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Hi guys. Got room for one more?

Discussion in 'General Gun Discussions' started by JLB, Aug 19, 2003.

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  1. JLB

    JLB Active Member

    I'm an orphan. I have no home.

    My hobbies include:

    Bashing liberals


    Driving fast cars

    The only rule is:

    If I ever see any of you homos touching my stuff...........

    I'll kill you.
  2. echo3mike

    echo3mike Well-Known Member

    Welcome aboard...

    Oh, and lighten up, Francis.

  3. hansolo

    hansolo Member In Memoriam

    welcome...I GUESS...

    We are a pretty friendly bunch of "gun nuts" and always have room for one more. BUT.......if you are 1.) Trolling, or 2.) Looking to get into a peeing contest, a friendly suggestion: don't.

    If I misread an unusually bizarre sense of humor, my apologies! :neener:
  4. OEF_VET

    OEF_VET Well-Known Member


    Welcome to the High Road. Just a word of advice though, we do have several members here who, how should I put it?; live an alternative lifestyle. They may not like the your quote from 'Stripes'. Keep in mind, this is The High Road, afterall.

    To the rest of ya'll,does the new guy still have to buy the beer and ammo?

  5. JLB

    JLB Active Member

    I never troll.

    I eat trolls for breakfast.

    As for the alternative lifestylers, they will be fine, as long as they don't touch my stuff. See above.
  6. BryanP

    BryanP Well-Known Member

    Either that or it's his turn to hold up the targets. :evil:
  7. A. Partisan

    A. Partisan Well-Known Member

    GT Blows
  8. JLB

    JLB Active Member

    I can certainly relate to that statement on some level.
  9. Betty

    Betty Well-Known Member

    This thread does not follow the High Road.

    Click the top right of your screen where it says, "Rules of Conduct."
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