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Hi-cap mag rattles

Discussion in 'Handguns: Autoloaders' started by Grayrock, Mar 29, 2003.

  1. Grayrock

    Grayrock Well-Known Member

    I have 2 Ramline high capacity mags for my preban Taurus PT-99AF. The 13 rd factory mag is great, but I got these Ramline mags because they hold 18 rounds :what: . (I bought the whole package in about '87.) They work great, but when they are loaded up, they rattle. There is no problem with feeding, they just rattle. The factory mag does not. Any thoughts on how to get rid of the rattle? Or "if it ain't broke, don't fix it"!
  2. 10-Ring

    10-Ring Well-Known Member

    Never had much luck w/ Ramline mags. The ones I bought for my Beretta just weren't reliable. Since then, I've only used factory.
    My 2 cents...if the only problem you have w/ them is a slight rattle, don't worry about it. How much rattling are you gonna be doing if your trying t steady the gun before you fire?
  3. Navy joe

    Navy joe Well-Known Member

    Lots of hi-caps do that, sometimes you can lightly tap the butt of the mag on something to seat the rounds in a little and the rattle goes away. Nothing really to worry about though.
  4. Hkmp5sd

    Hkmp5sd Well-Known Member

    I've had some generic magazines rattle, which isn't good in a CCW gun. I found I could remove 1 round from the magazine and it would stop.
  5. SouthpawShootr

    SouthpawShootr Well-Known Member

    At first, I thought that you were talking about magazines with conventional springs. I had several G19 pre-bans that rattled - until I replaced the spring with extra power springs. Ramline however, uses a different type of spring not replaceable (as far as I know). I also have one of these for my Taurus PT92 and, yes, it rattles when full. I think you're just stuck with it. In other words, as long as it works, don't mess with it.

    BTW, I thought factory capacity for your gun was 15?

    With Taurus guns, it's always best to buy factory. Most aftermarket mags are crap. I'm amazed that USA magazines and ProMags are still around. These two are legendary for bad QC
  6. Grayrock

    Grayrock Well-Known Member

    Yeah the Ramline's have that crazy coil spring welded to the top of the mag that unroll as you add ammo.

    And you are correct- the factory mags are 15 rounders- I guess I was thinking of my Dad''s Hi-Power, or something.
  7. goon

    goon Well-Known Member

    I have noticed that with BHP magazines.
    Usually, all you have to do is take one round out.
    It really doesn't have anything to do with quality.
    It even happens with FN factory mags, and they are well known to be among the best.

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