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Hey Makarov owners, replacement barrels?

Discussion in 'Handguns: Autoloaders' started by WhoKnowsWho, Jan 14, 2003.

  1. WhoKnowsWho

    WhoKnowsWho Well-Known Member

    Has anyone seen or tried the replacement barrels available at www.sportsmansguide.com ? They have a regular replacement, ported, and a threaded version for both 9mm Mak and .380 (Which are also at makarov.com and I didn't notice the other times I was at the site)

    If I get another Makarov, I might like a flash hider look with the threaded barrel. Some variety is good between relatives.
  2. Apple a Day

    Apple a Day Well-Known Member

    I have a 9mm Makarov. Once in a while I ponder getting a ported barrel but will wait for some time more. There's plenty of milage left in the current one.
    The only problem I have heard with the replacement barrels is doing the actual replacing: required a gunsmith since it is a fixed barrel and you can't just drop it in- you'll notice they mention that some gunsmithing may be required in the ad. I'm fairly handy but don't have a barrel press so I'm hesitant to try it myself.
    If you do get a replacement, please, let us know how it goes! Tell us how you did the actual replacement, too!:)
  3. railroader

    railroader Well-Known Member

    I have an adjustable sight russian mak. I was able to change the barrel on it without a press. This being a new manufacture gun maybe made it easier. The bulgarian and east german ones have been around awhile and I have heard they can be a bear to get the barrel out.The stock barrel gave me bulged cases so I put in a chinese barrel. Getting the barrel pin out was tough. I had to use a punch and really wack it. To get the barrel out and in, I pounded on it with a piece of oak and a ballpeen hammer. Shoots good now, no bulged cases. One other thing I have heard that the aftermarket barrels have ramps that are slightly long and have to adjusted when installed. Mark

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