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Hesse Arms ?

Discussion in 'Rifle Country' started by Missouri Mule, Apr 7, 2003.

  1. Missouri Mule

    Missouri Mule Well-Known Member

    Tell me about Hesse Arms AR-15's. I am considering buying an AR-15 and recently saw one of these. Looks good appearence wise.
    I am looking for feedback regarding reliability, accuracy, durabilty
    , over all quality, etc. I have very limited experience with AR's.
  2. Omaha-BeenGlockin

    Omaha-BeenGlockin Well-Known Member

    Hesse=BAD BAD BAD!!!

    Run away as fast as you can!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Rereading my post--My extensive time spent this weekend with the 2 year old demon spawn is showing its-self-----need to get back to adult speak-----lol.
    Last edited: Apr 7, 2003
  3. Don Gwinn

    Don Gwinn Moderator Emeritus

    I don't have any personal experience with Hesse. All I can tell you is that AR15.com and TFL talked me out of buying one last summer. Didn't take long either. Apparently they're made with very poor castings. I don't have a bias against cast parts, especially cast aluminum, but Hesse appears to have no QC whatsoever running on the process.
  4. cratz2

    cratz2 Well-Known Member

    Never shot one, never handled one. All I hear are bad things and when you can get a Rock River for $600-$650, whey take a chance? I've seen Bushmasters for under $600.
  5. ddc

    ddc Well-Known Member

    No personal experience with Hesse. All I can say is given what I've read over at ar15.com I wouldn't consider purchasing a Hesse when I've got Colt, Bushmaster, Armalite, DPMS, etc., to choose from.
  6. curt

    curt Well-Known Member

    No personal experience with Hesse but then again i have no personal experience with hitting myself on the head with a hammer. I've heard plenty about terrible quality and assinine customer serivice. I wouldn't try anything with a Hesse name on it, there are much better alternatives out there for comparable money.

    FWIW apparently Hesse is changing its name in an attempt to outrun its reputation.
  7. Airwolf

    Airwolf Well-Known Member

    I have NEVER seen anything good posted about them anywhere.

    That is NOT a good sign.

    Many other good choices out there that people swear by, not swear AT.

  8. standingbear

    standingbear Well-Known Member

    ive had 2 rifles made by them.1 a semi metric fal and a semi g3 clone.the mags didnt fit the fal-very hard to insert/;remove(rubber mallet to remove),bolt continually got stuck.the g3,just junk.seams welded up using 2 differnt castings(1 was slightly larger or maybe even stretched)didnt notice it until i dissassembled it after it kept malfunctioning.sold both for 350 bucks- as parts guns.just glad to be rid of the headaches.not sure about their stuff now.
  9. TIMC

    TIMC Well-Known Member

    I have had some experience with the Hesse AR's. The finish work is poor, I had to polish the burrs off of the inside of the receiver and on the bolt to get the gun to cycle. It shoots pretty good now. The extra cost of a Bushmaster would be cheaper if you figure the several hours I spent getting the Hesse to function properly.
  10. Tamara

    Tamara Senior Member

    Every Hesse AR I've ever seen has looked like it was whittled from styrofoam blocks by drunken monkeys. I wouldn't let my neighbor's dog relieve himself on one...
  11. Nightcrawler

    Nightcrawler Well-Known Member

    Take a look at Doublestar Arms. They're AR-15s made by J&T Sales, a very reputable AR parts distributor. Lower prices than their compeitors, too.

    Hesse doesn't even offer a warranty with their weapons. That should tell you something. I'd stay away from them.

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