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Henry rifle pair

Discussion in 'Rifle Country' started by Kentucky-roughrider, Oct 4, 2008.

  1. Kentucky-roughrider

    Kentucky-roughrider Well-Known Member

    I was in a local gun store the other day,and saw a Henry 22 youth model and thought about getting it for my nephew for Christmas with a adult version for me. (Hey I need a full size one to show him how to use it.) Has anyone owns or used a Henry and how good are they? The pair was prices at about $550 out the door? Oh, by the way my nephew is seven years old and his parents don't shot or own guns.
  2. woof

    woof Well-Known Member

    I bought an H001 soon after they came out for $99 at Walmart. Good deal for that. I think 550 sounds way high for that pair. It's a fun rifle to shoot but not in the same league as a Marlin 39.
  3. SGW42

    SGW42 Well-Known Member

    According to 2008 MSRPs the pair would go for $640, so $550 doesn't sound that bad. This is assuming you're talking about the H001 lever actions and not the Mini-Bolt and Acu-Bolt.

    Heard nothing but good things from people who own Henrys. The president of the company supposedly answers service emails personally. The ones I have handled are very pretty.

    Marlins are nicer with all the forged material, but $550 is about what you'd pay for just one, and no "youth" length available. A set of H001s sounds like a lot of fun to me.
  4. woof

    woof Well-Known Member

    A quick check on gunbroker shows that you can buy the new in box H001 for 249 and the youth version for 225. That is with buy it now meaning they can be had for less. That's $475, I would show that to your gun store and ask them to match it, 550 is high.
  5. Matt-J2

    Matt-J2 Well-Known Member

    Course, add in shipping and two transfer fees and you're looking at, oh, $550-$575. Don't forget tax, if any applies.

    Gunbroker ain't all it's cracked up to be in the bargaining leverage dept.
  6. woof

    woof Well-Known Member

    The tax is on the local buy not the shipped one. Both shipping and ffl would be reduced for 2 rifles together, 50 tops. Tax on 550 is around 35 - 40. Hey, if the guy wants to pay too much it's ok with me. And by the way, I'm citing the gunbroker buy it now deal because I could find it in 2 minutes. That is for sure not the best deal out there.
  7. Matt-J2

    Matt-J2 Well-Known Member

    It will? How do you know this? I know that won't happen round here, at any rate. Shipping maybe, that's on the seller. Obviously you'd have to buy both firearms from the same dealer.
  8. B.D. Turner

    B.D. Turner Well-Known Member

    I have a Henry lever action that is one of my favorite rifles. I bought mine at Dicks can't remember what I paid.
  9. woof

    woof Well-Known Member

    Matt, Both are indeed for sale by the same seller on gunbroker. You gotta be a little resourceful if you want to save money :)

    FMJMIKE Well-Known Member

    I love my Henry H001. I paid $259 at Walmart last month.........Lots of fun. Now I can be John Wayne and shoot all day for almost nothing......:D
  11. Mountie855

    Mountie855 Well-Known Member

    I have a Henry MiniBolt 22LR, and am constantly amazed at its accuracy considering its size and cost. Neat little gun for a young shooter, and not so bad for us older types too! ;)

    Only drawback is they aren't "drop and close" like other singles- you have to start the cartridge into the chamber, not an easy task for those of us with large fingers. OK if you're not in a rapid-fire mode!
  12. Redseal

    Redseal Member

    Love my Henry

    I have a Henry 22 lever action. Smoothest action i've ever experienced, accurate and a hoot to shoot! Customer service is great from what I've heard.....never had to use them though!

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