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High Power match sight for AR platform

Discussion in 'Competition Shooting' started by Jenrick, Feb 9, 2013.

  1. Jenrick

    Jenrick Well-Known Member

    Anyone have a suggestion for a match rifle sight (diopter/iris) sight that will fit on the top rail of an AR? Again I'm not looking for a service NM style sight, all ready got those thanks.

  2. nbkky71

    nbkky71 Well-Known Member

    Service rifle shooter here. Centra and Phoenix Precision make rear sights that will fit on a flat-top upper. I'm pretty sure that you'll need to provide the iris
  3. Nwflycaster

    Nwflycaster Well-Known Member

    I use a Riles front with a Centra adjustable and a Warner# 2 rear with a Gehman Iris. Works well for me.
  4. BullfrogKen

    BullfrogKen Moderator Emeritus

    I've had Phoenix sights recommended to me. And of course Warner.

    I think I saw some in stock at Champions Choice not too long ago.

    Keep in mind what configuration you order. Match sights turn backwards from Service rifle sights for windage adjustments . You can get a set that turns the same way if you want. It'll help from getting confused in a match. Especially if you're really used to a Service rifle sight.
  5. Howard Roark

    Howard Roark Well-Known Member

    Centra and Phoenix are good sights and are on the low end of the cost scale. I use REG and RPA rear sights, all with Gehmann 510 or similar irises. 0.5-3.0mm. In my opinion simpler is better so I stay away from the colors and polarized options.

    Warner is the much copied gold standard for highpower sights from which all others are compaired. They are also the highest priced.

    An alternative to an AR mount sight is to get a regular sight and use a flat top rear base and side mount to attach it to the upper. This way you can use the sight on other non AR rifles.

    For a front sight I use and recommend a Rightsight with a 4.00-6.00mm iris. Don't make the mistake of thinking that a small front iris will allow smaller sighting error. It actually causes you over compensate for movement which amplifies your movement. The front iris should be large enough for you to be able to fit the equivalent of three bull widths inside it.
    Last edited: Feb 10, 2013
  6. Jenrick

    Jenrick Well-Known Member

    Thanks guys, I'll do some checking on the ones mentioned.

  7. Nwflycaster

    Nwflycaster Well-Known Member

    I would recommend an adjustable front sight so you can experiment with diameters. As Howard mentioned, it is more common to have a larger front dia. but it's not for everyone. For myself I find it much easier to have just the smallest amount of white around the bull, otherwise I just keep looking to see if I still think the bull is centered in that mass of white. I even like no more than a couple of inches of white around the bull for offhand. I have experimented with this with my air rifle and found that when I shoot with a very tight front apperature my groups are about half the size. While this works for me, it's not for everybody, that's why I would recommend an adjustable front you can find what works best for you.

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