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Help on Barrel Band Retainer spring

Discussion in 'Rifle Country' started by LJ-MosinFreak-Buck, Aug 28, 2008.

  1. LJ-MosinFreak-Buck

    LJ-MosinFreak-Buck Well-Known Member

    Where can I find a new barrel band retainer spring for a mosin nagant M44? It's for the rear band closest to the action. Mine snapped :)cuss:) and I need advice on removal of other one.

    Would JB Weld repair that okay? Need advice before tomorrow, please.
  2. AmishFury

    AmishFury Well-Known Member

  3. LJ-MosinFreak-Buck

    LJ-MosinFreak-Buck Well-Known Member

    Well I got the old piece out, and I sent in an order to buymilsurps.com.

    Costing me 8 bucks and 6 for shipping.

    I'm a little sad I can't shoot the rifle without annoyance until then.
  4. AmishFury

    AmishFury Well-Known Member

    take the handguard off and shoot it without handguard
  5. Wedge

    Wedge Well-Known Member

    JB weld does not work

    My front barrel band clip is somewhere forward of where I was shooting....
  6. LJ-MosinFreak-Buck

    LJ-MosinFreak-Buck Well-Known Member

    I can still shoot it yes, but like I said, without the annoyance... lol. And now the stocks are bare and the wood-filler'd in the dents that I couldn't take out with steaming. Just gotta do the final sand then finish. Then I'm done, until the new part comes in.

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