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Help me buy....

Discussion in 'Blackpowder' started by brianr23, Dec 29, 2010.

  1. brianr23

    brianr23 Well-Known Member

    In my last post in the rifle forum I asked opinions on a bolt action target rifle, but as a part-time milsurp collector I have a weakness for a classic rifle that has led me to traditional black powder rifles. I have never had a muzzleloader and never shot one. So, all of you veterans....if you had $800 to outfit yourself with your first traditional muzzleloader what would you get. I am looking at 85% paper punching/target rifle maybe some hunting. Possibly small game and large game. I do have a weakness for milsurp/replica milsurp. I am sure I haven't answered all the questions you may have, but I will check back... :D
  2. mykeal

    mykeal Well-Known Member

    If as issued rifles are your bag then I'd recommend an 1863 Springfield, Enfield or Zouave rifled musket. These are good large game hunting guns also, but at .58 caliber I'm afraid small game wouldn't be recommended.

    I considered a Brown Bess smoothbore, but decided you'd be better off starting with a percussion sidelock. A flintlock is another world altogether, highly recommended but after you learn the basics about black powder with the percussion rifle.
  3. Petermus

    Petermus New Member

    Wich Rifle

    I have shot a .50 cal Lyman Great Plains Rifle since 1984 and have taken any game with it I wanted in both California and Wyoming. I now reside in Oregon and can take any critter that grows here. Gig game likebear and elk I double ball and the 1 in 60 twist barrel is as accurate as surly needed.
    I bench rested and used 70 to 110 grains by voleum, triple7 powder and maintaing an inch at 100 yards per discharg and thats 380 grains of lead downrange. Gun stil can shoot better then I can and probably will when I'm gone. Hope this helps some. Petermus
  4. J-Bar

    J-Bar Well-Known Member

  5. arcticap

    arcticap Well-Known Member

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  6. M91/30

    M91/30 Well-Known Member

    Well to be honest i only own 1 blackpowder rifle and that would be the percussion hawken .50
    Great gun with tremendous accuracy, look into one, sorry i cant give you better info. http://tinyurl.com/2v4l7th
  7. Hellgate

    Hellgate Well-Known Member

    Since he's into mil surp maybe he would be interested in a replica or original trapdoor springfield. He just said "traditional black powder rifle." The TD is certainly a classic rifle. And an easy transition but would require some handloading skills.
  8. brianr23

    brianr23 Well-Known Member

    Thanks for all the input. I do like trapdoor carbines but I was looking for a muzzleloader. Although, I did stumble on a Smith Carbine. Very interesting concept. The Lyman Great Plains Rifle is on sale at Cabelas....oh the choices...like the 2-band Enfield as well....I am warming up to the idea of a large round ball downrange.
  9. Texas Moon

    Texas Moon Well-Known Member

    As a beginner I would recommend you try a percussion rifled musket.
    This will scratch the military as well as blackpowder itch. :D
    You have a number of choices in modern replicas.
    1861 or 1963 Springfield .58
    2 or 3-band Enfields .577
    1842 Springfield .69
    Zouave .58
    Mississippi rifle. Some in .54 and some in .58
    and a smattering of others.
    Any of these will serve you well. Don't forget the bayonet! :p

    The Smith carbine is a nice gun but it is low powered. Not so good for larger game hunting.
  10. brianr23

    brianr23 Well-Known Member

  11. Jaymo

    Jaymo Well-Known Member

    The rifled musket should give you more accuracy, but the smoothbore would be better suited to small game, as well as deer hunting. You can use it with roundball, or shot
  12. Petermus

    Petermus New Member

    I dont know how to say this delicutly as possable. Accurate and smoothbore is an oxymoron. It cant happen. Oh you might throw enough lead downrange like a shotgun and get lucky but that ain't accurate. Stay with rifilings for hunting. Less wound, more kill.
  13. 4v50 Gary

    4v50 Gary Moderator Staff Member

    Lyman Great Plains as a simple, starter gun. Good for hunting. However, if you want to do long range shots, go with an Enfield P-53 2 band short rifle. Good sights and 500 yards possibility.
  14. mykeal

    mykeal Well-Known Member

    That's just not true.
  15. brianr23

    brianr23 Well-Known Member

    After much debate I have decided on a 2-band Enfield. The 1842 Springfield will be next depending on how this goes...Thanks to all who gave me input. I like the Civil War connection, a rifled barrel, accuracy and looks of the Enfield. Thanks to all who helped.
  16. RaiderANV

    RaiderANV Well-Known Member

    Hey Brian where ya located?

    You might want to check out the North-South Skirmish Assoc. where we fire all War of Northern Aggression arms in live fire competition.

    Main wed site www.n-ssa.org

    Our message boards with a lot of guns for sale and a ton more info on all the How to's is http://n-ssa.org/phpBB3/

    But be WARNED!!!!! This stuff is HIGHLY ADDICTIVE!!!!!!

    We have competition over 1/2 the US I'm guessin' and you can show up and watch as they're all free to watch. You can even take a turn at shooting muskets, smooth bores or pistols. It's ALWAYS better to shoulder the actual gun before you buy one as one size does not fit all. <grin>
  17. brianr23

    brianr23 Well-Known Member

    I am in south Florida, by Fort Myers. I didn't go with the 2-band Enfield. After much research I found that they tend to shoot high at close ranges and I will do most of my shooting at 100-150 yds. An easy fix would be to replace the front sight post, but I went with a Lyman Great Plains rifle from Cabelas. They were on sale and I got it for $465 shipped and seemed to be a great rifle according to all I have read. I have to wait 6-7 weeks because they are backordered but that is okay. I don't doubt that if I get hooked on black powder that an Enfield or a Springfield will be in my future.

    Thanks to all that gave input! The 2-Band Enfield is also on sale at Dixie for $525. It was pure agony to decide!;)
  18. Oyeboten

    Oyeboten Well-Known Member

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