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Help ID old KIRNER pinfire six shooter

Discussion in 'Firearms Research' started by bbarker, May 22, 2006.

  1. bbarker

    bbarker New Member

    I have an old six shooter pinfire pistol that is marked "KIRNER J. PESTEN" on the top of the barrel. The barrel is 3.5 inches long and the pistol is 8 inches overall. It has some pretty fancy etching and has a rifled barrel. The trigger has no guard and will fold down. The handle stock is med-dark wood and has a swivel ring. The 3 digit serial number is stamped below the cylinder on the side and starts with "J.K." There is a pushrod to clear the cylinder. I think maybe Belgium?
  2. joab

    joab Well-Known Member

    It's sounds like a VeloDog gun.
    Most that I have seen are Belgium. But I couldn't find any listing for Kirner or Peston. Probably just one of many small manufacturers of that type of gun.

    Google either velodog or velo dog and click on images to see if any look similar
  3. bbarker

    bbarker New Member

    Lefaucheux type

    It's very similar to the open frame Lafaucheux type seen at littlegun.be
  4. joab

    joab Well-Known Member

    I never have been able to find an exact copy of mine

    I have an encyclopedia of handguns somewhere if I find it I'll be able to remembermore

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