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Hillary in 2008? Why she can't win.

Discussion in 'Legal' started by Northslope Nimrod, Nov 8, 2004.

  1. Northslope Nimrod

    Northslope Nimrod Well-Known Member

    If Hillary runs in 08 she will likely be the dem nominee. She will be nominated because dems still won't accept that their party has a problem and they will forget a lot in 4 years. She cannot win the presidency and here is why:
    1) She is very well known. The best candidates are not well known....usually governor's. Her record as a liberal cannot be covered. She has made too many public speaches and taken too many stances. Kerry was even able to portray himself as a "good ol boy" to the politically ignorant. (ie: wearing that brown jacket everywhere and going hunting & playing various sports).
    2) Too many people HATE her. Add the people that hate her to the people that hate her husband and you have a good chunk of votes.
    3) Many may not vote for a woman. (Just a fact)
    4) Finally, the biggest reason....is they cannot portray her as pro-gun. If they put her in a field with a shotgun.....the nation will laugh or throw up. Even Kerry was able to FOOL many gun owners. Trust me....not everybody pays attention to politics.....if they see him in camo on TV then he must be a hunter. Don't over estimate joe-public. ALSO, don't over estimate the power of the NRA and pro-gun voters. Why else did carry try...desperately...to show us his shotgun, camo jacket etc. Thus, because the camo jacket thing won't work with Hillary.....SHE CANNOT WIN! Think about this! It is absolutely the truth! We should support her nomination!
  2. Spot77

    Spot77 Well-Known Member

    Oh let her run.....so Condi Rice can STOMP her.

    I agree - Hillary would get a lot of wind in her sails for a while, but that's just the storm before the calm. She'll get whooped on Election Day FAR worse than Senator Kerry.
  3. RobW

    RobW Well-Known Member

    Don't underestimate the stupidity of totally biased people. This election has shown that emotions are the driving power behind "Liberals" and "Liberal" politicos, not facts. And the "old MEDIA" is dancing to their fife pipers like St. Vitu's dancers.

    A Nation devided... yes, that's the state of the country.

    Prediction: It will get worse.
  4. Standing Wolf

    Standing Wolf Member in memoriam

    America isn't dumb enough to elect Shillary Snopes Clinton.
  5. Neva

    Neva Active Member

    The woman has too many things against here, not the least of which is, despite some women's support of her, secretly they think she's a dumba$$ for putting up with Billy.... then there's the fact that she's too liberal and she is still, first and foremost, a WOMAN.... not happening... not even for a lot of Dems....

    Truth is, I don't think she's dumb enough to run.... she's got a cushy job where everybody bows down to her, she doesn't have to worry about anyone bringing Billy up any more or (God help him) investigating what he's doing now and she can keep people on a string without having to take any crap....

    She knows she can't win and she knows people would rip her into pieces trying.... I'm betting she's had quite enough of that, thank you very much....

    If not, I'll be happy to donate a $1000 to the peek into every corner of their freaking life and eat them alive with muckraking secrets fund....
  6. Smoke

    Smoke Well-Known Member

    Thanks, Wolfie old boy.

    Now I can sleep at night.

    Smoke :D
  7. Dave R

    Dave R Well-Known Member

    Another strike against her--she's a Senator. No Senator has won the Presidency in a long time. Governors are the winners.

    I think there's a practical reason for that. Governors are experienced in working with the two houses of the legislature, and with the judiciary. Much better training for the Presidency than just being a Senator and working with the legislature.

    Plus all the other stuff people have mentioned so far.

    Especially Standing Wolf. ;)
  8. 4v50 Gary

    4v50 Gary Moderator Staff Member

    On the plus side, she's got Bubba and while they despise each other, they're in it for the powwuh. Bubba is the most effective speaker and fundraiser the Democrats have and a vote for Hitlery is a vote for Bubba.

    Now, I hope the Reps. run Condi against her. Condi will clean her clock. ;)
  9. Lone_Gunman

    Lone_Gunman Well-Known Member

    People keep talking about Condoleeza Rice running, but that is simply not going to happen.

    She is a bureaucrat, not a politician.
  10. Neva

    Neva Active Member

    You've got my second on that, LG... not gonna happen....
  11. wmenorr67

    wmenorr67 Well-Known Member

    What is even more sickening is that Billy Boy wants to take Kofi Annan's (sp) spot in the UN in 06. :fire: :cuss: :banghead: :barf:
  12. Ezekiel

    Ezekiel Well-Known Member

    As someone who attended the University of Arkansas in the early 1990s to get my BA, I'm quite familiar with the Clintons. All I can say is this: Hillary is to be respected and feared.

    "You don't think Bill was the brains behind that operation, do you?"

    Bill, Hillary, and James Carville -- in any iteration of the three -- had best be taken seriously: They're very good at campaigns. :uhoh:
  13. petrel800

    petrel800 Well-Known Member

    I agree with Ezekiel. Don't under estimate the Clintons. A lot of people liked Bill (even though he is a complete piece of trash). A lot of women will vote for Hillary, just because she is a woman. I've already spoken with several female friends who said they weren't quite sure about her politics, but they thought it was time for a woman to have a chance. Also remember, if we are not attacked again in the next four years, a lot of people will be lulled back in to condition white and will be willing to consider an appeaser.
  14. tulsamal

    tulsamal Well-Known Member


    A lot of people DO think it would be interesting to have a woman President. The people who won't vote for a woman aren't on her side in political ideology anyway. In all probability you would have a lot of middle of the road woman (and men) deciding to give her a chance. Kerry didn't do as well with women as he had hoped. The final national numbers says that 54% of the voters were women. And Kerry got 51% of those. Hillary would do better than that.

    Then there is the Electoral College to worry about. Surely Hillary would carry all the Kerry states. The "woman factor" would probably be enough to get Iowa and New Mexico back. Then it would be a matter of using her husband's skills to get any small amount of the South. They wouldn't even need to win Ohio or Florida if they could get Missouri and Arkansas. Added to NM and Iowa, that would be 281 Electoral votes. 11 more than she needs. And that's if the GOP could hold onto the 20 votes from Ohio.

    IMO, the numbers are very good for Hillary. She just needs to be careful of her votes in the Senate and try to give a few good speeches that get national attention. Avoid any really strident leftist comments that could come back on you someday.

    I agree that she would motivate the GOP base to a tremendous degree. She has "high negatives." But she has high positives on the other side and they will be VERY motivated.

    I truly hope she decides not to run because she really would be hard to beat. Whether she would actually be elected is totally dependant on what happens between now and then. What happens in Iraq? What domestic programs does the GOP succeed in putting into law and how are they received by the public? Do the Democrats participate or merely stand on the sidelines and yell? And what happens in the 2006 elections? Does a strong candidate emerge from the GOP for 2008?

  15. The Rabbi

    The Rabbi member

    I agree she has too many negatives. The other Dems will make hay out of this during the primaries. She has strong organizations going for her. If by fluke she does get the nomination then it will depend on who the Republicans put up. If Giuliani had actually run in NY I dont think she would have won. I dont see any immediate successors to Bush out there. Not yet.

    I would watch TN governor Bredesen. He is a moderate, governor of a Southern state (even though he is from up north somewhere) and seems to be relatively succesful politically. Very attractive, professional wife too.
  16. UnknownSailor

    UnknownSailor Well-Known Member

    And you don't think the vast majority of the general public isn't in condition white now?

    Brother, have I got a deal for you. Nice bridge, slightly used. :D
  17. Northslope Nimrod

    Northslope Nimrod Well-Known Member

    Don't forget

    As I mentioned in my post......Hillary can't win due to the gun, camo, goose thing. They, the dems, know how important that image is now. She also has the ultra librel image that she will not shake. I say bring her on!
  18. Rebar

    Rebar member

    Hillery is to be feared.

    Remember, she carpet-bagged her way into a New York Senate seat, with no previous legislative experience, and not even a resident of the state!

    That she will run in the primaries, is undoubted. Since it's the hard-core leftists who are running the DNC, and the big money donors are too, there's an excellent chance that she'll win the primary.

    If that happens, then who the RNC runs is critical. In the NY Senate race, the republicans ran an empty suit, and he got crushed. They'll need a top-notch candidate.

    Rice isn't it, unless she is groomed for the spot starting right now. If Cheney resigns in a year or two, and Rice is put in, then she'll be a much better candidate.
  19. RangerHAAF

    RangerHAAF Well-Known Member

    If they(Democrats) allow her to run in 2008 they will be the most mentally defective bunch of cretins to fly over the cuckoo's nest in a very long time, and since they may seriously do it, I would tell them to put Donna Brazille in charge of the party, let her and the rest of the uber-leftists finish running the Democratic Party into the ground.
  20. The Rabbi

    The Rabbi member

    What Ranger said. The commentary coming out of the post election from the Dems tells me that they dont have a clue why they lost. That guarantees they will continue to lose. Choosing Hitlery will just seal this, assuming 1) a good Republican candidate and 2) nothing terrible happens in the next 4 years.

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