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Helping Australia

Discussion in 'Activism' started by learn2shoot, Sep 18, 2007.

  1. learn2shoot

    learn2shoot member

    I am spinning off a thread from General into Activism, because I feel this is a better setting. http://www.thehighroad.org/showthread.php?t=273539

    We have established that Australians can have guns, but the process is quite complex and expensive. This drives away most people who may otherwise become involved in the shooting sports.

    A few questions...

    If a person wants to shoot a gun for the first time - just to try it out - what are the procedures?

    If the procedures are complex - can something be set up (some sort of network of volunteers) in the US where vacationing aussies(can shoot here in the US? We'll hook 'em here!

    Other optoins?

    Would US people joining the SSAA be a benefit? ($US 65/year)

    What about Aussies joinning the NRA or GOA?
  2. Australian Shooter

    Australian Shooter New Member

    Antis are not in control in Australia, yet far from it. Recent examples show that the we are winning the fight against the antis. One such example is the surge of junior membership numbers in the SSAA, another is the proposed amendments to the gun laws in Tasmania which will allow 12-16 year olds to shoot in the bush, overall numbers of people holding firearms licences have also constantly risen. Perhaps the most significant victory was in the March 2007 NSW state election. Where a minor political party called The Shooters Party won another seat in the NSW Senate brining the total Shooters Party members to two.
  3. Australian Shooter

    Australian Shooter New Member

    SSAA is also campaigning to persuade more juniors to take up the sport of shooting, which is part of the reason that junior membership soared in the past few years. This is the right step because we need future generations to "save the sport we love and wipe the smile off the anti gun lobby's face" as Bob Green (SSAA President) put it.
  4. jeepmor

    jeepmor New Member

    I can't comment on Australia, but I will say this. Don't give up the fight. Just look at packing.org's CCW law changes since 1986 colorized map to see that activism IS working.

    It is never "too far along" in my opinion unless you choose to be a serf. Support your SSAA party, get more elected, send them letters, attend their events, bring your friends, children and so on.
  5. K-Romulus

    K-Romulus New Member

    AS, you guys are kicking butt down there and stuffing it down the anti's throats. :)

    1) They want "owner licensing?" Fine - increase the number of people licensed.

    2) More people licensed, and therefore more owning guns, and the crime/murder rate has not risen (and maybe gone down -assuming the Aussie anti-gun-owners' PR is factual)? That blows the "more legal gun ownership = more gun deaths" BS out of the water.:D
  6. wizard of oz

    wizard of oz New Member

    A few years ago, a friend of mine inspired me by his amazing collection (for an aussie) of rifles and handguns. He kept prodding me until I got my license. Now I have a reasonable collection myself. Since then, I've helped/encouraged about 5 people to get licensed. Hopefully each of them will get another 5 citizens licensed and so on...

    I think pumping money into the firearms related economy - getting citizens licensed and getting as many firearms into (legal) civilian ownership as possible are the most effective strategies for Australia.

    As far as the future goes, I think is only a matter of time until Australia finally becomes a republic needing a new constitution....I hope that we will be ready and organized for that time...
  7. Beatnik

    Beatnik New Member

    It's important never to say never.
    If your battle strategy is "retreat!" then you've lost already. And they'll be following you to wherever you retreat to anyway.

    learn2shoot, I'm in Woodbridge, there are an awful lot of other NoVA shooters on this board, and it seems to me that we're surrounded by international tourist attractions.

    I must say that I like the idea, but I'm a little skeptical - I've only really taken two people to shoot outside of a formal class setting, and I knew both of them for over 20 years, so I don't have experience taking total noobs whom I don't know to the range. I'd feel better about the idea if there was an instructor involved.
  8. Australian Shooter

    Australian Shooter New Member

    The ultimate victory for gun owners in Australia is to ensure the right for the people to keep and bear arms as stated on its Constitution (Something like the Second Amendment). The only way to do this is through a referendum. This is why we need more and more people to own guns in Australia. But this is a long way away. Current improvements to firearms laws as I mentioned above is a good first step. This is also because the gun lobby is growing in strength due to the simple fact that more and more Australians are starting to own guns.
  9. learn2shoot

    learn2shoot member

    I am a NRA Certified instructor, but I it is reasonable to assume that you know enough to teach a total noob. The NRA certification process is relatively simple, and your goal as an instructor is to introduce the Knowledge, Skills and Attitude to own and use a pistol, shotgun or rifle.

    Where teaching gets complicated is in the coaching - noticing (and fixing) flinching, working with cross dominance and shot correction and all this comes with practice. I offer to take people shooting all the time.

    The point I am making is that you do not need to be a 'certified' instructor or retired military or anything special to teach people to shoot, your willingness, patience and knowledge are sufficient. The fact that you are on here, shows that you are concerned about freedom and you should be willing to pass it on.

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