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Help me pick a new 30-06:CZ vs. Savage vs. Weatherby

Discussion in 'Rifle Country' started by Eagle103, Jun 21, 2007.


Best Budget 30-06

Poll closed Jul 5, 2007.
  1. Savage 110

    20 vote(s)
  2. Weatherby Vanguard

    8 vote(s)
  3. CZ 550 American

    17 vote(s)
  4. Other

    2 vote(s)
  1. Eagle103

    Eagle103 New Member

    I'm in the market for a new 06. Nothing too fancy but I handload and like to wring out as much accuracy as possible. I'd like to keep the price down below $500. I've been very happy with my 7mm-08 Savage 110 and would consider another Savage but I have a wandering eye. As you probably know, Weatherby offers their 1 1/2" guarantee out of their Vanguard which I would guess could be improved on through handloading. I've heard very good things about the CZ rifles but they would have to be better considering the price is a quite a bit higher than the Savage and a little higher than the Weatherby. Opinions please.
  2. azhunter12

    azhunter12 New Member

    I chose the Savage because you can find more of them at a good price. If you do a search on gunbroker for a CZ there only a handfull for under $500.

    If you have the money teh CZs look nicer and I hear that they are pretty good shootin. Just my .02ยข.
  3. dracphelan

    dracphelan New Member

    I voted savage because I had one I wish I still did (needed money for AC replacement on house). It was very accurate and I miss it dearly.
  4. scubie02

    scubie02 New Member

    I don't have a 550 but I have a 527 (CZ) and one of the 22's--I forget the model on those. Both are extremely accurate shooters. They tend to have fairly nice wood. They are made of quality steel. The only shortcoming on the 527 is the bolt works hard as hell feeding a round--my brother, who has worked as a gunsmith, says the spring in the magazine is too stiff. It will, however, shoot sub 1/2" groups all day long with the cheapo ammo.

    I'd look hard at the Weatherby too--the Vanguard is a solid deal, you have the guarantee, and they are nice rifles.

    Savages tend to be shooters and the new accutrigger is popular with lots of folks. I've never really liked the stock designs, though--just not comfortable for me and while they tend to shoot well, for me they tend to be rifles you have to work hard to shoot well, if that makes sense. Two rifles can shoot at the same level of accuracy, but one can be much easier to shoot well, if that makes sense.
  5. Eagle103

    Eagle103 New Member

    The Weatherby isn't doing very well in my poll so far. What is it most of you don't like about it?
  6. ArmedBear

    ArmedBear New Member

    There's nothing I don't like about mine.

    I have the Vanguard Sporter (walnut/rosewood stock), which I picked up new, marked down to $399.:D

    It's as accurate as they guarantee, and then some. It's pretty. It's solid. It has an adjustable trigger. I absolutely love the ergonomics of the Weatherby stock design -- lines up my eye with the scope comfortably and quickly, and directs recoil away from my jawbone, so I am never tempted to flinch. I like lever carbines and compact semiautos too, but if I get a full-size bolt gun, I expect it to have an appropriate stock. (Are you listening, Ruger? That counts double if I pay top dollar for the thing.)

    The Vanguard is not a light gun, but it sounds like you have that covered. The Vanguard has a 24" barrel; it's a true full-sized .30-06 rifle, and it shoots well.

    Does that mean that there's anything wrong with the others?


    But I have and I like the Vanguard, and I haven't been sitting around wishing I'd bought one of the others.:)
  7. Essex County

    Essex County New Member

    Very Tough Call.....

    Got a couple of CZ's, a half dozen Savages and one Howa. All are great. No question about it. I voted for Savage because I've had great luck with them since my first one back in the mid-seventies. Which one do YOU like best?.........Essex
  8. Dallee

    Dallee New Member

    A few years ago I bought a WalMart Weatherby Vanguard,excellent rifle for a reloader on a budget or a lot of chambers to feed. The hinged floorplate and 24" barrel were big sellers with me. Quality was OK. The accuracy is awesome,3/4 inch average groups with Varget and Hornady BTSP! I like the others too,though. Just love that Weatherby!:cool:
  9. Poper

    Poper New Member


    They are well made, nicely finished and fitted firearms with all the features of the classic Mausers, a fully adjustable trigger plus the single set trigger feature.
    Gotta love that trigger!

  10. Alphazulu6

    Alphazulu6 member

    Save your money and get the CZ. Great action and with a tiny bit of tweaking is one of the best hunting rifles.
  11. Quoheleth

    Quoheleth Active Member

    Had a Savage 110 in .270 Win. Great gun...could break that Weatherby "guarantee" MOA any day of the week (well, when I was having a good day at least) with OTC vanilla Remington CoreLokt 130 grain.

    Best bang for the buck in CF rifles in my opinion. I traded mine for my Taurus PT92 - I was out of the deer hunting business and didn't need that big of a bruiser for steel gongs and paper targets.

    Don't know about the new accu-trigger. Mine was a mid-90s model. Only complaint: HEAVY gun. About killed me humping the hills of SE MO.

  12. MKEITH

    MKEITH New Member

    Absolutely love my Savage.Would highly reccomend one to anyone.A buddy of mine has a Weatherby, and it is a really great gun also.The weatherby does have a nicer stock,but the synthetic one on my Savage can and has gone through just about anything you can think of, and still looks new.
  13. asknight

    asknight New Member

    If you're looking at the Vanguard, check out the Howa 1500 too. Same barreled action for a lot less money. I guess the humpback stock is where the real $ hides!
  14. ArmedBear

    ArmedBear New Member

    Howa is usually not much cheaper than the Vanguard.

    The stocks I've seen are unimpressive, to say the least, with sharp mold seam lines along the comb. Weatherby's base synthetic stocks are a good deal nicer.

    You pay a bit for the name, but Weatherby puts together a nicer rifle IMO. There isn't a Vanguard version I wouldn't happily shoot.

    You can get an upgraded Howa with a nice rubber-surface Hogue on it, but the price is no longer any lower.

    Furthermore, Howa sells the .30-06 with a 22" barrel. If I want a full-sized, heavy long-action rifle, I'll take a 24" that shoots book velocities and works better with heavy loads.
  15. asknight

    asknight New Member

    ArmedBear, you're right. I guess at 2:30AM this morning I was comparing the Howa to the Mk V instead of the Vanguard. Is that a Bell & Carlson stock on the Vanguard line?
  16. aspade

    aspade New Member

    CZ makes a great gun, if it were made here it would run $800 and that'd still be a fair deal IMO. They don't offer many configurations - no ultralights, no short actions, no stainless, no synthetic stocks except on the Varmint model, not enough calibers - but if you want a blue and walnut 270 or 30-06 the 550 is the best thing going.

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