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Help me save my barrel!!

Discussion in 'Gunsmithing and Repairs' started by RonDeer10mm, Dec 2, 2012.

  1. RonDeer10mm

    RonDeer10mm Well-Known Member

    I dipped my 6" Aftermarket Glock Barrel in cerakote how do I get it off!! I was to cheap too send it to a pro and too lazy to do it properly and the bore has cerakote in it, I can scratch it off on the outside? How do I remove it from the bore?? Help it's been a week?!! I can't buy another barrel!!:what::banghead: :(
    Last edited: Dec 2, 2012
  2. possom813

    possom813 Well-Known Member

    That's a bad combination when doing anything.

    My only suggestion, and at your own risk, is a a power drill with a wooden dowel wrapped up with some 0000 steel wool. Hope for the best, or this may be an expensive learning session.
  3. RonDeer10mm

    RonDeer10mm Well-Known Member

    No No risky stuff like that
  4. primalmu

    primalmu Well-Known Member

    Easy. Buy a new barrel. I would think anything you do to remove the cerakote from the barrel will damage the barrel enough to degrade accuracy.
  5. RonDeer10mm

    RonDeer10mm Well-Known Member

    :mad:Sure except I'm broke!
  6. RonDeer10mm

    RonDeer10mm Well-Known Member

    I was just trying to paint the part that extended out and I taped the bore but it fell off and got in the bore too!!!
  7. snakeman

    snakeman Well-Known Member

    That sounds terrible! Exactly why I haven't cerakoted my guns! It'll be interesting to see how to get it off of there.
  8. RonDeer10mm

    RonDeer10mm Well-Known Member

  9. RonDeer10mm

    RonDeer10mm Well-Known Member

    I didn't spray it i dipped it!!
  10. o Unforgiven o

    o Unforgiven o Well-Known Member

    No offense, but you dipped your barrel in cerakote without plugging the bore. I think you're already past risky, especially for a solution. Oh, and cheap foam earplugs work great for things like this.
  11. orionengnr

    orionengnr Well-Known Member

    Did you just get some in the first one inch of the muzzle? It's not like you submerged the barrel in a can of the paint, right? Right?

    I would be tempted to put 2" of mineral spirits, paint thinner, acetone or whatever you have in a container, and stick the barrel into the solvent. Leave it overnight (or for 24 hours) to soften the coating.

    If that does not loosen it, I'm sure someone who is more familiar with the coating will come along soon.
    Last edited: Dec 2, 2012
  12. RonDeer10mm

    RonDeer10mm Well-Known Member

    sort of
  13. firesky101

    firesky101 Well-Known Member

    Hmmm.... how thick is cerakote? Perhaps a few rounds down the pipe. I would put it in a rest and pull the trigger with a string. Keep the pressures low.
  14. RonDeer10mm

    RonDeer10mm Well-Known Member

    It's actually not thick in the bore, I passed a brass brush down the bore a few times and I put a few cleaning patches in the bore when I dipped it but it got in when the tape fell off but its really thin in the bore, but it might blow up If I shoot it.
  15. 19-3Ben

    19-3Ben Well-Known Member

    My thought exactly. If you try Possum's advice, you MAY ruin the barrel. If you leave it as it is, you have DEFINITELY ruined it. I don't know that you have left yourself any good options.
    I might try to call up Cerakote tomorrow when they open and ask them if there is anything that can remove it. If they say no, then you might as well try possum's suggestion because... heck, why not? its not like your barrel is useful right now anyway.
  16. gp911

    gp911 Well-Known Member

    Nooooo, you dipped a barrel in Cerakote with just a little tape to keep it out of the bore? Oh my... As noted earlier, foam earplugs work well for this. Tape...? I would find a chemical that can strip Cerakote, start there. Good luck on this lesson learned.
  17. ATBackPackin

    ATBackPackin Well-Known Member

    I would try soaking it in a GLASS jar of Toluene or heavy duty paint stripper. I am not that familiar with Cerakote, but we use Toluene to remove contact cement. It is a pretty strong solvent. You can buy Toluene in any hardware store.

    Good luck.
  18. Al Thompson

    Al Thompson Moderator Staff Member

    OK Ron, first, slow down and help us help you. Breathing is not optional. :cool:

    What is the barrel chambered for, caliber wise?

    How much of the interior of the barrel is coated? I.E., whole thing, muzzle end only, chamber to muzzle, what?

    Talked to the makers of Cerrakote? They may have something to help you out. ;)
  19. rudderusa

    rudderusa Member


    I would think Strypeeze (methylene chloride) would dissolve this stuff but I am not positive. Nasty stuff though. Might try some acetone or lacquer thinner also.
  20. RonDeer10mm

    RonDeer10mm Well-Known Member

    Can paint stripper ruin stainless steel?

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