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Help Out a New Knife Owner

Discussion in 'Non-Firearm Weapons' started by Roc_Kor, Dec 28, 2007.

  1. Roc_Kor

    Roc_Kor Well-Known Member

    Hello, all. I'm new to the world of shanks and shivs, but have recently been interested in. Well my uncle's father died and they're cleaning out the old house and since they're hunters they've got tons of knives lying around. Of course I did my part and took some of the knives off their hands (can't let them just be tossed out!) So I took 'em home in an M60 7.62 NATO ammo can I happenned to also remove from their pile of junk. (I'm such a great nephew, doing my part to clean the place up! :D)

    Well anyhoo. This is why I come to you. Some of these things are old. Like older than me old. Which means dirt and some rust. Mostly dirt. Now I've got mostly folders, a few pocket knives (they're not tiny pocket knives, but they're smaller than the folding blades and have multiple blades/tools) and one that looks like a KA-BAR (blade looks a tad short maybe because I've never seen one in real life) that needs some serious crud removal. Also got what I think is a sharpening stone.

    My questions are what's the best way to clean the blades and remove any rust? Also what's the best way to de-gunk the moving parts of the folders and pocket knives (the hinges and thingies like that. I feel like an idiot so bear with me.) So if anyone can either give me some tips and good products (if you mention brand names, please tell me WHAT it is, not just its name) and whatever tools I may need. Links to websites or names of books that can give me more information is welcome as well, as well as anything you want to add.

    I really want to do this right. I wanna show my uncle that his father's (who he misses alot) old stuff is in good hands and won't just end up on eBay or something, (though he joked he wants half of any money I get off them which I'd never do.)
  2. Creature

    Creature Well-Known Member

    MY dad used to clean gunk off old tools with regular old kerosene. He would toss dirty rusty tools in a tray of kerosene and let them sit for a couple hours and then would scrub the loosened dirt and rust off with an old tooth brush. The kerosene will inhibit the rust while it loosens up the dirt...gasoline will work just as well also but, obviously, be extra careful to keep away from open flames.
  3. markk

    markk Well-Known Member

    If you really want to "do it right" verify what they are before you clean them. Many valuable old knives have been ruined by improper cleaning. To find out what they might be, I recommend Mr. Levine's subforum over at http://www.bladeforums.com.

    You've piqued my curiosity, I hope to see you over there...
  4. hso

    hso Moderator Staff Member

    Stay away from steel wool, sand paper and anything that is harder than the steel. You want to remove the gunk and not the metal.

    Get a good brass brush, or several, a bunch of terry bar towels and some kerosene. Keep the kerosene off the handles. Soak and scrub all the metal with the kerosene and the brass brush. Repeat until free of gunk. Oil and wipe any excess off with the towel.
  5. JShirley

    JShirley Administrator Staff Member

    The "short Kabar" might be an Air Force survival knife.
  6. Browning

    Browning Well-Known Member

    Do you have any pictures of them that you could post?
  7. Macmac

    Macmac Well-Known Member

    I agree be very carefull, as some of these could be very collectable and worth far more than you think. Signs of rust can be a good thing. That means you have carbon steel blades in tool steel quailites, and to some this steel is the only steel worth owning.

    I would be one of that type of man. I consider most stainless blades as junk, not that i have any problem with guys who prefer stainless blades.

    Probably it is unwise to soak any leather grips in kero (K1) other wise you can probably soak anyother parts in K1 alright with no fear of harming anything.

    A knife with a leather grip might be pushed thru a coffee can lid into a can filled with K1, to soak. Pretty much a 3 day soaking should loosen most crudlings. Then a plastic brush/tooth brush should get most crudlings off.

    If there is deep pitting, then there just is...

    Other items on blade may not like K1, such as antler grips, and certain plastics depending on things.

    IF there is any reallly old white grips, which could be real IVORY, with a soft rag oil these with mineral spirits only, which will feed the Ivory as well as clean it.

    some pics might be nice.
  8. Roc_Kor

    Roc_Kor Well-Known Member

    I'll get to posting some pics later. I was considering posting them earlier but now that you've requested them I'll post them later today if I can.

    And I doubt these things are collectables, but you never know. The good knives were all taken first.

    And don't get your hopes up. These are just regukar knives. They aren't that old. I'm only 19 and they've lived in that house for 23 years so hahaha that's what I mean by old. Sorry to confuse my youngster definition of old with your definition of old. And the only one that looks that much older than me is that KABAR looking one. Most were in a truck that's only 16 years old so hahaha I think I should not emphasize the word old in a forum populated with people the same age as my dad.

    Forgive me for associating mainly with young people who think VHS is old and Audio Casettes are ancient (and don't get us started about those big black CD's you guys used to own that used a needle instead of lasers. :neener:)

    Holy crap I think I've offended my knife helpers by making them feel ancient. :uhoh:

    But anyhoo I'm sorry if my perception of oldness got any of your hopes up. They're just regular old knives. And by old I mean... not old... I think.
  9. JShirley

    JShirley Administrator Staff Member

    Do you mean mineral oil? I would think that mineral spirits might be bad for ivory, but I now use mineral oil frequently.

    RK, it's alright, son. ;)

  10. Macmac

    Macmac Well-Known Member

    All my vehicals are older than you but for one motorcycle! And I have a motorcycle older than you! :neener:

    Who you callin old! I'll have you know I suffer from Peter Pan Syndrom, so while maybe my body, and my son's body who is old enough to be yer Dad might appear old to you :what: We both added up are much younger than you are now. Presently I am going on 15 in my alledged head! So beat that!

    :banghead: this is you trying... LOL ;)

    I hope you grabbed anything with Winchster logo's on it, hatchts and flash lights too! Another queer marking to you might be "USA", as you are more likey to see China in your world. :cuss:

    I still have some of the black CD's you mention and I don't ever run the turn table bassakwards either, as it tends to ruin good OLD rockinroll :cool:

    I can recall when there was no school, other than the school of hard knocks. My son can recall when he walked to school up hill both ways.

    The only good part for you is you don't have to suffer recalling that nasty 1950's yellow formicia kitchen sets and the wicked nasty fashion of saddle shoes.

    Just a little advise: Dont let anyone fool you with black and white pics of all yer ancestors. Yes! the world was once really in black and white, and if it had been in color like now, then so would be those pictures.

    I consider this joke from OLD Geezers like me, a bad play on younger folks like you. Before my time the world was in sepia tones.... that monochromatic tans.. Way back then they said the world was in color too, but any fool can clearly see it wasn't. :neener:
  11. Macmac

    Macmac Well-Known Member

    Thank you JShirley ! I mean Mineral OIL... At my age and the local water heavily loaded with "CRS" from time to time my fingers refuse to do what the alledged brain says...Mac
  12. Roc_Kor

    Roc_Kor Well-Known Member

    Here come the pics! :cool: I'll give you a short description and any comments whenever necessary. There are 2 pictures per blade to show both sides. :D

    Knife 1
    This is the one that looks like a short Kabar and has been described to me as a Kabar by my uncle or an Air Force survival knife from you guys (before I provided pics, of course.)

    Photo 1
    Photo 2

    As you can see there are scratches and nicks all over the handle and the blade is covered in dirt and rust. This is by far (in my opinion) in the worst shape of any of the knives I obtained.

    Knife 2
    Just a regular folding blade.

    Photo 1
    Photo 2

    This one is in a bit better shape. Just some smudges and dirt on the blade, not a whole lot of rust. The base of the blade says "PAKISTAN" in the first picture if you're curious. The lock's got a bit of dirt or rust in it, as you can see while it's in the open (unlocked) position.

    Knife 3
    This one is a two-bladed folding knife. It says Kabar on the handle and the base of the wider blade in the first picture.

    Photo 1
    Photo 2

    There are just small patches of rust on the blades (it's easier to see the rust in pic 2.)

    Knife 4
    This is a pocket knife also from Kabar with three blades on it.

    Photo 1
    Photo 2

    This one has some rust on each blade and has seen much better days.

    Knife 5
    This is a pocket knife with a blade some sort of tool or blade (info on what that is and its functions would be appreciated.)

    Photo 1
    Photo 2

    The handle has some wear on it and the blades have some rust and dirt on them. Yes you do see carved letters on the blades, it's my uncle's (and his father's) initials.

    Knife 6
    This is a nice looking knife. It's a folder with 2 blades on it, and it's in much better condition than the others. I think this is the one that came in a leather case, pictured in photo 3. (I took them all out and forgot which knife went in the case. It was either this one or Knife 2, but I believe it was this one.)

    Photo 1
    Photo 2
    Photo 3

    Not much to this one. This one just maybe needs some polishing or something. Maybe a wipe down with some oil and she'll be good as new. My only qualm with this blade is that one of the blades takes a lot of force to open and my young hands aren't up to the job without some serious exertion. :(

    Knife 7
    Another pocket knife, this one also came in a little leather case/pouch which is also in the picture.

    Photo 1
    Photo 2

    This one has some rust on the blade but not so much on the other tools. (What are those things anyway? A corkscrew, a can opener, a blade, but what are the bottom right and top middle tools?)

    Thanks for all your help in advance and I hope the photos help you help me. :D

    Oh and would I need any tools to fix these up? Or just these cleaning solutions and oils?
  13. jparham

    jparham Well-Known Member

    I can tell you that fixed blade isn't an Air Force Survival Knife
  14. hso

    hso Moderator Staff Member

    The KaBar folders are good quality knives. If that's real stag instead of delrin they're collectable.

    The Camillus Electrician's Knife is a real collectable these days.

    The tool knife has a glass cutter. Pitty there's no markings like on the Camilus and the KaBars.

    The other knives are of negigible value.

    I'd follow the advice on knife maintenance on Cutler's Cove or send the KaBars and Camillus to one of the knife repair folks listed there. I'm no expert, but you could have some very collectible pocket knives.
  15. Roc_Kor

    Roc_Kor Well-Known Member

    Which one is the Camillus Electrician's Knife? And what is that fixed bladed knife I have?

    And while I'm pleased to have some collectibles I don't care that the others aren't special. I've never had knives before (I've always wanted one, though) so I'm gonna treasure 'em all. I guess maybe the collectibles will see a bit less rigorous use.
  16. Macmac

    Macmac Well-Known Member

    Knife 1 is a of dubious construction and make and is no KaBar, but has the look of one no doubt.

    Knife 2 is a junker from Pakistan, feel free to use it all you like, but it may not stay sharp well. These tend to be soft blades, and cheap to buy. It is nice looking, just not much quailty.

    Knives 3 and 4 are kaBars folders and not in bad shape. Looks like a deralin grip, however I can't tell in the pics as these tend to look like what some folks call redbone as the scales are machined.. These could be collectable at lesser values like probably not more than 30 to 40 bucks as they are today.

    Knife 5 is the electricians knife, the odd tool is a screw driver. Some had "u' notch to strip insulation off a wire. This blade is supposed to be able to cut wire, and leave the other blade o cut other things and so stay sharper than the wire cutting blade.

    Knife 6 appears well made, what does it say on the blade if anything? It has a German and Italian look to me. maybe the balde says Rostfre? Which means Stainless Steel.

    Knife 7 is interesting as I have never seen a glass cutter on a knife before, but sure enuff therer it is. Assuming you are wondering wwhat the odd semi fork looking tool is, well it is to open a tin can.

    pretty cool stuff kiddo..
  17. Soap

    Soap Well-Known Member

    Knife #7 (the one with the glass cutter) was made by Okapi in South Africa. I have no clue of collector value though.
  18. hso

    hso Moderator Staff Member

    Okapis don't have any collector value, although someone who collects tool knives might be interested in it because of the glass cutter.
  19. Roc_Kor

    Roc_Kor Well-Known Member

    What's the fifth tool on the Okapi? Blade, Corkscrew(?), Glass Cutter, Can Opener, ??? (Bottom right tool.)

    And there's no markings on Knife 6 on either blade nor on the handle. It is in the best shape of all the others, though.

    And hso said there were markings on the Camillus... where?

    And in your opinion, which (if any) would be best for (defensive) concealed carry (preferably inside a pants pocket?) I can only open carry a gun until I turn 21 in two years but there's no age or blade length restriction on carrying knives in VA, at least as far as I've been able to find. I think a knife would be a good alternative to open carry in some situations.
  20. hso

    hso Moderator Staff Member


    Note the "..llus" on the spear point blade. That's Camillus.

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