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Help on some S&W purchases

Discussion in 'Handguns: Revolvers' started by Kal52, Feb 17, 2011.

  1. Kal52

    Kal52 New Member

    Apr 15, 2009
    Hey all,

    Im planning on some new revolver purchases in the next month or 2, and need some info/input/advise.

    Firstly im looking at getting a 442 as my new carry gun, As much as I love my sp101 it gets a bit heavy and not as easy to carry in the summer.
    I am mainly looking at the pro series, and would like to know if it being cut for moon clips is worth the extra price if any. Pros and cons

    and my the other two are both from the classics line, I want to get new due to the +p rating, just in case I leave home with the wrong box of ammo.

    They are the model 36 3" and the model 10. basically is there really that much of a size difference in the frames/ they seem to be very similar in size.
    This will be my new trail gun, my other revolver is going down the road as It turned out to be a POS. If I cant get the 36 now, im going for the 10, or vise versa based on availability and feedback.

    Basically I Like the small frame, but if the 10 is just marginally larger I may go with that first.

    Thanks for reading my rambling

  2. bergmen

    bergmen Member.

    Feb 14, 2011
    Ukiah, California
    I have a 442 with an extended grip which has turned to be my all time favorite carry gun (stock vs. extended grip):

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    I like it because it is light, compact and very easy to conceal. The extended grip provides not only a pinky groove but a rubber back strap which softens the punch from +P loads.

    Can't comment on your other questions.

  3. MrBorland

    MrBorland Moderator

    Apr 13, 2007
    IMO, moonclips work best with short fat rounds, like the .45acp. Using moonclips with longer & skinnier .38s isn't quite as easy. Kinda like pushing spaghetti. No matter what you decide, fast reloads are largely a matter of practice, so I wouldn't worry that you're doomed to slow reloads if the gun's not cut for moons.

    S&W revolvers made in the last 50 years or so can handle +p ammo safely.

    There's more to the equation than frame size, and in the end, it'll come down to how the pros & cons of each balance

    Regardless of actual size difference, the J-frames feels a lot smaller to me than a k-frame. Then there's the weight issue - the difference between a 442 and an all-steel J feels significant to me.

    What the j-frame gains in size and weight, it gives up in shootability, though. Many find the J-frame considerably more difficult to shoot well than a k-frame. Some of that is size, some is the J's use of a coil mainspring and tough trigger pull, and some is from increased recoil.

    Then there's the capacity issue - 5 for a J-frame, and 6 for a K.

    Finally, S&W seems to offer the current M10 with a 4" barrel. A fine barrel length, but maybe longer than some would prefer for carry, especially if they're considering a J-frame snubbie.
  4. Kal52

    Kal52 New Member

    Apr 15, 2009
    thanks for the replies

    as for the fast reloads, im adequatly proficient with my revolvers now with my hks loaders, the sp101 is not a fast reloader to begin with due to the grip getting in the way a bit, I just thought they may be easier to carry, well basically just easier to mess with in general, it was just an option I thought may be nice. If I needed a fast reload in a high stress situation, it may not matter which I have :)

    the only one of these that is going to be used as a daily carry is the 442, the others are going to be belt guns for when im messing around at the farm and such.

    so as far as capacity goes, it really doesnt matter, if I cant hit the rabbit/varmint etc with 5...6 wont get it done either, best to practice my reloads :D

    the only older K frames ive handled were dressed with the very large target style grips, and yeah it felt huge, Ive yet to find a round butt, which I prefer.
    Which is one of the reasons it seems hard for me to compare the two.

    to give an idea, I love my sp101s but I thought my GP100 felt like a tank compared to those 2. I just dont want anything that heavy/bulky again.
    Gun shot great, just felt like a brick after awhile.

    for my purposes either a 3-4" barrel would suit my needs just fine, just going to be a fun short range bunny smacker/pest remover

    thanks again, was helpful


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