures or talk about 7.62x54r ever coming in this type of spam can. There was 7.62x54r packaged in a galvanized box with really squared off edges, but that's not what I have. Then there's this Chinese spam can...
    I don't think it's that either, because there are no markings on my can anywhere, and I even tried the pencil shading test. Also, in the pictures in that link, I don't see the strip around the can where you peel the can open like there is on mine, nor the beveling on top, like there is on mine.

    From what I've seen, I think it's Chinese surplus from the 90s. Just going from pictures I've found online, it seems like 7.62x51 to me, but could be 7.62x39. The thing is, I cannot find a single marking on the can, and the beveling on top of my can seems to be wider than on the x39 cans like these...

    My can really seems like one of these 520rd cans of Chinese 7.62x51, but I can't be sure...

    The pics of my can are at the bottom, along with a can of Bulgarian 7.62x54r just for comparison. The galvanized can is just a tad skinnier from top to bottom as you look at the picture with both cans in it. If anyone knows what I have, or can help, it would be much appreciated.

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  2. rondog

    rondog Well-Known Member

    I'd prefer to identify it by the ammo itself, not the markings on the cans. 7.62x54R, 7.62x51, and 7.62x39 are all very different from each other.

    The x54R is rimmed (what your Mosin needs).
    The x51 (aka 7.62 NATO or .308 Winchester) is rimless and looks like a .30-06 "short".
    The x39 is a very small round compared to the other two, used in AK47's, SKS's, and the like. Also rimless.

    You saying you haven't opened the can yet?
  3. kyhunter

    kyhunter Well-Known Member

    ^^^ no way to tell without opening it. the sealed can doesnt do anything but protect and preserve itll last years opened. Id go out on a limb to say that it might be corrosive but not for sure being as we dont know what caliber it is for sure
  4. jschneider93

    jschneider93 Active Member

    I know it'd be best to open it, but I'm trying not to, because if it is that Chinese 7.62x51, it seems to sell for a lot of money, and I don't have a .308 rifle, so I would sell it. Would opening it hurt the value to the next person?
  5. kyhunter

    kyhunter Well-Known Member

    not unless theyre dead set on it being sealed. if its chinese .308 and you can prove it then they'll buy it. But I think theyd probably be doubtful with the can unmarked the same as you are. Especially if it doesnt have any markings and the traces of sharpie being scrubbed off of the container.
  6. jschneider93

    jschneider93 Active Member

    Would I have to get a sealed ammo can for them and put silica packs in it? I'm kind of new to dealing with milsurp ammo.
  7. kyhunter

    kyhunter Well-Known Member

    No its sealed for long term storage. Ammunition outside of boxed lasts quite sometime as long as its in a relatively low humidity and regulated temparutres. The ammo can and silica wont hurt them any but isnt a neccesity. Ive shot greek .30-06 out of wooden boxes that was 30 years old or so and 298 out of 300 went bang.
  8. jschneider93

    jschneider93 Active Member

    Wow, that's neat. I was just wondering about selling it, though. If it is Chinese 7.62x51, it should be in four 130 round pouches. I guess if I were to have to ship it, I'd just put the packs in an appropriate box.
  9. 45lcshooter

    45lcshooter Well-Known Member

    Open open open open the can, just like Christmas!!!!
  10. JRWhit

    JRWhit Well-Known Member

    you're not going to get 100% identification without opening it.
    Did it come from a retailer? If so I would find it highly unlikely that it would end up marked as 54 at a way lower price.
  11. jrdolall

    jrdolall Well-Known Member

    Open it and see what the surprise is! Once it's open you can still sell it and probably at a higher price if you break it into smaller increments.
  12. EMC45

    EMC45 Well-Known Member

    I have some Norinco (ChinaSports) 147 FMJ .308/7.62X51 that is some really good ammo. It is consistent and pretty accurate for plinking.
  13. jschneider93

    jschneider93 Active Member

    Alright, cool. I'll probably open it tonight. I just thought if I open it, people who are stacking cans wouldn't be as likely to buy it.
  14. jschneider93

    jschneider93 Active Member

    I've got schoolwork to finish right now, but I'm going to open it in about half an hour unless someone can give me a positive I.D. before then.
  15. afponiky

    afponiky Well-Known Member

    Open it all ready!
  16. jschneider93

    jschneider93 Active Member

    Sorry for the wait, guys. I opened it, somehow cutting my finger in the process, but not sure how. Anyways, it's 7.62x54r. I checked oal. I'll get pics up asap. If you could help figure out where it came from, that would be great. I'm actually pretty confused about it, because there were four large paper packs in the can. I opened one and counted it, and there was 125 rounds in it. Ever heard of a 500 pack? There were 9 rows of 14, separated by paper strips.

    Headstamp is 71 above the primer, 88 below. Copper colored case, copper colored bullet, brass primer, no colored tip, no colored sealer around bullet or primer, and the sort of bevel on the bottom is not very sharp like on some x54r ammo, but it's not completely rounded like other x54r.
    Last edited: Mar 29, 2013
  17. jschneider93

    jschneider93 Active Member


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  18. jschneider93

    jschneider93 Active Member


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  19. Chevelle SS

    Chevelle SS Well-Known Member

  20. Fishslayer

    Fishslayer Well-Known Member

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