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Help with Kydex holsters

Discussion in 'Shooting Gear and Storage' started by garrettwc, Jan 12, 2003.

  1. garrettwc

    garrettwc Well-Known Member

    I would like to give kydex holsters a try, but I can't find one made like I want. They all seem to be vertical cant, paddle, or both.

    What I am looking for is a kydex equivalent to the 'avenger style' leather holsters:

    FBI Cant
    tucks the butt of the gun in nice and close

    A good concealment holster whether it's under a coat during winter, or a Hawaiian type shirt in the summer. My leather ones do this with a 1911, I would accept nothing less in kydex.

    So does anyone have experience with a holster like this that they would recommend?
  2. garrettwc

    garrettwc Well-Known Member

    :( 33 views and no replies. Bummer.

    So is no one using kydex for CCW? Or are my expectations unrealistic?

    Any input would be appreciated. Thanks.
  3. No4Mk1

    No4Mk1 Well-Known Member

    I think maybe the problem is the specificity of your request. I haven't seen kydex that meets all those criteria. I use a Comp-Tac that meets the last two criteria, but it is IWB. They also have paddles that would probably work for you, but for everything you want I haven't seen it (not saying it isn't out there....)

    Check out www.comp-tac.com and look around. I am very happy with mine and their service is excellent. If you have specific requests they are usually accomodating.

    Best of luck.
  4. stans

    stans Well-Known Member

    I have one of the Uncle Mike's Kydex holsters for a Government model. It allows for straight, angle backward or angle forward carry. I cannot say that is good for concealment. The Kydex paddle holsters that I have seen tend to keep the gun pushed away from the body.
  5. Dave P

    Dave P Well-Known Member

    Try making your own - its not too hard! ANd then you get exactly what you want.
  6. jimcon

    jimcon Active Member

    Kydex Holsters

    I have been using Kydex holsters from blade-Tech and Cen-dex. They both are great quality. While Fobus are cheaper, they do not last and are much more lighter.
    Both Blade-tech and Cen-Dex wil make almost anything that you want. Frank at Cen-Dex is great to deal with. As an example, I asked frank to make a holster for a Beretta Compact. He had never made a holster for that model before, but the holster arrived within a week and the fit was perfect.
  7. garrettwc

    garrettwc Well-Known Member

    No4Mk1, thanks for your input. I will check out CompTac to see what they have. I am not averse to a paddle holster if it is made well.

    stans, that is my concern, if it sits to far away, it won't conceal well.

    jimcon, thanks. I will check out Cen-Dex and Blade Tech as well.

    OK, folks considering No4's comments let me broaden this a bit.

    Do you carry a full size auto outside the waistband using a kydex holster? If so what do you use? What compromises, wardrobe changes, etc. did you have to make?
  8. jimcon

    jimcon Active Member

    Kydex Holsters


    I normally carry a Colt Commander, made by Ted Yost, in a Cen-Dex Taylor Nighthawk or Storm model. In the winter there is not much to do to conceal it. In the summer, I normally wear a photo vest the I got at Gunsite.
    Legally you must conceal the firearm, but most people are not expecting to see a firearm and do not see it. If they see a bump, they assume a cell phone or pager. With a little care there is not much of a problem. The most important thing is not to point to it yourself. Do not keep touching the holster. Do not keep pulling your belt up. If it is on your right side do not reach up with your right hand. Learn to reach up with your left.

    Most important is to try not to be so self conscious of the firearm.

    For example, this past weekend, I attended a NRA instructor class. Both of the instructors were armed. No one but me noticed it.

    Hope that this helps
  9. garrettwc

    garrettwc Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the input Jim.

    I will look into the vests some more. FWIW, the square cut shirts I usually buy are of the camp shirt variety. They are a light cotton twill, sort of like the denim shirts you see. I might just have to wear them unbuttoned part way so they don't pull in so tight.

    The other stuff is good advice too, about not giving yourself away. I have almost broken myself of those bad habits.
  10. Vern

    Vern Member

    I second the positive dealings with Frank @ Cen-dex. Great guy. I like another local company here - sidearmor. Also very good people and a great product.

    I have one of their new holsters for my G35. Tucks in fairly tight and the new backing makes it easy to adjust for angle - even cross draw.

    Let me know if you need photo's or have any other questions.
  11. AK103K

    AK103K Well-Known Member


    I carry a Colt Combat Commander in a BladeTech IWB with the FBI cant. It has all the specs you want except the OWB part. I have one of their OWB FBI cant holsters. I works ok, but I'm used to the level of concealment a IWB offers. The OWB cant come close. Just raise your arm to reach for something at the store and your hanging out in anything but a trench coat. BladeTechs IWB carrys the pistol in tight like you want and is very comfortable. I carry daily all year, and have never had any trouble hiding my pistol. Summer is always the hardest. I wear a untucked shirt with a tee shirt under it. Works for me and is comfortable. Attitude is the key to carrying anytime, probably more than anything else. I've answered the door in just a tee shirt for the pizza dude and he never knew I had a gun on. Thats how well the IWB works.
  12. tobeat1

    tobeat1 Well-Known Member

    You want a Fist K1. Adjustable cant, Kydex, tucks butt in nice and close. I have three of them. Best way to describe them is a synthetic version of a good pancake holster, like a Galco Concealable.
  13. eap

    eap Well-Known Member

    avoid fist, if you handle one you'll know why. cust serv is spotty.

    i'll second the comp tac, excellent gear and greg is one nice guy.

    no experience with cen dex but it looks good.

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