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Hi-Point pistols....love them, hate them? Your experience?

Discussion in 'Handguns: Autoloaders' started by rkmitchell, Jan 28, 2013.

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  1. KAS1981

    KAS1981 Well-Known Member

    I had a .45. It was my first handgun. I paid around $135 or so back in 2003.

    People say they are heavy, but they are not really. The .45 weighs a couple ounces less than a 1911. They are just unbalanced and awkward feeling due to the very heavy slide. They are ugly. The trigger stinks. They are not easy to take apart.

    Mine was plenty accurate and never malfunctioned in the couple hundred rounds I fired through it. I have nicer guns now, but I wish I had never got rid of the Hi-Point. It would be cool to own just as a novelty now, if anything.
  2. rtz

    rtz Well-Known Member

  3. 1911 guy

    1911 guy Well-Known Member

    Ugly. Top heavy. Bad trigger. Rudimentary sights. Mostly plastic. But they are reliable as a ball bat and inexpensive. I'd far rather someone buy a Hi-Point than go unarmed. If it's the best you can do right now, get it. Don't be unarmed due to gun-snobbery.

    I won't own one because I have other options. Take away those options and I'll be shopping for a Hi-Point.
  4. Onward Allusion

    Onward Allusion Well-Known Member

    Heh, haven't seen one of these threads in a while. Everybody's been focused on the 2013 panic and AWB. They aren't range toys and aren't carry guns. Home defense, sure. They work, but require a little bit of break-in. For less than $200, there aren't a lot of selections out there on a new gun.

    Personally, I'd get one of those Armscor 6-shot in 38spl revolvers for the around same price. No break-in needed, either they work or don't. No need to spend another $100 for ammo to break in, either.
  5. mr.trooper

    mr.trooper Well-Known Member

    They work just fine ... but as others have stated, they lack most of the other attributes that make a great pistol. They suffer from a serious lack of refinement, but if you just want to sling lead on the cheap, they are great for that.

    I really wish they would bring back the factory compensator models in 9mm and 380 - One of those with the cheezy NcStar laser would be too ghetto fabulous to pass up.
  6. mljdeckard

    mljdeckard Well-Known Member

    I can't say they don't work, because they do. But they aren't particularly enjoyable to shoot. (To me at least.)

    Look at it this way. If they were so great, why are most people still paying much more for other pistols?
  7. Aceoky

    Aceoky Well-Known Member

    Over the years I have owned several from .380,- 9mm and they were all accurate and went bang when I hit the switch.
    Were they on par with my 1911 no , not even my Ruger P-89 the price was right and if I had been smart and kept a couple they would be good to place in well hidden but easy to access spots around the house now that all the kids are grown and moved away.
    Having let a whole bunch of folks shoot them, they won't tolerate limp writing well in general, otherwise they do exactly what they should do. YMMV
  8. ares338

    ares338 Well-Known Member

    Say what you want about Hi Point pistols but I am sending off my XDs tomorrow which broke a slide lock lever and I am still shooting my Hi Point 40 S&W pistol. I love my XDs but it is down and out.
  9. rtz

    rtz Well-Known Member

    I wonder if the hipoints could be refined? Maybe smaller, lighter, not need that roll pin driven out for take down? Could the trigger be smoothed out?

    If the slide was made out of a different material so it could be smaller? The barrel is pretty decent?

    Lifetime warranty, +P rated, can be had new for near $100.. Made in Ohio.
  10. mljdeckard

    mljdeckard Well-Known Member

    The slide is so massive because it has to be. They are blowback operated, they need that much mass to operate.
  11. Onward Allusion

    Onward Allusion Well-Known Member

    If they MKS Supply made a Hi Point in 22LR at the HP price point of ~$175, they would sell 100,000 of them in 1 year.
  12. DeadFlies

    DeadFlies Well-Known Member

    People have replaced the roll pin with a screw. It can be done. I did a trigger job on my C9; it's shorter, smoother and lighter but still not great.

    If you like to tinker with your guns then a Hi-Point will bring you endless hours of shadetree gunsmithing fun. I love taking mine apart and trying to make it better. It's cheaper and more fun than watching TV.
  13. pockets

    pockets Well-Known Member

    I also bought a C9 a few years ago out of curiosity.
    It was ugly, a tad bulky, a bit heavy, and the sights could have been better.......BUT.......It functioned 100% on any 9x19 that I put in the magazine and hit what I aimed at.
    Are there better guns available? Sure. But they fill a need and are lovingly built in America by Ohioans.
  14. foghornl

    foghornl Well-Known Member

    I don't own any Hi-Point arms, but through the courtesy of my informal Shooting Budds (we call ourselves 'The Cheap Galoots') I have shot most of the Hi-Point offerings in both pistols and carbines.

    My impressions: Pig-butt-stuck-in-a-mud-fence ugly, but goes Bang! on request every time, and puts the lead where you aim, or Hi-Point fixes it free. If approximate $200 for a handgun or under $400 for a carbine was all I had to spend, sure.
  15. meanmrmustard

    meanmrmustard Well-Known Member

    Be cool if one could find a tiny hitch pin to fit in place of the roll pin, but I'm not certain one is made that small. Plus, it might snag and come out.

    I tried. Well, tried to give a suggestion.

    I've owned one. They ain't bad. I'd rather a CZ82 in that price range.
    Last edited: Feb 5, 2013
  16. HKGuns

    HKGuns Well-Known Member

    I have zero experience with High Point's, but I know you generally get what you pay for......There is a law of diminishing returns as well.

    That being said, there really is no such thing as a bad pistol or rifle and "any" pistol or rifle is better than "no" pistol or rifle.

    If that is what you can afford I would imagine you or most anyone else who buys them puts them to good use and they must sell more than enough to stay in business.
  17. dcar_roll

    dcar_roll Active Member

    Have one in 9mm and one in 40s&w. Both go bang when I pull the trigger and hit where aimed.
  18. allin

    allin Well-Known Member

    I own a c9 and have had it for 5 years. Never a problem with it. It is not a "braggin rights" piece while at the range, but I know quite a few others who own and shoot them. The people who actually own and shoot them are very happy with these guns overall. I also have a Taurus PT 92 9mm, and a XDm 3.8 9mm. All of these are more accurate than I am and are fun to shoot. Currently the XDm is my favorite when going to the range. I used it for the CCW qualifying class and had not problems, used it simply because it was new and cool to show the others in the class. My c9 would have done a great job also. The c9, for some strange reason, has ergonomics that suit me better than most of my other handguns. I have about 12 in various calibers nad types, revolvers and semi autos. The closest gun for "feel" to me is the XDm as far as the c9 ergonomics go. Most of the semi autos I have seen have a similar look so I am not sold on the c9 being ugly. It does look functional and is.
    Just my 2 cents.
  19. Deen Macheen

    Deen Macheen Well-Known Member

    I've had 2. Liked them both. Sold the 45 ACP to a buddy who still shoots it. I still own the C9 9mm. Don't like that it won't handle hp loads, but I shoot LRN through it and it works just fine. That's why this is America. If you don't like it, don't buy it. If others buy it, don't deigrate them.

    I would support anyone with a Hi Point that wanted to learn to shoot it before helping out any lefty who wanted to ban hi cap magazines. Let's keep the energy and the fight pointed in the right direction. :D Anybody that wants to buy a gun and learn to shoot it is on the right side.
    Last edited: Feb 7, 2013
  20. The Most fun I ever had was with a UGLY Girl...
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