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Help me identify this bullet

Discussion in 'Handloading and Reloading' started by longdayjake, Oct 14, 2011.

  1. longdayjake

    longdayjake Well-Known Member

    So, I got a lot of these to sell but I am unsure as to what they are. These were pulled from Federal Ammunition and were sold to me as Fusions, but I have sold TONS of fusions before and all of them have a boat tail design. So, are these just a new design for fusion bullets or are they something else? Testing them it appears as though they are indeed a bonded bullet like the fusions. Anybody seen these before?

    These are .308 and I have 150 grain and 165 grain ones.

    Last edited: Oct 15, 2011
  2. FROGO207

    FROGO207 Well-Known Member

    I tend to try a LOT of different bullets out and these are nothing like any bullets I have ever seen. I too am interested to find out what they are. Any one got a newer Fusion that they could pull and see if the bullet matches??
  3. Owen

    Owen Moderator Emeritus

    that rebated base with the dome makes me think lapua lockbase, but the ones ive seen have a much longer boat tail...
  4. bfoosh006

    bfoosh006 Well-Known Member

    Maybe they are the "DeepCurl" bullet, what caliber are they ?
  5. rfwobbly

    rfwobbly Well-Known Member

    A caliber and weight might help.
  6. longdayjake

    longdayjake Well-Known Member

    They are .308 and there are 150 grain ones as well as 165 grain ones.
  7. Super.45

    Super.45 Well-Known Member

    Any idea on pricing yet? I would take some in 165s.
  8. longdayjake

    longdayjake Well-Known Member

    they would be the same price as the 180 grain fusions on my website.
  9. bds

    bds Well-Known Member

    Well, I guess there's only one way to find out.

    All of us just have to buy some and try them out ... :D

    Jake, I know your quantities go down to 250, but have you considered offering an assortment of 500 mixed bullet sample pack (like 100 of five different bullets)?
  10. Dirtdgger

    Dirtdgger Well-Known Member

    I'll try some in 165gr.

    Pm sent.
  11. longdayjake

    longdayjake Well-Known Member

    I can do that, it would just be a matter of figuring out a price because some stuff I don't make very much money on while other things i make much more.

    Dirt Digger,
    I did not get a PM so maybe try an email?
  12. ljnowell

    ljnowell Well-Known Member

    Those are cool Jake! I should add to anyone reading this thread that Jake is Grade A+ to do business with. The only guy I would buy jacketed bullets from, he is a vendor and a contributing member. <Advertisement off>

    Anyway, those are some cool looking bullets.
  13. longdayjake

    longdayjake Well-Known Member

    Just fyi. I have put these up on the website for purchase. I compared them to fusions and it appears as though everything is identical to the fusions except for the base. Since they were sold to me as fusions I guess they are just a new profile of fusion. If anyone finds out differently please let me know, but until then I am going to go with what the supplier has said.

    I am going to try to cut one in half today to see what they look like on the inside.

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