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Hi there!

Discussion in 'Rifle Country' started by MechanicKid, Jan 24, 2012.

  1. MechanicKid

    MechanicKid Active Member

    Newbie to THR. 35 years young and just started the home arsenal. Currently own:

    Glock G20 (drop me in a 3rd world country and I will build me a house of dead...)
    Custom AR (I mean really, who doesn't have a "custom" AR?)
    Remington 700 VLS in .308 (earlier gen?)

    So, mostly interested in long distance shooting with the Remmy, eventually looking to build an AR-10 eventually, maybe ditch the .308 remmy and go with maybe a 300 win mag? Anyway, I will be probing like alien abductors for info and equipment to help me on my way. Currently shooting sub MOA at 100 yds with the remmy, (rifle shoots better than I do) not consistantly, but I can do it. Any help, advice, equipment for trade or money greatly appreciated. Questions to fallow.
  2. chrt396

    chrt396 Well-Known Member

    Welome aboard "Mechanic Kid". I think you'll receive a lot of info and opinions of all aspects of the sport of shooting and firearms on his forum. Enjoy the journey!!t
  3. BrocLuno

    BrocLuno Well-Known Member

    Welcome :)

    Long distance shooting is about a lot of things, mostly technique and training. Good long range shooters can hit with most of what you hand them. Wanna-be's can go bang with $3K rifles and not be on target.

    Your Remmy is fine for building skills. When you have shot out the barrel, restock it, rebarrel it and go to the next level. Meanwhile, learn to reload and do your development work on loads your guns like. Knowing exactly what they'll do is key to making this all work. That means knowing what rounds do what consistently. Nothing teaches that like load development :)
  4. MechanicKid

    MechanicKid Active Member

    Thanks for the welcome

    My only issue with the rifle I have is the felt recoil. I am not a couple of serials kind of shooter. 30 rounds for me in a day is just getting started, but at that point, my shoulder and my lizard brain start conversing and my shot groups start to suffer. That, and when I squeeze the trigger, the barrel goes skyward about 2+ inches. The action and trigger are beautiful, not so sure about the stock though, wouldn't mind adding a couple of pounds and something to soften the blow so I can shoot more and still make the drive home. It currently has the Leupold rifleman 3-9x40 on it, not bad, but maybe some higher magnification glass (not like hubble proprotions, but 14 maybe?). The Leupold would find a new home on the AR.

    As per load developement, I used to hand load a lot for many different calibers as part of my father's impromptu armory. A lot of experience there, and I do love the research on burn velocities of different powders vs. given barrel lengths vs grain weight of projectile. Looking forward to any advice and or help.
  5. rcmodel

    rcmodel Member in memoriam

    Well, thats not a very THR thing for a brand new member to say!

    Keep in mind that not only us, but Gun Control fanatics, Politicians, little kids, and your Grandmother can read this forum if they chose to do so.

  6. mortablunt

    mortablunt Well-Known Member

    Welcome. We're the internet's best gun board. Our top members have over nine thousand posts and you can ask us anything except for zombies/shtf.
  7. trapper500

    trapper500 member

    Hi there

    Welcome to THR ;)
  8. NCsmitty

    NCsmitty Well-Known Member

    So your having trouble dealing with a 308 Win's recoil, and you're thinking about about a 300 Win Mag?

    Maybe a Limbsaver recoil pad, or invest in a leadsled rest to ease the punishment.

    The other option could be trade it, or sell it and get a caliber that isn't so offensive.

  9. MechanicKid

    MechanicKid Active Member

    Allow me to apologize, I was merely quoting Ted Nugent on the power and effectiveness of the 10mm, I did not mean to offend, but you do bring up a very valid point.

    Yes, a recoil pad is definately in my future, but in the idea to add that and a couple of lbs to the stock (along with a more positive grip) would lead me down the road of getting another stock, or modifying this one. I am reluctant to do so because it is a beautiful stock.

    as for the .300 win mag vs .308.....I am planning on building an ar-10 in the not so very far future, and I figure heck, if I have something that shoots nato spec .308 with accuracy, semi-auto and mag fed, what is the use in having a bolt gun that shoots the same round? So my logic states: Go bigger, hit farther and harder and a wee bit more accurately at range than the .308 while still being chambered in a popular and relatively inexpensive cartridge. Yes, recoil will still be an issue, but I will probably build that one off of a barreled receiver and assemble the rest of it from components I would find.

    Short term, I need a limbsaver and to "man-up" a little and get over it. Long term, who knows.

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