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Help ID Military Rifle Case

Discussion in 'General Gun Discussions' started by fredcwdoc, Apr 9, 2005.

  1. fredcwdoc

    fredcwdoc Well-Known Member

  2. SMLE

    SMLE Well-Known Member

    Looks more like a shotgun case than anything military.
  3. tankertom

    tankertom Well-Known Member

    Maybe a scabbard for mounting the M1 Garand on a Jeep?
  4. SMLE

    SMLE Well-Known Member

    The case in the picture has a cover over the top. The M1 rifle scabbard was open.
    Here is a pic of an M1 scabbard.
  5. fredcwdoc

    fredcwdoc Well-Known Member

    It's military. So far from other posts in other places it sounds like it is an M4 case for a BAR. I can find no information on such a case but it must be out there someplace. One thing that is missing are the long wrap around straps. Someone has cut them off. If they were present I believe it would like like something you would strap to a pack saddle or an animal.
    http://i3.photobucket.com/albums/y62/fredcwdoc/Rifle Case/DSCN1796.jpg
  6. SMLE

    SMLE Well-Known Member

    Looking more closely at the first pic, and looking at the hand holding it for scale, I think you may be right. That rib along the side would fit the charging handle on a BAR.
  7. Sam

    Sam Well-Known Member

    No where near big enough for a BAR.
    Not tall enough or long enough although the M1922 was shorter than the 1918.

    Have seen a scabbard for a BAR. Looks like a standard saddle scabbard with metal reinforcment along the clearance cut for the bolt handle like the M1 scabbard posted by SMLE and on the toe end. Very thick through the receiver section but no room for a magazine. Also had side pouches for the removable bipod and rear monopod. Not very many made as there were only a couple hundred M1922's ever put in service.

  8. Dan Morris

    Dan Morris Well-Known Member

    I had 3-4 of these. They were made for the 1919a4 machine gun. I put a
    handle on them and used them for rifle cases...had to leave a loop in the sling to drag out.Worked darn nice...kept them dosed with neatsfoot oil. Stitching finally rotted out.

    Any how, thats what the guy said when I bought em....deminsions are right....

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