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Hercules 2400 whats it good for?

Discussion in 'Handloading and Reloading' started by jeeptim, Sep 11, 2011.

  1. jeeptim

    jeeptim Well-Known Member

    Got a bunch oF powder the other day over 30lb and some Browing 308 brass for $100. Got several unopened old tins of hercules 2400 on the can it says for small rifle having trouble finding data any ideas??
  2. James2

    James2 Well-Known Member

    Good powder for 44 Mag.
    My Lyman book gives one load for 222 Rem using 2400.
  3. jeeptim

    jeeptim Well-Known Member

    Thanx James was looking for some data in 223 as that is the smallest i reload
  4. res45

    res45 Well-Known Member

    Good powder for cast bullet loads in magnum handguns,also used in cast bullet rifle loads in many rifle calibers. It's one of my favorite powders for shooting cast bullets in my SKS and Mosin rifles.
  5. James2

    James2 Well-Known Member

  6. Mike Kerr

    Mike Kerr Well-Known Member

    2400 uses

    It was a "go to" powder for 44 special back in the Elmer Keith overload days. A lot of folks still use it for 44 magnum. Supposedly similar results but slightly different from H110 and 296 ( of course those two are the same powder with different labels).


  7. Twiki357

    Twiki357 Well-Known Member

    It's my primary powder for 357 mag.
  8. zombie44

    zombie44 Well-Known Member

    2400 and AA#9 are my favorite powders to use for 44 mag.
  9. GooseGestapo

    GooseGestapo Well-Known Member

    #2400 also has wide use in cast-bullet ammo.
    It's my "go to" powder for use in .22Hornet,.223, .45/70, .338MarlinExp. and .30/06. Many "records" have been shot in cast-bullet bench-rest competiton with the .30/06 with 20.0gr of #2400.
    Be careful with these appplications however, because it is possible to double charge a case if you're not careful. A double charge is obvious, but you DO have to look to see it.

    It is also my "heavy load" powder for .357mag, .41mag, .44mag and .45LC. For these, the accuracy is unexcelled and velocities are close to those of H110/296.
  10. EMC45

    EMC45 Well-Known Member

    Good powder for heavy revolver loads. Can achieve similar velocities with other powder @ half the volume. I burn a bunch in my .44s.
  11. PapaG

    PapaG Well-Known Member

    I still use a lot of it in my .357s and 44 mags, also for my 45 Colt cast bullet deer loads. As a matter of fact, it is the only thing I use in those for heavy loads. Then again, I've been around a long time and tend to stay with what has worked for me. I've used it with some success in rifle shells with cast bullets but have found stuff that works better there.
  12. amlevin

    amlevin Well-Known Member

    "Hercules 2400 whats it good for?"

    It works very well for flattening the headstamps on .357 loads. I used to love max loads of 2400 with 125 gr JHP's. Real accurate but the loads did tend to be hard on cases. The headstamps got shallower and shallower after each load. Hand kind of hurt too.;)
  13. m33p0n3

    m33p0n3 Well-Known Member

    Just to clarify, I take it Hercules 2400 is the same as modern Alliant 2400?
  14. Asherdan

    Asherdan Well-Known Member

    357 and 44 RM plus BP speed cast loads in 45-70.
  15. USSR

    USSR Well-Known Member

    Yep, was Hercules prior to Alliant. Great powder. I use it for .357, .45LC, and .30 Carbine, but I'm afraid it's too fast of a powder for you, jeeptim, for the cartridges you mentioned.

  16. cfullgraf

    cfullgraf Well-Known Member

    Basically yes. Alliant bought the Hercules line of powders. I am not sure if Alliant 2400 is made at the same plant as where Hercules made their 2400 so there may be some small differences in load data due to manufacturing differences.
  17. Miata Mike

    Miata Mike Well-Known Member

  18. tomon

    tomon Member

    45-70 Government
  19. vibetech

    vibetech New Member

    2400 is a great for .357 mag and .44 mag. i also load .30 carbine with it.
  20. rondog

    rondog Well-Known Member

    Ain't good fer nuthin'. Send it to me and I'll properly dispose of it for ya!

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